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June 14, 2002, 6-10 pm

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June 15, 2002, 6-10 pm

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Churchill through Lyon Counties


348. Churchill. Fallon. Dobbs & Danielson Aluminum Business Card, c. 1905. Dobbs & Danielson, Mfs of Good Harness and Saddles, Good Work is our Success, Fallon, Nev. On the reverse is a poem entitled "The Kiss". Aluminum business cards are extremely rare. There is moderate weathering of the aluminum with pitting and small holes along the edges. Dirty. Vf. Est. $50-100

349. Churchill. Fallon. Fallon Real Photo Postcards. Lot of 2 different cards. Real photo postcards by Frashers of Lahonton dam and reservoir and of the City Hall in Fallon, by Frashers. Est. $20-40

350. Churchill. Fallon. Way Bros./Alaska/Bar/Fallon, Nev. //GF/12.5/Cts./IT. Rd, brass, 21mm. Wax or glue on reverse. Vf. Est. $25-50


351. Clark. Boulder City. Boulder City and Dam Views. Lot of 5 different postcards. Boulder City photo repro postcard image, featuring Lake Auto Court Modern Cabins, used; Boulder Dam Service Bureau Promotional printed card, featuring the Boulder Theatre building, giving mileage chart on reverse; Western Air Express Promotional printed card, featuring Boulder Dam; and two various images of and around Boulder City, one chromolitho postmarked 1941, Los Angeles. 3" x 5". Vf-Xf. Est. $35-75

352. Clark. Boulder City. Boulder Dam & Lake Mead Postcards & Photos. Lot of 23 different postcards. Many chromo-lithos, showing the construction of and area around the Boulder Dam; several modern color postcards of "Hoover Dam"; and a real photo image of the dam in construction. All are unused, ranging in size from 3" x 4" to 4" x 6". Xf. Est. $25-50

353. Clark. Boulder City. Boulder Dam & Lake Mead Real Photo Postcards. Lot of 22 different photo postcards. Showing the construction and images of and around the Boulder Dam. Each has a white border and is 3" x 5". One with Mexican Postmarking. 4 cent Mexican postage stamp. Vf-Xf. Est. $125-225

354. Clark. Boulder City. Boulder Dam Printed Photo Postcards. Lot of 21 different postcards. Each is unused, and 3" x 4", with white border. Different views of the dam, including interior images. All mint. Est. $50-150

355. Clark. Boulder City. Boulder Dam Postcards. 19 different cards. 8 chromolithographs of Boulder Dam and area, including one titled "Overlooking Lookout Point, showing dam nearing completion", one white bordered real photo postcard by Frashers showing the upstream side of the dam and the partially filled reservoir; the remainder are color cards of the dam, lake and Boulder City. Est. $50-100

356. Clark. Boulder City. Pack Train Stop Near Boulder City Real Photo Postcard. The shows an image of building, with car and mule in front. Unused. 3" x 5". Xf. Est. $25-75

357. Clark. Lake Mohave. Lake Mohave Postcards. Lot of 5 cards. 4 color cards of various scenes around Lake Mohave, including Cottonwood Cove near Searchlight, NV and one chromolitho. Est. $15-30

358. Clark. Las Vegas. Charleston/ Bar/ Las Vegas/ Nev.// GF/ 12 1/2/ IT. 8 scalloped, al, 26mm. Vf, worn at high points. Est. $25-50

359. Clark. Las Vegas. Las Vegas Moapa Valley Creamery/ Phone/ 685// GF 1 Pint Milk. Sc4, br, 27mm. Xf, toned, strong strike. Est. $100-300

360. Clark. Las Vegas. Las Vegas Postcards. Lot of 13 cards of 12 different scenes One white bordered real photo postcard of a desert scene near Las Vegas, one printed photocard, 3 chromolithos and 6 modern color cards, c.1940's-1970's of street scenes, resorts and other establishments. Est. $40-80

361. Clark. Overton. V.K. Jones/ Overton, Nevada// (blank). Rd, br, Xf, with dark spotting on obverse. 25mm. Est. $200-400


362. Douglas. Lake Tahoe. Tahoe Area Postcards. Lot of 3 different cards. Two of the cards are white bordered real photo postcards by Frashers circa 1930's. The third is a modern color card circa 1950's. R.P.P.'s view of Zephyr Cove and of the Carson Valley from Kingsbury Grade. Color card of the Cal-Neva lodge at Lake Tahoe, NV. Est. $25-50

363. Douglas. Summit Camp. Summit Camp Manuscript Correspondence, 1877-78. Lot of 10 handwritten letters. 1) Letter from J. A. Johnson to G. B. Mills, "Enclosed please find check as for bill for 15 shares of Union Con." 8 x 5. Extremely fine condition with folds and punch hole. 2) Letter from J.A. Johnson to C.C.S. Bank, "Buy 20 Justice", 8 x 5., 3) Note from James Oliver to Carson City Savings Bank., 4 x 7, 4) Letter from J. Easton to G. B. Gill "-you can sell justice, and buy eighty 80 shares of Jupiterr-", 8 1/2 x 8. 5) Letter from John Charters to Mr. Tuffly dated 1879, "Please give to my brother Samuel Charters. The bearer. the Black Hawk stock" 8x 5, 6) letter from Chapman to Mr. Gile, dated 1879, 8 x 5. 7) letter from J.C. to Carson City Savings Bank, dated 1878, 8 1/2 x 11 folded, 8) note from F.H. Backes to Carson City Savings Bank, dated 1879, "Sell 10 shares Tioga", 4 x 7. 9) note from J.W. Ryan to Geo. B. Hile, Carson City Savings Bank dated 1878, "Please pay Mr. Chapman the Dec. Dividend on my California mining stock", 4 1/2 x 8, 10) letter from J. Barrett for estate of J.M Short to Mr. T.R. Hofer, dated 1892, concerning a difference of $50 bank overcharge. 10 x 8.

Summit Camp was located near Spooner Summit along the Lake Tahoe Narrow Gauge Railroad. It was active in the 1870's through 1880's, when activities then became centered at Glenbrook. Glenbrook, now an upscale community on the east-central shore of Lake Tahoe, began as a lumber camp with a post office established in 1871. Captain A.W. Pray was postmaster from 1877-1881. The LTNG RR was built in 1876 from Glenbrook on the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe to the eastern summit of the Sierra Nevada, for transporting firewood and mining timbers via a flume to Carson City (with most of the mine timbers going to the Comstock). Summit Camp was established in support of the timber business. All in extremely fine condition with folds and punch holes. [Ref: NV place names, p.226]. Est. $100-200


364. Elko. Deeth. Deeth Postcard. Ornate border printed in color, of Japanese motif with lanterns, Geisha girl, Mount Fuji, framing a photograph of a stream with rapids among trees. Below photo is poem "Afar in Oriental climes I do not care to roam, when such a pleasant place as this is so much nearer home." "Greetings From Deeth, Nevada" is rubber stamped in blue in on photo. Postmarked from Deeth, 1912. Deeth was a town on the SP RR between Wells and Elko which served as a shipping point for ranches in the area. The town was first settled in 1868 and was named for its first settler. There is also a nearby mining district by the same name. (Carlson, p. 95). Est. $10-20

365. Elko. Elko. Elko Area Real Photo Postcards. Lot of 3 different photo postcards. Two are of general views of Elko, with J.C. Penny Co., Rexall Drugs, and Dupont Pharmacy in immediate view. The third is a picture of "Buck Buko, 1912". All with white border, Vf, some cracking. Est. $75-150

366. Elko. Elko. Elko Postcards. Lot of 3 different cards 2 with white borders and real photo postcards of the town of Elko, c. 1940's & 1950's and color card of a stuffed Kodiak bear on display at the Stockmen's Hotel. The earlier R.P.P. includes the Commercial Hotel, the Nevada Bank of Commerce, J. C. Pennys, the Silver Dollar Club and other establishments. The 1950's vintage R.P.P. shows the Stockmen's Hotel, the Post Office and Nevada Motor Company, a Chrysler-Plymouth dealer. The back of the color card gives statistics on the bear killed in the "Jungles" of Kodiak Island, Alaska. Est. $40-80

367. Elko. Elko. J.B. Co./ Elko, Nev.// GF/ 10/ CTS/ IT. Rd, al, 25mm. AU, very nice piece, rare. Probably John Brown who owned a saloon in 1907. (Polk). Est. $20-60

368. Elko. Elko. Jessie Ward/ Elko, Nev.// GF/ 12 1/2 cents IT. RD, br, 27mm. AU. This is one of the important original Nevada brothel tokens. Est. $200-400

369. Elko. Elko. Palm Cigar Trade Tokens. Lot of 2 different pieces. Palm/ Elko,/ Nev.// GF/ 1/ Cigar; GF/ 15c/ IT. Both rd, br, 21mm. Vf, toning, worn at high points. Est. $20-30

370. Elko. Gold Circle. Gold Circle (Midas) Real Photo Postcard, 1911. A bright and crisp photo of the town of Gold Circle in Elko County. The town was located in the Owyhee Bluffs, 48 miles northeast of Golconda near Midas. The town was named because the gold mines formed a circle around the town (Carlson, Nevada Place Names, p.122). Unused. At lower left is "Gold Circle (Midas P.O.), Nevada, 1911". The card has a white border. Extremely fine. Est. $200-500

371. Elko. Gold Circle. Rex Mine & Mill Real Photo Postcard, 1911. A wonderful photo of the Rex mine and mill. The mine is in a very desolate part of the Nevada with no trees and only low grasses and rabbit brush. There is a pile of full ore sacks at center and actually power line pole is visible at left. The image of the grasses offers a view of pre grazing of much of Card has been bent at the top right corner and forms a few creases in this area. No markings on the reverse side. White border. At lower left "Dec-1911- Rex Mine & Mill - Gold Circle, Nev." Very fine. Est. $100-300

372. Elko. Jarbidge. H. Brauning/ Jarbidge/ Nev.// GF/ 12 1/2 cent/ In Merchandise. Sq, 25mm, al, dirt in lettering. Est. $50-100

373. Elko. Jarbidge. John Ensunsa/ Jarbige (sic)/ Nevada// GF/ 12 1/2 cents/ In Merchandise. Rd, al, 25mm. Vf, scratched. Est. $50-100

374. No Lot.

The following lots are from the James Byers Archive, a Presbyterian minister in Lamoille, Goldfield and Reno, circa 1905-1940. For a biography on Byers, please see his material in the Goldfield section of Esmeralda County.

