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Holabird Americana Fixed Price Sale #18
Feburary 2003
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We are pleased to offer an array of Western Americana in this fixed price catalog. Please remember that all items are sold on a first come, first served basis (please see terms of sale on prior page). Within the Miscellaneous Section, there are several Railroadiana lots offered. These are not the only Railroad items, please see Arizona, California, Colorado and Nevada Sections for more geographically specific pieces, such as V & T RR lock and C & C RR Lock Keys. We will have the majority of the items offered in this catalog on display at our booth at the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show, Feb. 13-16, Booth located in Aisle 1 West. We hope that you will be able to attend this fabulous show. Contact us with specific questions about any of these lots (775) 852-8822.


681. Nevada. Clark. Boulder City. Boulder Dam Original Stereocard. Boulder Dam stereocard that is annotated with specific items. The image is immaculate and superior condition. The reverse has a brief description of the dam. Published by Keystone View Co. One of the nicest stereo cards we have seen. Mint condition. $100

682. Nevada. Clark. Boulder City. Hoover Dam / (pic-Dam) / Las Vegas / Nevada // To Commemorate / The Starting / Of The / $165,000,000.00 / Boulder Canyon / Project / 19 (pic-shovel/pick-axe) 31 / Whitehead-Hoag. Rd, br (gilt), 31mm. Gem Unc. $35

683. Nevada. Clark. Las Vegas. Las Vegas Casino Postcard Collection. Lot of 28 different cards. A wonderful collection of color cards of Las Vegas Casinos. Stardust (4), Dunes, Aladdin, Sands (2), Desert Inn (5), Pioneer Club (2), Riviera (3), Golden Nugget (2), Flamingo, Silver Slipper, Tropicana, Golden Gate and Railroad Pass. All Xf. $50

684. Nevada. Douglas. Tahoe. High Sierra Collectible Dice. Comes in a plastic tube with Your Deal, High Sierra Casino written on it. Very Fine. $25

685. Nevada. Douglas. Waterloo. Waterloo Postmarked Holiday Postcard, c.1940-50. Moderate strike postmark, but date is illegible. The postcard has holiday theme with raised relief. Sent to Oakland, Cal. Very fine. We have two different style postcards with Waterloo postmark. $55/each

686. Nevada. Douglas/Lyon. Buckskin. Buckskin Mining District Pocket Claim Map, 1907. 24 x 28" unfolded, 5 x 7" folded. Published by Goodale, Koerner Eng Co, Buckskin. Printer - Denver Engr. Co. Softbound pocket sized map. The edges of the cover are worn by wear. One inch piece missing from lower left corner of cover. Minor staining on cover. Map has small tears along folds. Fine. $350

687. Nevada. Elko. Elko. Elko Postcards, c.1940-50. Lot of 3 different cards 2 with white borders and real photo postcards of the town of Elko and color card of a stuffed Kodiak bear on display at the Stockmen's Hotel. The earlier R.P.P. includes the Commercial Hotel, the Nevada Bank of Commerce, J. C. Pennys, the Silver Dollar Club and other establishments. The 1950's vintage R.P.P. shows the Stockmen's Hotel, the Post Office and Nevada Motor Company, a Chrysler-Plymouth dealer. The back of the color card gives statistics on the bear killed in the "Jungles" of Kodiak Island, Alaska. $30

688. Nevada. Elko. Gold Creek. Gold Creek Postmark. Lot of 2 pieces. 1908 & 1910 on a U. S. P. O. D. Registered Package. Sent to Eureka. Envelope is 5 x 10. Rare. Very fine. $100

689. Nevada. Elko. Jarbidge. Bluster Cons Gold-Silver Mining Co. Cert.#730. Incorporated in Nevada in 1911. Issued to Frank Benan for 10000 shares in 1924. Signed by president T.B. Beadle and secretary Geo. Winkler. Black border with orange underprint and seal. No vignette. No printer noted. 8 3/4" x 10 3/4". With 16 claims over 320 acres, the Bluster produced over $85,000 by the end of 1923, although the company's record production was made in 1914. But after extensive remodeling, the company folded in mid-1925. (Ref: Weed, 1924, p.1290; 1926, p.1132). $50

690. Nevada. Elko. Lamoille. Lamoille Church Photos, c.1910. Lot of 2 pieces. One 8" x 5 1/2", mounted on charcoal matting, featuring entire congregation in front, c.1910, and one small 3" x 5". Both taken from similar views. The first is slightly soiled, with pencil lines across image, and damage to corners of matting. The second is soiled. Provenance: Byers Collection. $100