375. Elko. Lamoille. Byers and Elko County Archive. Lot of approximately 40 Pieces. Dating from 1898 to 1945, including several certificates from the Presbyterian College, certifying Byers as a Professor of Greek and Latin, War Rations book, deed of trust, correspondence, including several Christmas cards, a letter regarding the rules of the Colorado Bar, stating why Byers cannot practice law in Colorado under the same auspices he did in Nevada, and many other pieces. Part of the Elko County Legislature, Byers is featured in a photo with other legislative officers, including Senator A.W. Hesson. The photo is quite damaged, with a large crack and repair horizontally through center, but very clear. Other pieces are fine to xf, several with soiling and/or tearing. Est. $100-200

376. Elko. Lamoille. Lamoille Church Photos. Lot of 2 pieces. One 8" x 5 1/2", mounted on charcoal matting, featuring entire congregation in front, c.1910, and one small 3" x 5". Both taken from similar views. The first is slightly soiled, with pencil lines across image, and damage to corners of matting. The second is soiled. Provenance - Byers Collection. Est. $150-300

377. Elko. Lamoille. National Association of Postmasters Certificates Issued to M. Jessie Byers. Lot of 2 pieces. Two pieces issued in 1939. The first part is a nice certificate, with a brown border and gilt seal, printed by Goes. The second is a larger plain certificate, no border, Entitled, "James A. Farley, Postmaster General of the U.S." 8" x 11" and 10 1/2" x 14". Both have a fold down the center and are soiled, the first with tears at top edge. Est. $50-150

378. Elko. Metropolis. Metropolis Real Photo Postcard. No white border. Captioned "Dining room in hotel Metropolis, Metropolis, Nev. S. A. Mills photo." Metropolis was a remote tiny ranching community in Elko County. Only ruins exist today. Est. $100-300

379. Elko. Wells. Quilici Brothers Letterhead. General Merchandisers. Datelined Wells, Nev., 1913. Addressed to Becker Brewing Co., regarding beer sales. Vf, with nice red and green masthead. 9 1/4" x 6". A Quilici trade token exists from Wells that would go with this letterhead. Est. $25-50

380. Elko. Wells. Wells Real Photo Postcards. Lot of 3 different cards. White bordered real photo postcards of the town of Wells, circa early 1940's. One view shows a gravel highway leading into town and in another a paved road. Signs warn of speed restrictions and to drive carefully; mileage to Salt Lake City; an ad for the Overland Hotel and Grandy's service station and body shop that offered Nevada Idaho Refining Company products and gas for 21 and 23 cents per gallon. Est. $50-100

381. Elko. Wendover. Wendover Real Postcard. White bordered real photo postcard of the Stateline Service building at Wendover. Sign on the building boasts Hotel rates $1.60 and up, Café, Bar and Casino. This sign was erected by the Young Electric Sign Company, which is still in business here in Reno. Signs on building front "Where the West Begins" "Air Conditioned 100%". Circa mid 1940's. No photographer or publisher noted. Est. $20-40


382. Esmeralda. Aurora. Antelope Silver Mining Co. Cert. #531. Incorporated in California. Datelined San Francisco, Cal. Issued to Henry Schmiedell for 5 shares in 1864. Signed by president C.L. Lory and secretary Jno. MacKenzie. Small vignette at top center of Antelope. 25 cent revenue stamp at left, and 20 and 5 cent revenue stamps at bottom left on reverse. Black border and print. Printed by Lithg Britton & Co. 5" x 9". The Antelope was one of the earliest locations in Aurora, located Sept. 1, 1860 on Silver Hill. It was incorporated in 1861. It was considered one of the richest mines there, with newspaper editors continuously quoting high prices for the stock through at least 1863, according to the editors of the Mark Twain Letters. The ore mined during Clemens' time was found to be "low grade" at $50 per ton (hardly low grade by any stretch of the imagination to a professional mining person-fh). The Antelope was the subject of several of Sam Clemens letters. In a letter on May 4, 1862 to his brother Orion, Sam mentioned that he and his partners had measured the strike and dip of the Antelope vein at the mine, and would try to stake claims on the continuation of it. "We may find it and we may not. The thing has often been tried before, but with no success. If we find it, our fortunes are made - if we don't, - they ain't." ... "I have 75 feet in a spur of the Antelope, which promises nothing save that it is an offshoot from a good family - and I am aristocrat enough to attach some importance to that sort of thing... Send me some money. If the article is scarce, $20 will do..." Clemens noted that he had found a "ledge" the next day but was not sure if it was the extension of the Antelope. By June, Clemens had the First North Extension of the Antelope staked, telling his brother May 11, 1862 that he owned a fifth of the claim. Low was a mining investor with an office on Montgomery Street in San Francisco, perhaps a relative of the California Governor. Schmiedell was a stock broker there. [p202 Vol 1, Mark Twain's Letters, Univ. California Press, 1988; 1865 SF Directory] Vf, folds, foxing. Est. $750-1500

383. Esmeralda. Aurora. Aurora Title Abstract, 1862. Regarding property in the town of Aurora, Mono County, California from 1862 to 1864. Describes each piece of property that Sam Jones acquired, it's location, whom it was acquired from, consideration, when it was recorded, what books it was recorded in, and a detailed description of the property. There are about 11 different lots covered, all in the town of Aurora, which at the time was the Mono County seat and thought to be in An early piece from Aurora when it was considered part of California. Est. $100-300

384. Esmeralda. Aurora. Mono County Abstract. 1864 Copy of Abstract of Conveyances to and from G.W. Parker of property in Aurora and Esmeralda Mining District in Mono County, Parker held title and/or interest in many properties including lots in Aurora and mining properties in Esmeralda Gulch, Last Chance Hills, & others places in the general vicinity. Original working papers in pencil and then neat papers in ink. On legal-size documentation and about 10 pages. Great names of mill sites, lodes, and street names in Aurora! A great piece of early Mono County (and Aurora) history. Est. $100-300

385. Esmeralda. Aurora. United States Tunnel Mining Co Assessment Receipt #5. No incorporation date. Issued to J. Whitehead for 96 shares in 1864. Datelined Aurora. Signed by secretary A. Lehmry (?). Uncancelled. Masthead at left. No vignette. This was one of the many companies with property at Aurora during the height of the early 1860's boom of which Sam Clemens (Mark Twain) was a part. This company was not discussed in any of Twain's letters that survive. Assessment notices and other documents from Aurora from this period are rare. Very fine with minor tears at folds. 3" x 8". Est. $75-150

Esmeralda. Blair. Please see Esmeralda, Mary Mine below for more lots from the Blair area.

386. Esmeralda. Blair. Blair & Silver Peak Postcards. Lot of 3 different postcards. "Latest Crater to become extinct in the United States..."; view of town and mine operations, printed photo cards with brown sepia tone; chromolitho of Silver Peak stamp mill and cyanide plant. 3" x 5". Two unused, the last postmarked Blair, with 1 cent postage stamp. Vf-Xf. Est. $50-75

387. Esmeralda. Blair. Blair Document Collection, c.1907. Lot of 6 pieces. Includes documents from the State Bank & Trust, and Blair Mercantile Co., 1907. All Vf, folds, some foxing. Est. $100-300

388. Esmeralda. Blair. Blair Printed Photo Postcards, c.1908. Lot of 4 different postcards. Blair Hotel; Bullitt & Crater in the distance, with train in the foreground; Portion of Residence Section; Reflection on the Salt Marsh. The last two are postmarked 1907 and 1908. 3" x 5", all published by J. N. Hall & Co. Vf-Xf. Est. $100-300

389. Esmeralda. Blair. Blair Printed Photo Postcards. Lot of 2 different postcards. View of town, just beyond the train tracks in foreground, "April, 1907"; "Extinct Volcano in Distance." Both 3" x 5", the second used, postmarked 1907, with 1 cent postage stamp. Fine, with soiling, to Xf. Est. $75-150

390. Esmeralda. Blair. Blair Tokens. Lot of 7 different tokens. (2pcs) L.P. McKelvy (rd, br, 21mm and 25mm), (2pcs) Hall & Richard (al, oct, 27mm; 21mm, br, rd), (1pc) Blair Hotel (rd, br, 21mm), (1pc) P.S.P.G.M. Co. meal check (rd, br, 30mm), (1pc) Blair News Agency (br, rd, 21mm). Vf, toning, corrosion, pitting. Est. $150-300

391. Esmeralda. Blair. Fireman's Annual Celebration Medal. (fireman's hat and hose)/Annual/Fireman's/(horse drawn fire carriage)/Celebration//blank. This a souvenir pendant that is badge shaped. The badge is hole at top. The edge has a wreath of leafs. This item was found at Blair, Au. Est. $50-150

392. Esmeralda. Blair. J. N. Hall & Company/ Blair,/ Nev./ The Hickey Joint // GF/ 12.5¢/ Cigar Only. Oct, alum, 31mm. Slight bend in token. Some pitting on obverse, and minor chips at edges. Vf. Scarce, particularly in this condition. This is one of the more popular Nevada tokens because of the name. Est. $50-75

393. Esmeralda. Blair. L. R. McKelvey Token. L. R. McKelvey/ (symbol)/Blair, Nev// GF/25¢/ IT. Rd, brass, 23mm. Est. $15-30

394. Esmeralda. Blair. Oasis/ Saloon// GF/ One/ Drink. Oct, al, 30mm. Fine, worn, dark spotting. This token was previously misattributed to Virginia City. The only record we could fine for this saloon name was in Blair, which makes more sense since most of these were found in Blair or Millers or Tonopah. The saloon was run by Hartley & Owsley, and was listed in the 1907 Polk directory. It is the only verifyable saloon token from Blair with the word "saloon." Est. $50-150

394.5 Esmeralda. Candelaria. Princess Mining Co Receipts, 1882 from G. H. Hammer. Two receipts (duplicated), one for $330 for 22 cords of wood ($15 per cord, a high price for those times), and another for $25 for 50 feet of 1 inch hose. Candelaria was a bonanza silver-mining town built in 1875 between the Northern Belle and the Vanderbilt mines. Candelaria began with one building, but within a month had grown to a town with houses, two hotels, a restaurant, a livery stable, four stores, and eleven saloons. [Carlson, Nevada Place Names, p.68]. Extremely fine, with folds. Est. $50-75

395. Esmeralda. Columbia. Columbia Club/ Columbia/ Nevada// GF/ 12 1/2/ Cents/ IT. Rd, br, 21mm. Vg, very toned, wear to high points. Rare. Est. $75-150

396. Esmeralda. Columbia. Columbia Real Photo Postcard, 1908. The card shows the bustling town of Columbia which was located just outside Goldfield. The card is postmarked Columbia, 1908. A wonderful overview. Extremely fine. Est. $200-400

397. Esmeralda. Columbia. Columbia/ Saloon/ John Rolletto// GF/ 12 1/2c/ IT. Sc, br, 30mm. Fine, rust, toned. Very rare. Est. $150-350

398. Esmeralda. Columbia. Merchant's Hotel Billhead & Token. Lot of 2 different pieces. Billhead dated 1908. Addressed to Mr. C. Carman for boarding bill totaling $35. Stamped "Paid" at bottom. 7" x 8 1/2". Merchants Hotel/ Frank H. Mills/ Prop./ Columbia// GF/ 6 1/4x/ IT, rd, br, 21mm. Billhead is vf, bottom half torn away, foxing. Token is Fine, heavily toned. Est. $150-300

399. Esmeralda. Columbia. Merchants Hotel/ Frenk H. Mills/ Prop./ Columbia//GF/ 12 1/2 cents/ IT. Rd, al, 21mm. Vf, dark toned on both sides. Est. $100-200

400. Esmeralda. Columbia. Red Top Bar. Bawdy House Tokens. Lot of 2 tokens. Red Top Bar/ 12 1/2/ Bob Martin// 12 1/2c, sc, al, 27mm. Red Top Bar/ Ajax/ &/ Martin/ Goldfield, Nev.// GF/ 6 1/4c/ IT, rd, br, 21mm. The first is fine, with defect at left scallop, and scratches and dents throughout. The second is Xf, toned. The Red Top was a well known brothel, saloon, and dance hall. Many photos have been published showing the rows of "cribs". Est. $200-400

401. Esmeralda. Diamondfield. Diamondfield Printed Photo Postcards. Lot of 2 different postcards. One features the Daisy Mine operations, postmarked Goldfield, 1909, with 2 cent stamp. The second features the Quartzite Mine operations, postmarked Vacaville, 1905. Both 3" x 5". Vf, the second with damage to upper left corner. Est. $50-100

402. Esmeralda. Divide. Gold Zone Divide Mining Co. Incorporated in Nevada in 1918. Certificate no. 13305 issued to F.G. Huber for 1000 shares in 1926. Signed by F.A. Breechhouse (?), president and R.C. Moore, secretary. Brown border and gold seal, vignette at top center is scene of mill, mine dump with track, and smelter, vignette lower right of 3 miners inspecting high-grade boulder, uncancelled, 6 x 10, very fine condition with folds, staple holes and one punch hole. Assessment stamp no. 17 affixed to reverse. 9 claims next to the Tonopah Divide Co., on the south. They had a 900 ft deep shaft and production from about 1921 - 1923. [Ref: Weed, 1924 p. 1360]. Est. $25-50

403. Esmeralda. Dyer. Circle L Ranch Milk Bottle. 1 qt milk bottle full of powered milk with original(?) cap. Brown silkscreen on front and back of bottle. Front has "Circle L Ranch/Purebred Guernseys/Dyer, Nevada." Reverse has "Pure Bred Herds/(pic of cow)/Giver Better Milk." Some wear has occurred to the silkscreen in places. This bottle is very rare. Dyer is a small town located in Fish Lake Valley on the east side of the White Mountains. Very fine. Est. $75-150

404. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Bonanza Hotel Co./ Goldfield/ Nev.// GF/ 5c/ IT. Rd, br, 21,mm. Vf, Toned. Est. $25-75

405. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Bouquet/12.5¢/IT/Goldfield, Nev. //same as obverse. Scallop (8), alum, 23mm. There are several fine scratches as if the token was cleaned with a wire brush. Xf. Est. $50-75

406. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Broadway/ Baking Co./ Goldfield, Nev./ L.A. Rub. Stamp Co.// GF/ 10 cents/ Loaf of Bread. 8 scalloped, br, 26mm. Vf, toned. Est. $25-50

407. Esmeralda. (Goldfield). Brown Palas (sic) Café/ 50 cents/ Moise S.F.// (same, "palace" spelled correctly). 8 scalloped, br, 29mm. Fine, very toned. This token is often misattributed to Amargosa, but is from Goldfield. Numerous postcards from Goldfield exist showing the Brown Palace. It was a hotel and saloon run by F. B. Ross at 507-509 Main Street. This token has added curiosity because of the blatant misspelling. Many were found at Amargosa (south of Goldfield), hence the incorrect attribution. [1906 directory] Est. $25-50

408. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Buckhorn/Saloon/Goldfield,/ Nev.//GF/ 5c/ IT. Rd, br, 21mm. Vf, heavily toned. Est. $75-150

409. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Collection of Sermons and personal papers of James Byers, c 1894-1945. Thirty seven complete sermons and ten incomplete sermons, 2 original photographs of the church in Goldfield as a tent and the later constructed church both about 6 x 8" circa 1905-7; group of correspondence concerning his work in Lamoille, various appointments to public positions, correspondence, and documents. Each of the sermons runs about 20-25pp each, all handwritten. About 100 different pieces in all, about 0.5 cubic feet. Est. $3,000-$5,000

410. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Byers Goldfield Photo Album, c.1905. Cover reads, "Views of Goldfield Nevada." Includes 67 views, about 50 of which are 8" x 10". All are original large photos, by A. Allan. Each photo is mounted on photo paper pages, each with a description of the image. Mostly Vf, some damaged. This is an incredible photo album made by Allen about 1907, though it includes views from 1903-7. Inside the front cover are glued three photos and two postcards. One of the photos shows James Byers, Presbyterian Minister, on horseback with Senator Dex Smith of New York. The other two photos were probably taken by Byers himself when he first arrived in Goldfield. The large format photos are all high quality, may showing views of Byers church under construction. Several photos show the "Bloody Sunday" parade referred to in the Byers biography section. The photos center around town celebrations, but also include mine views of the Florence, Mohawk and other mines. Round Mountain is also shown. Provenance: Byers Collection. Est. $5000-7500

411. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Byers Bootspurs Used in Goldfield. Silver inlays, with no maker noted. C.1894-1910. Includes one single spur that does not have its mate. Byers used these spurs in Goldfield. From the James Byers Archive. Xf. Est. $200-500

412. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Byers, Mildred & Goldfield Photos. Lot of 5 pieces. Three photos feature Mildred as a small child, two of her and her puppy. The other two are of an occupied tent, and an untamed 31 year old mule. The image of the mule is mounted on gray matting. 4" x 4" to 4" x 4 1/2". All are fine to very fine, a few with minor folds and/or tears. Est. $200-400

413. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Byers, Rev. James, Grattan Club Membership Card. Held in small, maroon leather fold, 1 1/2" x 4", and issued to Byers in 1908. A second loose card is dated for 1914. Nice piece, the fold with gilt embossing on front. Card in very fine condition, both with minor water damage. Est. $50-150

414. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Byers, Rev. First Presbyterian Church of Goldfield Photographs. Lot of 2 pieces. Two early images, the first featuring the tent-like structure as in other lot, and the second was taken of the church in construction on Easter Sunday, 1906. All the Sunday School children are gathered out front, with a partially finished church in the background. The first piece features eight congregates and Byers out front of building. Mounted on paper, with tears throughout. The second piece is vf, with only minor folds at corners. 6" x 7 1/2" and 8 1/2" x 6 1/4". Est. $200-400

For more Byers material, please see the Lamoille section in Elko County, and the Sumpter, Oregon section.

415. Esmeralda. Goldfield. California Beer Hall/ Fuetch/ Bros.// GF/ 25c/ IT. Rd, br, Xf, dark spotting on reverse. They were located at 530 Main Street and served wine, liquor, cigars and sandwiches. [1906, 1907 directories] Est. $50-100

416. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Cobweb Saloon/ Goldfield/ Nevada/ Moise K. Co.// GF/ 6 1/4c/ IT. Rd, br, 21mm. Vf, Toned. Est. $75-150

417. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Brothel Trade Token. Rebate Check/ 2 1/2 cents/ The Den/ W.A. Schabel,/ Prop./ Goldfield, Nevada// (pic-Geo. Washington. Rd, br, 31mm. Xf, toned. The Den was a well known brothel in Goldfield. This token has been reproduced, and is usually quite distinguishable from the modern fake. The originals found in brass and gilted brass. Est. $75-150

418. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Del/ Monte/ Bar// GF/ 12 1/2 cents/ IT. Rd, br, 21mm. Vf, toned. Est. $20-40

419. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Dorp Mines Corp. Cert. #23. Incorporated in Nevada 1910. Issued to Katherine L. Moak for 100 shares in 1910. Signed by M. B. Allen president and R. Dodge secretary. Vignette of a mining camp on a treeless slope with two smaller vignettes of miners working underground. Gold border, seal and safety print. Treasury Stock stamped in purple at middle. Uncancelled. Printer - Goes. 8 x 11. "Principal Office, Goldfield, Nevada" printed below title. We were unable to find any information within our library concerning this company. It probably held claims by lease in Goldfield. Very fine. Est. $50-75

420. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Drummers' Cigar/ Stand/ Goldfield/ Nev./ Moise S.F.// GF/ 1/ Cigar. Rd, br, 21mm. Scarce to rare. Vf, worn at high points. Est. $25-50

421. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Elite Saloon/ Goldfield, Nev.//GF/ One/ Drink. Square, al, 3/4" x 1 1/4". Fine, heavy pitting. Ulmer and Kearney were the proprietors at 306 Main. [1906, 1907, 1914 directories] Est. $75-150

422. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Elks Home Club/ Goldfield, Nev.//Elks Home Club/ (pic-elk head). Rect, with rounded corners. Xf, tiny dent at lower left corner on obverse. 19mm x 31mm. Listed in the 1914 directory, but not 1906 or 1907. Est. $25-50

423. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Employees' Co-Operative Association/ Goldfield,/ Nev.//GF/ $1.00/ In Merchandise. Rd, br, 31mm. Vf, dark spots on both sides. Scarce denomination. Est. $20-40

424. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Fifth Avenue/ Saloon/ Goldfield, Nevada.//GF/ 5c/ IT. Rd, br, 21mm. Vf, corroded, spots on reverse. Est. $75-150

425. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Fifth Avenue/ Saloon/ Goldfield, Nevada.//GF/ 12 1/2c/ IT. Rd, br, Xf, toned. Est. $75-150

426. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Frisco Bar/ 12 1/2/ Goldfield// GF/ IT. Diamond shaped, with the denomination punched out of center. Br, 31mm, Vf, worn at high points. Est. $75-150

427. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Gold Bug/ Store/ Goldfield, Nev./ Moise S.F.//GF/ 5 cents/ IT. Rd, br, 21mm. Xf. The Gold Bug store was a clothing store run by George Elkus. The Elkus family were pioneers in western and mining clothing from Sacramento, and ran a business on par with Levi Strauss, though the Elkus brand didn't survive the century. [various directories] Est. $25-75

428. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Goldfield & Columbia Photo Postcard. In the far distance is labeled "Columbia Mt.," where just below sits the "Town of Columbia." Card is labeled "Goldfield Nev. Sept.-1-1906. Note to addressee on front "Where Cousin Carley lives. Hae sent me a dozen views. R." Postmarked 1906, cancelled Cotter, Ark., 1906. 3" x 5". Vf, edges at bit rough. Est. $100-300

429. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Goldfield / (star, pic of two clasped hands, star) / Unity Club // GF / 12 1/2 c / IT / Goldfield Merchants. Oval, alum, 30mm x 21mm. Est. $15-30

430. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Goldfield Bird's Eye Real Photo Postcard. Image taken from Columbia Mountain, by Welch & Tune of Goldfield. Circa 1908. 3" x 5". Caption at bottom. Xf. Est. $150-350

431. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Goldfield Bird's Eye View Printed Photo Postcard. Despite its remarkable photo-like quality, this piece is not a real photo postcard, but rather a printed card. Not postmarked, but has a note in the correspondence area. Vf, some soiling around edges. Est. $100-300

432. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Goldfield Bird's Eye View Printed Photo postcard, 1907. "Goldfield Oct. 25-'07." "Welch & Tune Goldfield Nev." 3" x 5". Vf, spot on upper left. Unused. Est. $150-300

433. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Goldfield Candy Co. Trade Token. Goldfield / Candy / Company // GF / 12 1/2 / IT. Oct, alum, 24mm. Est. $15-30

434. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Goldfield Cons Water Co $1000 Bond. Cert. #50. Incorporated in Issued to bearer in 1907. Signed by T. B. Rickey president and R. L. Harper secretary. No vignette. Attractive masthead. Green border and underprint with gilt seal. 15 of the original 30 coupons have been cashed in. Printer - Carson-Harper, Denver. 10 x 17. Tears along fold creases. Some wrinkling along edges. Very fine. Rare. Est. $100-200

435. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Goldfield Consolidated Mines Co. Incorporated in Wyoming in 1906. Certificate no. 7688 issued to Henry D. Saylor for 100 shares in 1907. Second Issue certificate. Signed by George Wingfield, vice-president. Black border, 5 1/2 x 10, cancelled with punch holes. Extremely fine condition with slight folds, minor staple holes. This was the most important gold mining company in America at the time of the Goldfield boom c1908-1910. It wasn't until 1905 that Wingfield had discovered that his future lay in Goldfield. Just a couple of years earlier, he had offered to sell all his claims in Goldfield to a friend for $1000 who turned him down. Wingfield got lucky. He and his friends had bought the Mohawk, and Wingfield had moved up to president when his friend Nixon went to the Senate in Washington. Wingfield had met Nixon as a cowboy in Winnemucca when he slammed a diamond ring on the counter of the bank and asked for a $25 loan from Nixon. Nixon liked his brashness, and a long association ensued, Nixon and Wingfield organized the Goldfield Consolidated in November, 1905. In it were the Mohawk, Jumbo, Red Top, Laguna, and Goldfield MC. The Mining and Scientific Press thought the "promoters overcapitalized" a good mine. By December, they had control of the other key mine, the Combination. To facilitate the purchase of the mines, they had promised to pay large sums in a short period. They got help from Bernard Baruch, who loaned them $1 million. Wingfield gave $2.5 million in stock to himself and Nixon. The ensuing stock promotion paled all others in history, according to George Rice, the ultimate stock swindler. Stock was selling so fast that more than 100 new certificates were issued each day for brief periods [Ref: Zanjani, Raymond]. Est. $75-150

436. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Goldfield Consolidated Mine Real Photo Repro Postcards. Lot of 9 different postcards, featuring underground at the Mohawk Mine, mule-drawn ore cart, distance view of the New Consolidated Mill, the shaft at the January Mine and many others. All have white borders, all unused. Xf. Est. $50-150

437. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Goldfield Daisy Mining Syndicate. Incorporated in Arizona. Certificate no. 3333 for 100 shares issued to Seligman & Tieyer in 1907. Signed by W. M. Hoagland, secretary. Black border with gold seal and safety print, vignette at top center of mining operations at river's edge, with four vignettes of underground miner swinging pick at corners, and two vignettes of miner standing with pick at side centers, uncancelled, 8 x 10, Very fine condition with folds and several small pin holes. The daisy mine was east of Goldfield and had a lot of activity and exploration, but little real ore was found. [Ref: Ransome]. Est. $25-50

438. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Goldfield Esmeralda Mining Co. Cert. #104. Incorporated in Territory of Arizona. Issued to G. R. Potter for 1000 shares in 1906. Signed by G. S. Hay vice president and R. Calloway secretary. Vignette at upper left of four miners working underground. Black border with gilt seal and safety print. Uncancelled. Printer - Steele Litho. 8 x 11. The company had their office in Goldfield as shown in the Polk directory of 1907-8. Their shaft was in town and shows on the Ransome map, though not much (if any) production was noted by anyone. This is not the same George Hayes that was part of the famous Hayes-Monette lease that produced a fortune in gold. Very fine. Est. $50-100

439. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Goldfield Fourth of July Celebration Real Photo Postcard, c.1907. "Goldfield, July 4, 1907." Crowd gathered around red, white and blue bannered stage. Men overlooking on buildings and on power lines. 3" x 5". Card is cracked at upper left. Used. Est. $150-400

440. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Goldfield High School Real Photo Postcard, c.1907. Postmarked Goldfield, 1908, with 1 cent stamp. Addressed to S.F., CA. "Welch & Tune" on front at left (photographers?). 3" x 5". Xf. Est. $75-150

441. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Goldfield High School Real Photo Postcard, c.1907. Horse-drawn carriages in front and at right side. "Welch & Tune Goldfield Nev." Postmarked Goldfield, 1907. 3" x 5". Vf, postmarked on front. Est. $50-150

442. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Goldfield Hotel Lobby Photo Postcard, 1908. Shows lobby, with leather chairs in rows, facing cushioned columns, each at which is a spitoon. 3" x 5". Postmarked Goldfield 1908, and cancelled Walton, Kansas. Vf, edges a bit soft, and some dark smudges and spotting. Est. $50-150

443. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Goldfield Hotel Real Photo Postcard. Taken from corner, where two men stand. "Welch & Tune Photo 5093." 3" x 5". Xf. Est. $75-225

444. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Goldfield Maverick Tokens. Lot of 2. Villa/ Bar/ Patrick & Co. S.F.// GF/ 12 1/2 cents/ IT; L.S.// GF/ 5 cents/ IT. Both rd, br, 21mm, and 17mm. Similar conditions at Vf, the second with dark spotting on the obverse. These tokens are thought to be from Goldfield, however they were found at the Tonopah dump. They are probably from the 1908-1910 period, one of the most popular periods for trade tokens. They are not listed in the 1906, 1907, or 1914 directories. Est. $25-75

445. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Goldfield Medicine & Milk Bottles. Lot of 3 different bottles. (1) Embossed: "Roberts/Drug Store/Goldfield, Nevada." 2oz Rectangular. 4.5 inches tall. Extremely fine. Purple tint. (2) The second bottle is embossed same as first. 4 ounce rectangular. 5.75 inches tall. Extremely fine. Clear. (3) "Goldfield/Dairy." is etched into glass. Open mouth 1/4 quart milk bottle. 3.75 inches tall. Extremely fine. Circa 1905-15. Clear. Est. $250-500

446. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Goldfield Medicine Bottles. Lot of 3 different bottles. (1) Embossed: "In Business For Your Health/The Pioneer/Drug Co./Goldfield, Blue Ribbon embossed on bottom. 3iv Rectangular, 6 inch. Extremely fine. Clear. (2) Paper Label with "Sweet Spirit of Nitre...Cannan Drug & Jewelry Co, J. C. Cannan, Prop...Goldfield, Nevada". 3iii Rectangular. 5.5 inches tall. Extremely fine. Clear. (3) The third bottle has the same paper label as the second bottle. 3i rectangular. 3.5 inches tall. Extremely fine. Clear. Circa 1905-15. Est. $150-300

447. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Goldfield Mining District Pocket Map, 1905. Compiled from field notes of Elmer J. Chute, Mineral Surveyor, drawn by R. Griswold, published by Elmer Chute, Goldfield. 26" x 48". 7 1/2" x 4" brown paper cover. Xf. Folding map showing all of the mining claims and company ownership. Claim groups are colored by different company ownership. 1905. Choice. Est. $400-800

448. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Goldfield Original Photographs, c.1907-1930. Lot of 7 different pcs. (1) Photograph captioned "June 19, 1916, The Family, Goldfield, Nev." and shows 2 men and one woman with a dog in front of a house. 3.5 x 5.5 and white bordered. (2) White bordered photo with caption "The Old John S. Cooks Bank Building, 1907, Goldfield, Pete Photo, 1950." The shot shows a man in front of the old bank building. 3.5 x 5.5. (3) Photo of a young girl sitting on a mule and a man standing near by with small wooden building behind with another mule sticking his head out. Goldfield written in pencil on back. 3.5 x 5.5. (4) White bordered photo of a head frame and dump with Goldfield, 1916 written on back. 3.5 x 6. (5) White bordered, up close photo of a headframe with Goldfield 1916 written on back. 3.5 x 6. (6) White bordered photo of several buildings around a modern steel headframe. Writing on the back indicates that this is the Goldfield Pittsburg MC shaft and was taken in 1942. 4.25 x 6.5. (7) Photo showing the main road (Highway 95 today) through Goldfield. The road is dirt. On reverse is "Goldfield, Nevada, an old mining town, Friday, May 19, 1933." 2.25 x 4. All very fine. Est. $200-400

449. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Goldfield Original Stereo Cards. Lot of 3 different stereo cards. The first two are winter scenes, the first with The Oak Saloon, and Mocha Tighe & Wheeler businesses in view, the second with showing early automobiles parked in front of Confectionary, Stationary and Cigar store, featuring two men crossing the snow-covered street. The third is a view of the parade on Decoration Day, featuring women in white Victorian garb and onlookers. All three are very fine, the first two with smudges at matting. Est. $300-500

450. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Goldfield Real Photo Postcard, c.1908. Small picture of "looking south across town". Card is portrait layout, with small image at top, below which one could write message. Postmarked Goldfield, 1908. Vf, soiled. Est. $75-200

451. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Goldfield Photo Real Postcard, c.1912. Image of two men standing behind an early automobile, in front of "the house I live in." Joe is the author of the note to Miss Florence, noting an apparent broken relationship. "If you are sore you can stay that way. Your old pal Joe." Postmarked Goldfield, 1913. 3" x 5". Vf, soiled around edges. Est. $150-300

452. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Goldfield Photo Postcard Collection. Lot of 11 different cards. 2 real photo repro postcards of the Goldfield Hotel and Tex Ricard's old home; three B&W lithos of the exterior and interior of the Goldfield Hotel and that of a stagecoach and team. The remainder are chromolithographs and repro photos of scenes in and around the town. Est. $75-150

453. No Lot.

454. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Goldfield Prospector's Camp With Burros Postcard. Snow-dusted hill, with two tents and two burros. Note is on front at 1" margin at right. White border. 3" x 5". Postmarked Goldfield, cancelled Grass Valley, 1906. Vf, soiled. Est. $75-150

455. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Goldfield Real Photo Postcard, 1908. The scene shows a busy mining district. The card is captioned "Welch & Tune Mining District, Goldfield, Nev. From Columbia Mt. The card is postmarked Goldfield, 1908, and is sent to Millers, Nev. The note reads, "Regards from a busy camp that is going backward." Black striping from postmark on front. Water stain at top edge. Very fine and Rare. Est. $150-300

456. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Goldfield Real Photo Postcard, c.1908. The card shows a 6 horse team attached to a fully loaded supply wagon. There are several people lining the sidewalk and a man is standing in the street holding open a newspaper (illegible). Several wooden framed buildings line the street. Card is slightly faded. Numbered 209 at bottom. The card is postmarked Goldfield. Very fine. Est. $200-400

457. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Goldfield Real Photo Reproduction Postcards. Lot of 5 different postcards. Real photo postcard repros of various Goldfield images, including "20 head mule team en route to Death Valley...," images of Goldfield mining camps, one with population statistics of 20 people in 1903, and 25,000 people by 1905-06. 3" x 5". Each has a white border and is Xf. Est. $25-75

458. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Goldfield Reduction Works Real Photo Postcard. Taken by Welch & Tune, Goldfield Nev. Postmarked Goldfield, 1907. Postmark lines at top of image as well, but otherwise Vf. 3" x 5". Est. $100-300

459. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Goldfield Souvenir Spoon. Handle consists of state seal design at top, with mining scenes below. Bowl has "Pride of the Desert" "Goldfield" and an engraving of a Joshua Tree. Made by Blakeslee. Reverse handle depicts miners in various situations. C.1905-8. Rare piece. 6". Xf. Est. $100-300

460. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Goldfield Under Construction Photograph, c.1903. Features men erecting tent-like structures, some already complete in near distance. "Pioneer Studio" and "Goldfield Nev," along with other partially crossed out writing, on photo. 5" x 7". Vf, with some cracking at bottom and 1/2" at top. Tear at top edge. Est. $200-400

461. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Goldfield/ (pic-two hands shaking)/ Unity Club// GF/ 12 1/2 cents/ IT/ Goldfield Merchants. Oval, al, 30mm. Fine, dented, toned. This token was at one time common. As a pictorial token, the pieces were heavily collected throughout America, and thus it appears scarce today. The story behind the name of unity, representing unity among miners, is very important, and completely overshadows other "common" tokens, such that I think this token will always be in demand. -fh Est. $20-40

462. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Gotwaldt Combination Mining & Leasing Co., incorporated in Nevada in 1908. Certificate no. 300 issued to W. Downing Trustee for 1000 shares in 1908. Signed by vice-president M. Gotwaldt. Printed by Goes. Vignette of mine and mill at river's edge with two smaller vignettes of underground mining scenes at either side. Black border, with gilt underprint and seal, 5 1/2 x 10. Reverse has green ornate border with plumes. Very fine condition. Gotwaldt was a reporter for the Goldfield News, through which he was probably able to promote his unproductive mine, and wrote "frontier fashion". Downing was one of Goldfield's more important assayers. [Ref: Zanjani]. Est. $25-75

463. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Hermitage Trade Token. Hermitage / (star) / Goldfield / (star) / Nev. // GF / 6 1/4 (cents symbol). Rd, br, 21mm. Pitted, wear to high points. Vf. Saloon and restaurant, C. K. Webster, proprietor, 301 N. Main. [1906, 1907, 1914 directories] Est. $25-50

464. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Jake's Dance/ Goldfield/ Nev./ Hall// 20. Diamond, al, 30mm. Fine, Pitting. Brothel, saloon and dance hall, located near the Red Top. Est. $40-80

465. Esmeralda. Goldfield. John S. Cook & Co Bank Mining Checks. Lot of 2 pieces. Red Top Mining Co. of Goldfield, with a nice design of a toy top in the underprint. Jumbo Mining Co. of Goldfield, with an elephant in the underprint. Both are datelined Jumbo, Nev, 1906. Xf. Choice. Often considered two of the most desirable Nevada checks. Est. $150-200

466. Esmeralda. Goldfield. John S. Cook & Co. Bank Real Photo Postcard, 1907. Busy street scene at corner where building sits. Note on front around image, "Bank of John S. Cook & Co. - Largest in State of Nevada." Postmarked Goldfield, 1907. Est. $75-150

467. Esmeralda. (Goldfield). Jumbotown. Jumbo Club Tokens. Lot of 2 different tokens. Jack J. Jakowatz/ Jumbo/ Club// GF One/ 12 1/2c/ Drink or Cigar, barrel shaped, br, 1" x 1 1/4". Jumbo Club/ Jack J. Jakowatz// GF One/ 12 1/2c/ Drink or Cigar, rect, al, 3/4" x 1 1/4". The first is vf, with uneven strike and severe dark spotting, and the second is pitted and corroded, with the upper right corner missing. Rare. Est. $250-500

468. Esmeralda. (Goldfield). Jumbotown. Jumbo/ Saloon// GF/ 12 1/2c/ IT. Rd, al, 25mm. Very good, dull, dented. Very rare. Not listed in any of my directories and may be from the 1908 period. Est. $100-300

469. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Las Vegas & Tonopah Railroad Tracks Real Photo Postcard taken after 1913 Flood. "Goldfield Flood Sept 13, 1913, L. V. & T R. R. Track, Weyle, Phot." all printed at bottom of card. Tracks curl in perspective distance. Note in pencil on reverse. White stained border, but fine otherwise. Est. $100-300

470. Esmeralda. (Goldfield.) Louvre/ Saloon// GF/ 12 1/2/ Cents/ IT. Rd, br, 25mm. Vf, worn at high points, dark spotting. Located at 321 Main Street. [1906 directory, not in 1907] Est. $50-100

471. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Mohawk Extension Mining Company, incorporated in Arizona in 1906. Two different certificates: 1) Certificate no. 1660 issued to Weir Bros. And Company for 100 shares in 1907. Signed by F. Albert Costa, president and W. K. Robinson, secretary. Black border and print, uncancelled, printer H.S. Crocker Co., 5 x 10, Fine condition with folds and tape at fold edges. 2) Certificate no. 2376 issued to Fred D. May 100 shares in 1907. Signed by J.L. Lindsay, president and Walter D. McBruin, secretary. Black border and print, uncancelled, printer H.S. Crocker Co., 5 x 10, Fine condition with folds and tape on reverse at fold centers. This is a rip off of Goldfield's famous Mohawk. Est. $50-100

472. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Mohawk=Columbia Mining & Leasing Co. Cert. #107. Incorporated in Nevada in 1906. "Principle Office, Goldfield, NV." Issued to Mrs. C. L. Groessle for 100 shares in 1907. Signed by president C.C. Marckus and secretary Walter H. Lend. Uncancelled. Vignette of capped woman turned to profile. Black border, and gilt seal and underprint. Printed by Goes. 8" x 11". This company is not listed by Ransome or any of the other references we have on Goldfield. Clearly the name is derived from the famous Mohawk mine and nearby Columbia Mountain at Goldfield. The company had their office in Goldfield as shown in the Polk directory of 1907-8. Xf, folds. Est. $50-100

473. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Nelson Gans Fight Token & Real Photo Reproduction Postcard. Lot of 2 pieces. The Del Monte/ Goldfield/ Kapp & Revere// Nelson-Gans/ (pic-two fighters)/ Sep. 3, 1906. Rd, wm, 21mm, vf, worn at high points. The real photo postcard repro features opposing pictures of both fighters, with the fight "synopsis" down the center. This is considered by some to be the top western boxing token. It comes from a time when Nevada had all the great "prize" fights, the beginning og the modern professional boxing era. White border, 3" x 5". Xf. Est. $200-400

474. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Nelson-Gans Proof Commemorative Coin. 80th Anniversary/ 1906-1986/ (pic-two boxers)/ Nelson-Gans/ Goldfield, Nevada// The International/ .999 Fine/ (pic-scale)/ 31.1 Grams/ (5 stars)/ Silver Trade Unit (5 stars). Rd, silver. "0127" on side. 37mm. BU. Est. $25-75

475. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Nevada Goldfield Reduction Co. of Nevada. Incorporated in Nevada in 1906. Trust Certificate No 12798, issued to bearer for 10 shares in 1906. Signed by president, name illegible. Trust company is Empire Trust Co., New York. Text in English and in French. Pale magenta border, 16 x 12 (including coupons), 28 of 32 coupons attached, printer C.H. Crabbe, Paris France, Fine condition with fold in middle, top margin neatly cut across label, bottom five coupons neatly torn from item. This was an independent mill with 20 stamps, capable of running 100 tons per day built by the British. It was probably successful for awhile. [Ref: Zanjani, Spence]. Est. $50-100

476. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Nevada Investments Mining Booklet, c.1908. Published under the auspices of the Goldfield Mining Stock Exchange, F. T. Harris and C.F. Latimer, by Century Printing Co. Contains information regarding mining investments, property and advertisements. Many photographs and articles. About 75 Pages. Illustration of mine operations on cover. Very informative promotional piece on Goldfield. Rare. Vf, damage to pages and cover. Est. $300-600

477. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Nevada Saloon/ Opposite/ Goldfield/ Bank & Trust/ Co.// GF/ 12 1/2c/ Drink/ Moise S.F. Rd, br, 21mm. Vf, toned, rust. Located on the corner of Main & Hall. [1906 dir] Est. $75-150

478. Esmeralda. Goldfield. New Consolidated Mill Real Photo Postcard. View from below, looking up. "B. & B. Photo. No. 169." Unused. 3" x 5". Xf. Est. $100-300

479. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Northern Inc./(design)/Goldfield,/Nev./L. A. Rub Stamp Co.//GF/2.5/IT. Rd, alum, 21mm. (304 Main Street in the center of the saloon district.).

This is the Northern Saloon established at Goldfield in 1905 by Tex Rickard, a friend and associate of Wyatt and Virgil Earp when they both lived in Nome, Alaska, where Wyatt had owned the Dexter Saloon. There, Wyatt Earp had also worked for Tex Rickard as his floor boss, a fact that may stand behind the rumor that Wyatt Earp were partners with Rickard in Goldfield. That rumor is substantiated, but there is a strong likelihood that Wyatt and/or Virgil Earp were silent partners with Tex Rickard in Goldfield's Northern Saloon. Both of these brothers were professional saloon keepers as well as lawmen in their later years, though Wyatt had bowed out of direct involvement in the saloon game in his later years. Wyatt had promised his wife, Josie, that he would get out of the business before it killed him. But he may have had a hard time living up to that promise. When he sold the Dexter Saloon in Nome, Alaska, he came away with $85,000 in his pocket. He and Josie moved to California, but soon packed up to follow the adventurous silver boom in Tonopah. He came to town with his friend, Al Martin, driving a freight wagon, with the stated intentions of starting a freight line with Martin, but their wagon was loaded with the "software" to run a saloon. Within eleven days the two of them had opened "Wyatt Earp's Northern Saloon" in Tonopah in February, 1902, two doors down from the Miners Union Hall on Main Street.

Wyatt also served as U. S. Marshall while in Tonopah, but his main business was running the saloon, as well as an overland freight, hauling ore from Tonopah to the railroad. Wyatt left Nevada and returned to California later that year, but his wife Josie recalled later visits to the area, and meeting Tex Rickard and Virgil Earp in Goldfield on a number of occasions. Virgil Earp had owned a saloon in Vanderbilt, California, near Nevada's Searchlight District. Virgil and Wyatt owned some claims near Searchlight. Both Virgil Earp and Tex Rickard arrived in Goldfield in 1904, and Rickard opened the Northern Saloon in Goldfield, most likely with his good friend Earp as a silent partner. By this time, Virgil was well recovered from his wounds received during the 1881 gunfight in Tombstone at the OK Corral, though that healing process had taken a full four years. Virgil was sworn in as deputy sheriff of Esmeralda County, and also worked at the National Club as a "special officer". He was known associate of Rickard at the Northern Saloon as a family friend and drinking buddy; whether he was a silent partner in the saloon is speculative, but entirely consistent with his background and business propensities. That the saloon bore the same name as Wyatt's saloon of Tonopah, a name which hearkened back to the days Rickard and Wyatt Earpwere associated in Nome, Alaska, is probably no coincidence. Virgil Earp died in Goldfield on October 19, 1905, one of many men stricken with pneumonia. Records show that two years after his death, though Goldfield continued to boom, the Northern Saloon was gone and so was the Earp's friend, Tex Rickard. This is the third of the four known that we have offered in the past two years. All are from long time, serious collectors. (Boyer, Kintop & Rocha). Est. $750-1250

480. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Northern/ Inc.//GF/5/ IT. Rd, br, 21mm. Fine, worn at high points, toned. See lot above for the story. This is the maverick of the above token. Est. $200-400

481. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Original Velvet Leasing and Mining Company, incorporated in Arizona in 1906. Certificate no. 198, for 250 shares issued and voided in 1907, due to error in filling in the certificate. Instead of the name for stock recipient, the amount of shares were written in error. Handwritten word "spoiled" written across certificate. The Signed by president J.C. McCormack and secretary Louis Schloss. No vignette, but remains a very attractive certificate. A red border accents the inner black border, gilt lettering compliments the red and black. No printer noted 5 1/2 x 10. We could find no reference to this company within our library. Extremely fine. Est. $50-100

482. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Potlatch Mining & Milling Co Certificate Collection. Lot of 8 similar pcs. Cert #461, 462, 485, 491, 528, 584, 585, 594. Incorporated in Territory of Arizona. All issued to Goldfield Merger Mines Co for shares that nearly total half of the issued stock. All are issued 1908. All signed by C. M. Smith vice president and A. A. Codd secretary. No vignette. Black border and print. All uncancelled. Printer - H. S. Crocker & Co, SF. 8 x 12. Claude Smith was the first recorder for Goldfield, and also the first postmaster. He

was also at the town meeting when the name Goldfield was voted in as the town and district name in 1903. As District recorder, Smith was the leader of the meeting in accordance with long standing tradition. Goldfield Merger Mines may have been a shell company set up to compete with Goldfield Consolidated, when they attempted to merge all the key mines in Goldfield. Unfortunately, neither Goldfield Merger Mines nor the Potlatch company are listed in any of our extensive references on Goldfield. These certificates represent 554,721 shares of the 1 million shares issued, or more than half of the company. The company had their office in Goldfield as shown in the Polk directory of 1907-8.All extremely fine. Est. $200-400

483. Esmeralda. (Goldfield). Roost/ 5c//(same). 37mm x 25mm. Al, Vf, pitted, heavily on reverse. The Roost was a billiard parlor at 416 Main. F. A. Strock was the proprietor. It had sold or changed names by 1907. It had been written up at one time as a brothel token, but appears to have been in the wrong part of town for that. [1906 directory] Est. $50-150

484. Esmeralda. (Goldfield). Texas/ Bar//GF/ 12 1/2c/ IT. Shape of badge, br, 23mm. Vf, corroded, toned. Located at 338 Main, just down the street from the Roost. Lay & McGee were the proprietors. [1914 Polk] Est. $50-100

485. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Tonopah & Goldfield Railroad Photo Reproduction Postcards. Lot of 5 different postcards. Real photo postcard repros of various railroad related images, including a busy dock at the Tonopah & Goldfield RR Depot, the train traveling across a raised bridge, and other views. All have white borders, all Xf and unused. Est. $35-1000

486. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Tonopah & Goldfield Railroad Real Photo Postcard. Train enters the view at the right. Nice, clear image. 3" x 5". Unused. Vf, edges a bit soiled. A truly great photo card. Est. $200-500

487. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Vienna Bakery/ Goldfield,/ Nev.// GF/ 1/ Loaf of Bread. Dia, br, 31mm. Xf. Est. $50-100

488. Esmeralda. Grapevine Mtns. Grapevine Mining Co. Incorporated in 1905. Cert #113. Issued to Jonas Staley for 333 shares in 1905. Signed by Fred G. Cox vice president and Johnson secretary. Vignette at top center of a mill next to a stream in a valley with two smaller vignettes of miners working underground. Uncancelled. Black border with bronze seal and safety print. Printer - Goes. 6 x 10. We could fine no reference to this company within our library. The Grapevine Range runs from Nye County into Esmeralda County near the Nevada California state line. Also, the certificate is datelined Goldfield, Extremely fine. Est. $50-100

489. Esmeralda. Lida. Lida Letter & Cover, 1913. Letter to Charles Benton in Goldfield, dated December 19/20, and 25, mailed in Lida, April, 1913. Letter announces a baby girl to her father, and the mother, helping the daughter have a baby, also writes her husband in Goldfield. "When Jane Giles Cadogan took her first breath a Mexican band played smiles just under the window". Letter written in pencil, and the two pieces are encased in adhesive plastic, an old preservation method no longer acceptable. Est. $25-75


The Mary Mine was an important mine in a remote region along the western border of central Nevada. One of the first mines discovered there was the Drinkwater, active in the 1880's. The post-1900 boom of Tonopah and Goldfield found new undiscovered ore deposits there, and the Pittsburg Sliver Peak GMC mined at the Mary and Drinkwater, producing about $6 million in gold and silver. The mining camps were small and isolated. They were supported by the town of Blair, located at the foot of the mountains allowing rail access between Hawthorne and Tonopah by the Carson & Colorado RR. About 1979-80, we mined and processed the dumps at many of the mines in the region, some of which were quite rich. The Mary later became an open pit gold mine.