691. Nevada. Elko. Tuscarora. Henry F Schuldt Medicine Bottle, c.1878-9. Henry F Schuldt / Pharmacist / Cor Weed & Main Sts / Tuscarora, Nev. Approx 3 oz. 5" tall. Clean. Mint. $500

692. Nevada. Elko. Tuscarora. Henry F. Schuldt Medicine Bottle, c.1878-79. Henry F. Schuldt / Pharmacist / Cor Weed & Main Sts / Tuscarora, Nev. Approx 1 oz. Clear. Clean. Mint. 3.5" tall. $500

693. Nevada. Elko. Tuscarora. Tuscarora Advertising Cover Battle Mountain Postmark, 1881. At left edge is an advertisement for W. J. Urton & Co, dealers in Grain, Lumber, Flower, etc, located in Tuscarora, Nevada. Battle Mountain black postmark at top right center. Adhesive green 3 cent stamp. Opened at left edge. No letter. Very fine. $150

694. No Lot.

Nevada. Esmeralda. Account of the Important Revival of Mining Districts in Bodie and Esmeralda Districts, 1878, Reprint, 1963, please see California. Mono. Bodie

695. Nevada. Esmeralda. Blair. Oasis/ Saloon// GF/ One/ Drink. Oct, al, 30mm. Fine, worn, dark spotting. This token was previously misattributed to Virginia City. The only record we could fine for this saloon name was in Blair, which makes more sense since most of these were found in Blair or Millers or Tonopah. The saloon was run by Hartley & Owsley, and was listed in the 1907 Polk directory. It is the only verifyable saloon token from Blair with the word "saloon." $50

696. Nevada. Esmeralda. Columbia. Columbia Real Photo Postcard, 1908. The card shows the bustling town of Columbia which was located just outside Goldfield. The card is postmarked Columbia, 1908. A wonderful overview. Extremely fine. $250

697. Nevada. Esmeralda. Columbus. Columbus Postmarked Cover and Manuscript Wells, Fargo & Co Letterhead Correspondence, 1889. The cover has moderate strike with Columbus, Nevada, 1889 with imprinted green 2 cent stamp. On reverse is a Silver Peak postmark. The letter was sent to H. B. Harris, Silver Peak, Nevada. The manuscript letter discusses tracking a letter that was sent and may have been lost and or not delivered. The WF agent in Columbus is discussing that if the letter were sent WF Express, then the letter could be traced. Opened at right edge. One inch tear at top edge. Very fine. $100

698. Nevada. Esmeralda. Columbus. Columbus Postmarked Cover, c.1865-70. Bold strike postmark with Columbus, Nev. Imprinted green 3 cent stamp. Opened at top edge. Small tear at top edge. No letter. Sent to John A. McIntire with Booth & Co, Sacramento. Very fine. $75

699. Nevada. Esmeralda. Divide. Ben Hur Divide Mining Co. Cert. #5040. Inc. in NV, 1918. Issued to G. F. Thompson for 1000 shares in 1929. Signed by vice president Albert Kelly and sec. R. J. Kelly. Underground mining vignette. Green border, seal, safety print. "Principal Office, Tonopah, Nevada" printed on certificate. Printer - Mysell-Robbins. 11 3/4 x 9 1/4. Uncancelled. Folds, tears at folds, small chips, fine. The Nevada company acquired property in the Divide district, which in 1921 was added to by the acquisition of 3 claims adjoining the Golden State group at Klondyke. After 1921, ore in commercial amounts was not found, and the company transferred its activities to Grass Valley, where it was last reported discontinued because of lack of funds. However, previously, the company had purchased property in Nye County, so by the time of this certificate's issue, the company was probably still producing. (Weed, 1926, p.1128-29). $30

700. Nevada. Esmeralda. Divide. Thomson Divide Mining Co. Cert.#1864. Issued to Frank Donaldson for 42 shares in 1919. Signed by 2nd vice-president Douglass and secretary J.A. Mathews. Vignette of mill operations on hillside. Brown border and gilt seal. Printed by Goes. 5 3/4" x 10". The property consisted of 7 claims, spread over 90 acres, adjoining Belcher Extension and others. $30

701. Nevada. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Drilling Contest at Goldfield, Nevada Photo Repro Postcards. Lot of 3 different pcs. All unused, two from the same perspective, one with brown filter (Triangle Photos). The third was publishes by Whelan, Long Beach. All with white borders, 3" x 5". Extremely fine. $30

702. Nevada. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Goldfield Bird's Eye Chromolitho Postcards, c.1908-10. Lot of 4 different cards. One by P. E. Larson, published by N.P.C. Co, LA, #134/5. 2 by Edward H. Mitchell, publisher, both are numbered 807 but have different views. The last is by Dennison News Co, #15. All Vf. $50