490. Esmeralda. Mary Mine. Columbia Saloon/ Mary Mine,/ Nev.// GF/ One/ Drink. Rd, br, 21mm. Fine, worn, toned. One of the great Nevada saloon tokens. Est. $400-600

491. Esmeralda. Mary Mine. Exchange Saloon//Mary Mine, Nev.//GF One Drink. Rd, brass, 23mm. A 9mm hole at center. This token was fount at Blair and the Mary mine was operated by the Pittsburgh Silver Peak GMC. This is one of only two tokens known from the Saloon. Ex Rare. Poor condition, fully readable. Est. $300-500

492. Esmeralda. Mary Mine. Mary Mine & Columbus Salt Marsh Printed Photo Postcard. Lot of 2 different postcards. Mess and Bunk House at Mary Mine; and Reflection on the Salt Marsh. Both unused, both black and white, one with brown sepia tone. 3" x 5". Vf. Est. $35-75

492.5. Esmeralda. Mary Mine. Mary Mine Correspondence, 1899. An original 1899, 3 pp holographic letterhead signed by John Chiatovich (owner). Chiatovich is asking for an extension on his note to the bank because he is 2 months behind in getting ore from certain stopes in the mine. The letter details his financial holdings and alternative methods of financing, as well as his mine activities. Excellent letter. Extremely fine. Est. $100-300

493. Esmeralda. Mary Mine. Mary Mine Printed Photo Postcard. The card is captioned "Mary Mine East, Crater in the Distance, Blair, Nevada." The scene shows the buildings around the Mary Mine. Brown sepia tone. Very fine. Est. $50-100

494. Esmeralda. Mary Mine. Silver Peak & Drinkwater Gold Mining Co. Cert. #114. Incorporated in Nevada in 1905. "Mines, Silver Peak, Nevada." Issued to S. S. Oddie for 1000 shares in 1907. Signed by Tasker Oddie as president and Hooksow as secretary. Vignette of Nevada state seal, with "All For Our Country" below. Brown border. Printed by Security BNC. 9" x 12". Xf, two holes punched at left, probably for keeping in file. The Drinkwater mine, discovered about 1880, was directly associated with the Mary Mine, and was the earliest significant producer in the range outside of Silver Peak. By 1905, the mine complex became known as the Mary-Drinkwater. The president, Tasker Oddie, was a Senator and Nevada Governor. He made his initial fortune at Tonopah, and was an important driving force in the financing of Nevada mines. Very rare. Est. $100-300

495. Esmeralda. Oneota. Oneota Mining District Mining Laws, 1879. This is a handwritten copy of the Oneota mining district laws as set forth on October 18, 1879. There are 6 pages that contain 8 articles outlining the exact boundaries of the district, method of recording staking claims and other pertinent information for the prospector and miner. The document is signed by S. T. Freels mining recorder. The Oneota district was also known as the Buena Vista district, and is now in Mineral County. The chief mine was the Indian Queen. The district produced $362,000 from 1870-1877, according to Couch & Carpenter, and over $1 million according to Whitehill and Vanderburg. We have not seen these district laws published anywhere that we are aware of.

Oneota is located in Queen Canyon at the north end of the White Mountains on the California Nevada border. A stamp mill was built near there in 1882. Oneota was originally located in Esmeralda County but changed to Mineral County when it was created in 1911. [C&C, Lincoln, Vanderburg] Extremely fine. Est. $500-700

496. Esmeralda. Silver Peak. P. S. P. G. M. Co./Meal/2931/Check/Blair, Nev.//Blank. Round, brass, 33 mm, Unc. The Pittsburg Silver Peak Gold Mining Co was located in the hills between Blair and Silver Peak, near the Mary Mine. It was the largest gold producer in the area for quite awhile. The property was abandoned in 1914 and the company moved its operation and 120 ton stamp mill to the Rawhide mine in Tulare County, CA. The company issued these meal checks for miners and mill men at the company cook house. The little town of Blair served the local mines between 1905 and 1915. Today, Blair only exists on the maps as a dot in space. Est. $75-150

497. Esmeralda. Silver Peak. Silver Peak Gold Mines Co Postcards. Lot of 4 different postcards, two chromos, and two printed, showing interior and exterior views of the stamp mill and cyanide plant. 3" x 5". Unused. Xf. Est. $75-150

498. Esmeralda. Silver Peak. Silver Peak Photo Postcard. Lot of 3 different postcards. Two are real photo postcards, one of the mill at Silver Peak, and the other a view from above, looking over the city, both with white borders. The third is a printed photocard of the "Remains of Silver Peak Mill," postmarked Blair, 1908. All 3" x 5", vf-xf. Est. $75-150

499. Esmeralda. Weepah. Weepah Real Photo Postcards. Lot of 3 different postcards. Two bird's eye views, and one of a Candy, Fruit, Tobacco, Pop stand. All with white border, 3" x 5", unused. Xf. Est. $600-1200


500. Eureka. Bell. Nevada Lead Mines Co. Correspondence. Letter regarding the 12 claims in the Bell mining district, referred to and incorporated as the Nevada Lead Mines Co. The letter reveals land survey details, including its 39% lead concentrate. 7 pages, the last showing a cross-section of the property. Signed H.C. Cutler. Datelined Columbia, NV, 1906, and on Geo. Nixon and Geo. Wingfield letterhead. 8" x 11". Xf. Est. $100-300


501. General. General Nevada Postcards. Lot of 14 cards of 12 different scenes. Four white bordered real photo postcards of 2 Nevada desert scenes, two duplicates, (2) Frashers #F1882. 3 chromolithographs of other desert scenes, (2) #497, and 7 color cards of scenery, vegetation, Oliver's casino at Stateline, NV and "Greetings from Nevada" thematic cards. Est. $40-80

502. General. "Dad Lee" Real Photo Postcards. Lot of 3 different cards. White bordered real photo postcards, circa early 1930's, of "Dad Lee's", a desert trading post at the junction of US Rt. 50 and Interstate 80 near Oreana. Dad Lee died in 1936 still insisting that he was William F. Cody, the famous Buffalo Bill. (Carlson, p. 92). No photographer or publisher noted. Est. $75-150

503. General. Prospectors & Sheepherders Postcards. Lot of 4 different cards. Two white bordered real photo repro postcards circa 1940's of a pack burro and of a burro drawn covered buckboard. Photographer and publisher not identified. A Chromolithograph of a miner and his burro face with a sign on a joshua tree stating "40 miles from wood, 50 miles from water, 10 feet from Hell, God bless our home". Postmarked 1941. Color card of three pack burros, a herd of sheep and their Basque shepherds. Est. $25-75


504. Humboldt. Fairview. Nev. Hills/Mining Co/Fairview/Nev. //GF/12.5/Cents/IT. Oct, alum, 27mm. Slight bend to token. Vf-Xf. See lot below for the story. Est. $50-100 1584 3

505. Humboldt. Fairview. Nevada Hills Mining Co Printed Postcard. Captioned "Part of the Nevada Hills Mining Company's Property, Fairview, Nevada." P. E. Kennedy photographer, 1907, published by the Goldfield Post Card Co. Postmarked Goldfield, Nev, 1909. This is a printed postcard. The district and mining camp grew up as a result of the discovery of the Fairview Mine by F. O. Norton in about 1904 on the northwestern slope of Fairview Peak. The mining camp prospered between 1907 and 1912 when the ore vein was lost. The Nevada Hills mine closed in 1917 and the district declined quickly afterwards. The post office was active from 1907 through 1919. The area now is part of the US Naval Airstation's bombing range, about 35 miles east of Fallon. The company held the largest discovery in the Fairview district. They produced $3.6 million from 1911-1919, nearly ten times that of their nearest competitor. This card has a 1909 Goldfield, Nevada postmark. Est. $15-30

506. Humboldt. Fairview. Nevada Hills MC. Cert. #A8783. Incorporated in South Dakota, 1906. Issued to Anna Scott Farnum for 100 shares in 1919. Signed by v. president W.E. Zoebel and secretary C.G. Burton. Uncancelled. Nov vignette, green border. Printed by Western Bank Note Co. 8" x 11". See above lot for story. Xf. Est. $50-100

507. Humboldt. Humboldt House Advertising Card, c. 1875. Meecham & Blakesley, proprietors, "All Trains Stop Thirty Minutes" on front of card, Distances from San Francisco to Boston on reverse, Card 2 1/4 x 4., Very fine condition, somewhat faded print. This popular stop along the Central Pacific Railroad was near Humboldt city in the Humboldt Mining District, 40 miles west of Winnemucca. It had a post office from 1872 to 1909, and numerous residents were listed in the various directories of the late 1870's to early 1880's. Only a few old shacks are there today. This is the only non-postal Humboldt House item offered by Fred Holabird Americana. Rare. Est. $100-200

508. Humboldt. Paradise Valley. Paradise Valley Real Photo Postcard of "Haying on Mrs. Wm. Stock's Ranch,. Postmarked Oct. 5, 1909 Willow Point, Nevada and postmarked as rec'd Paradise Valley Oct. 5, 1909. Photo shows haystack, field hands, and horse teams, with ranch house in background. 3 1/2" x 5 1/2". Postcard addressed to Miss L. B. Byrnks, Paradise Valley. Extremely fine condition. Est. $150-350

509. Humboldt. Potosi. Getchell Mine, Inc. Cert. #1530. Incorporated in Nevada in 1936. Issued to Geo. Wingfield for 70,300 in 1945. Signed by president Geo. Wingfield and secretary Willcox. Vignette of bald eagle. Green border. Cancelled. Printer not noted. 9" x 12". Glue residue at left where stub would have been attached. Signed on reverse by Wingfield. $1 revenue stamp affixed on reverse. The district had been prospected since the 1880's, but the first important discovery was made in 1933 and purchased shortly after by Noble Getchell. His mine produced nearly $40 million in gold, arsenic and tungsten before 1970. During the period 1939-41, the Getchell mine was the leading gold producer in Between 1938 and 1963, the Potosi-Getchell district produced over 206,000 ounces of gold, 30,000 ounces of silver and nearly $30 million in tungsten. Rare. Est. $100-200

510. Humboldt. Potosi. Getchell Mine, Inc. Certs. #839. Incorporated in Nevada in 1936. Issued to Bernard M. Baruch for 6000 shares in 1941. Signed by president Geo. Wingfield and secretary Willcox. Vignette of bald eagle. Green border. Cancelled. Printed not noted. 9" x 12". Glue residue at left where stube would have been attached. Signed by Baruch on reverse. Bernard Baruch was a very wealthy New York financier. His signature on certificates is rare and even more rare on western mining stocks Baruch was the key financier that made George Wingfield a fortune at the Goldfield Consolidated, and allowed Wingfield to build the huge GCMC mill that allowed for improved and profitable ore processing. See lot above for the story of Getchell Mine. This is the only Nevada certificate ever found bearing Baruch's signature that we are aware of. Very fine. Est. $1000-3000

511. Humboldt. Winnemucca. Winnemucca Real Photo Postcards. Lot of 2 different postcards. "Humboldt River in Flood," folks looking over river as it destroys local setting. White border, vf. Postmarked 1913. Image of mechanic standing next to early automobile at local garage. No border, xf, used, but not postmarked. Both 3" x 5". Est. $150-300


512. Lander. Austin. Erie Gold & Silver Mining Co. A Nevada Territory unused check circa 1863 from the Erie Gold & Silver GMC. Datelined Austin, N.T. Black border and print. 4 x 9. Printed by Towne & Bacon, SF. Extremely fine. Est. $15-25

513. Lander. Austin. London & Lancashire Fire Ins. Co Metal Sign from Austin. Circa 1880. Metal sign is set into a wooden frame. The sign says "Agency of the/London & Lancashire/Fire Ins. Co./of Liverpool/Capital $7,500,000." The lettering is a gold color paint on a black background. Frame measures 25" x 27". Metal sign measures 18" x 20". The sign has some wear and damage but does not detract from the overall very fine condition. Frame is very fine condition as well. Extremely Rare. Est. $700-1000

514. Lander. Austin. Manchester Assurance Co Metal Sign from Austin. Circa 1880. Metal sign set into a wooden frame. The sign says "Agency/ Manchester/ Fire Assurance Co./ Of Manchester./ Established A.D. 1821/ Capital $5,000,000 Gold." The lettering is painted on in a gold color on black background. The frame is dinged around, but gives the piece character. Size of frame: 19" x 23". Exposed Size of Sign: 16" x 20". Extremely fine. Extremely Rare. Est. $750-1000

515. Lander. Reese River. Manhattan Silver Mining Co $1 Scrip. Vignette at top center of a small town with Austin, Nev at bottom. Orange imprinted revenue at center. No. 151. "One Dollar in Merchantable Silver" printed at bottom center. Datelined Austin, Nev. with no date written in. Printer - Major & Knapp, NY. See lot above for the story. Extremely fine. Est. $25-50

516. Lander. Reese River. Manhattan Silver Mining Co Scrip Collection. Lot of 5 different pcs. This collections includes a $1, $3, $5, $10 & $20 denominations. Each is of a different color and unused. Each piece has a vignette of a small town with Austin, Nev underneath. 3 x 7. Printer - Major & Knapp, NY. This was the Manhattan's attempt to issued company scrip, which was met with huge resistance. The Manhattan Silver MC was the largest mining company in the district, and the richest. Coin was hard to get in Austin, and the Manhattan may have tried to use their "credit" with banks as a show of strength with miners, but it failed. Miners mined gold and silver, and that's what they wanted to be paid in. For the story on this scrip, please the same in the Currency section. Extremely fine. Est. $150-300

517. Lander. Reese River. Pacific Mining Co, Ltd. Incorporated in London. Issued to William Baines for 5 shares, #576-580, in 1870. Signed by C. Wapier Stuart and Jno C. Mundey directors and W. Lavingtove secretary. No vignette. Black print on crème paper with design at left edge. Uncancelled. Printer not noted. 5 x 8. This company is listed as having the Lander Hill Mine near Austin. The company is listed in Austin and the Reese River Mining District (Abbe, 1985, p.340-41). Extremely fine. Est. $150-300


518. Lincoln. Groom. Groom Southend Mining Co. Incorporated in Nevada in 1916. Certificate no. 123 issued in 1916 for 10,000 shares to Isabel Osborne, signed by Wm. Armstrong as president and T. J. Osborne as secretary. Green seal and border, 8 x 10, vignette upper center of 3 miners operating a stope drill, by the light of electric bulbs. No printer, uncancelled. The Groom District today is located within the Nevada Test site. As such, it is subject of constant rumors of secrecy, etc. It is, in fact, a district that was discovered in the 1860's. It was acquired by Osborne, an attorney in Pioche in the 1870's. He worked the property for several years. It had a rebirth after 1900, and produced about $1 million in silver and other metals. This property is still privately held, though still inside the test range in famous "Area 51." [Ref: Holabird, Tschanz, & Pampeyan] Est. $75-150


519. Lyon. Dayton. Bert Barnoni/ O'Deon/ Saloon/ Dayton Nev.// GF/ 12 1/2/ CTS/ IT. Rd, br, 21mm. The 1908 and 1914 directories list the proprietor as Albert Baroni. It was one of three saloons in Dayton at the time. Dayton is a small town at the foot of Gold Canyon, and has been there since the 1850's, though by different names. In 1860, it changed names three times that year, from Chinese Camp to Nevada City to Dayton, in honor of John Day, the Territorial Surveyor. Vf, very toned. Est. $75-150 1200 75

520. Lyon. Dayton. Odeon Hall Saloon/ GF/ 10/ At Bar//(blank). 8 scalloped, al, 29mm. See other lot for the story. Vf, toned, dirt in lettering. Est. $75-150

521. Lyon. Dayton. Emma Gold & Silver MC. Cert. #31. Incorporated in 1863. Issued tp J.H. Kinkiad for 20 shares in 1863. Signed by President Adolph Sutro. Vignette of bald eagle atop "Liberty" shield, and small vignette of ship waving American flag, both at left. Small vignette of dog guarding safe at bottom center. Blue border. Printed by Enterprise Print. Uncancelled. 5 x 9. The Emma was a prospect names after Sutro's daughter. It was near the Sutro Tunnel entrance, located up in the hills near the #1 shaft for the Tunnel. Hazeltine was a partner in a clothing store in Dayton with Sise. Kinkead was not listed by Kelley in the 1862 Directory, which covered Dayton. This is only the second company certificate we've seen signed by Sutro. We know of four others, including one other Emma. Very fine, folds. Est. $1200-2000

522. Lyon. Eureka. Eureka County Hunting & Fishing License. No. 221, for $1.00. Expires Feb. 28, 1911. Al, rd, with loop at top. 43mm. Some pitting, but otherwise fine. Est. $75-150

523. Lyon. Eureka. Eureka County Hunting & Fishing License. Not. 158. Expires Feb. 28, 1913. Rectangular scallop shape, with loop at top for suspension. Some pitting, but otherwise fine. Al, 46mm x 40mm. Est. $75-150

524. Lyon. Fort Churchill. Ft. Churchill Postcard Views. Lot of 2 different cards. Color views of the same portion of the ruins of a CCC restoration of the original fort built in 1860. Est. $10-20

525. Lyon. Ludwig. Ludwig/25¢/Club // GF/ 25¢/ IT. Rd, brass, 23mm. Ludwig was copper camp four miles southwest of Yerington, named after John D. Ludwig, an Indian fighter. The token dates from about 1909-1912, and is not listed in 1908 or 1914 directories. Au. Est. $25-50

526. Lyon. Mound House. Carson and Colorado R.R. Co Freight Bill Receipts. Lot of 12 pieces dated 1892 plus 1 CCRR Billhead dated 1895. Shipments of various items ranging from lard to ice, lumber and sawdust. Blue print on yellow and brown paper, 4 x 7. Billhead, 3 pieces two are 6 x 8, and one 4 x 7. All in Very fine condition with folds, some staple holes. Est. $150-300

527. Lyon. Palmyra. Altamonte Gold & Silver Mining Co. Nevada Territory piece. Palmyra Mining District, Lyon, N.T. printed on certificate. Cert. #73. Incorporated in 1863. Issued to H.L. Grosvenor for 10 shares in 1863. Signed by president Jno. C. Egaw and secretary Sam D. Young. Uncancelled. Vignette of horse-drawn wagon traveling by mining scene, by Loomis. Spread-winged bald eagle grasping stars and stripes shield at left. Black border and green underprint. Printed by Towne & Bacon's Print. 25 cent revenue stamp at left. 6" x 10". Lyon county is named after General Lyon, who fell in Missouri late in the Civil War. The district is about 8 miles southeast of Dayton in the Pine Nut Mountains. The pine nuts were stripped off by 1865, rendering the district timberless. Angel did not list the Altamonte as promising, though most were not. The district was organized in 1862 and had towns of Palmyra and Como. Palmyra was completely inactive from 1864 through the next decade, and was generally pooh-poohed by Stretch, and, therefore, J. Ross Browne in 1867 and 1868. By 1880, there was one saloon and one merchant only, according to Angel. Palmyra, after being sort of "lost" came to life as Como before 1900. After 1900, Nevada Governor Emmett D. Boyle, a mining engineer before he was governor, made a real mine out of the place, after everyone else had given up. It produced at least $500,000 in gold and silver (Ref: Angel, Stretch, Tingley, USGS topo maps, Myles, others). Vf, minor tears at right fold. Est. $600-900

528. Lyon. Thompson. Mason Valley Mines Co Tag, c.1915. The tag has M. V. M. Co, 115, Thompson, Nev. on front and is holed at the top. Rd, brass, 39mm. Mason Valley Mines Co incorporated in Maine 1907. It owned the Spragg mine located just south of Bluestone and about 1.5 miles west of Mason including a smelter near Wabuska. In 1916, the company acquired the Gray Eagle property at Angels Camp, CA. At the Spragg mine, there was a 6000 foot tram. The ore averaged at 3.5% copper with about 15% iron. In 1917, after just 4.5 months, the smelter had handled 50,645 tons of ore from the Spragg mine. (Copper Handbook, 1918, p.1131-1133). Au. Est. $50-100