703. Nevada. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Goldfield Bird's Eye Photo Postcard, c.1908. Bird's eye view of Goldfield looking north toward Columbia Mountain. Card is postmarked Goldfield, 1908. Photo by Welch & Tune, #840. Card is datelined on reverse and dated by photographed as 1908. Postmark lines on front side of card. Very fine. $200

704. Nevada. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Goldfield Bird's Eye Printed Postcard. The foreground shows several small houses and tents with mines in the background. Pencil mark at top right of "The Mines". Goldfield, Nev at bottom right of card. Reverse side has no markings of any sort, blank. Very fine. $50

705. Nevada. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Goldfield Building Photo Repro Postcards. Lot of 7 different pcs. Four different views of the Goldfield Hotel, published by Triangle Photos, House of Spirits, Pete Photo and David Lionell Press; image of the Hippodrome Theatre, published by Triangle Photos, The Goldfield Court House, Published by David Lionell Press, and the Goldfield High school, by Triangle Photos. All with white borders, unused, 3" x 5". Extremely fine. $50

706. Nevada. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Goldfield Cons Mill Printed Postcard, c.1914. The printed photo postcard shows an image of the Goldfield Cons mill. The card is postmarked Goldfield, 1914. The card was sent to the writer's brother living in McGill, Ely, Nevada. Postmark lines on front of the card. Very fine. $25

707. Nevada. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Goldfield Cons Mines Co. One is issued to John Caples in Oct 1907 for 20 shares, cancelled January 1924 with purple stamp. Second certificate, #5408, issued to Mary J. Healy for 20 shares in November of 1907. Cancelled in August of 1956 with purple stamp and hole punched "canceled". Both are signed by president Geo. Wingfield and secretary J.M. Ferraro (?). This was the most important gold mining company in America during the Goldfield mining boom, c.1908-1910. White paper with brown underprint border, vignette of miners working underground and print in black. 11 3/4" x 8". #5408 is folded with small tears, fine. #2774 is folded with a small stain, VF. We have 2 of these certificates. $100/each

708. Nevada. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Goldfield Deep Mines Co. of Nevada, 1920. Incorporated in in Nevada May 26, 1920 as a merger of a number of companies with the goal of "deep development". Nearly every sentence of this prospectus is devoted to praising the "courage" of those intrepid investors who have the "guts" to "venture into unknown fields, away from the beaten path, or beyond the limits of a previously known sphere..." Lists A.I. D'Arcy as president and general manager. Does not list actual claims held by company only states that the company's "vast holdings" are located in the center of the Goldfield District. The Mines Handbook clears this up by listing the properties involved as being from the following companies: Reorganized Atlanta Mines, Co.; Goldfield Merger Mines Co.; Reorganized Blue Bull MC; C.O.D. Cons. MC; Goldfield Combination MC (dead) and Milltown MC (dead). This company produced about $500,000 in the 1930's. Vanilla paper with black ink and gilt highlights, 6 pages, fold out pamphlet style, 8 1/2" x 14", folded and slightly worn around edges, overall VF. Has three black and white pictures of Goldfield Deep property, buildings, gallows and mining crews. Common. $50

709. Nevada. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Goldfield Disaster Photo Repro Postcards. Lot of 4 different pcs. Three of the same view of the 1913 Goldfield flood, featuring an image of "De Garmo's House Floating Down the Gulch." The fourth view is of a "blast throwing ore up out of the new shaft being sunk." All with white borders, 3" x 5", unused, by Triangle Photos. Very fine. $25

710. Nevada. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Goldfield Photo Real Postcard, c.1912. Image of two men standing behind an early automobile, in front of "the house I live in." Joe is the author of the note to Miss Florence, noting an apparent broken relationship. "If you are sore you can stay that way. Your old pal Joe." Postmarked Goldfield, 1913. 3" x 5". Vf, soiled around edges. $180

711. Nevada. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Goldfield Postmark, 1904. An early Goldfield postmark on a Registry Bill from Eureka, Nevada. The post office was established Dec. 5, 1903 in Goldfield and this bill is dated March 18, 1904, just 4 months after the opening. Extremely fine. $20 (not illustrated)

712. Nevada. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Goldfield Real Photo Postcard, 1908. The scene shows a busy mining district. The card is captioned "Welch & Tune Mining District, Goldfield, Nev. From Columbia Mt. The card is postmarked Goldfield, 1908, and is sent to Millers, Nev. The note reads, "Regards from a busy camp that is going backward." Black striping from postmark on front. Water stain at top edge. Very fine and Rare. $190

713. Nevada. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Goldfield Sovereign Mining Co. Cert #920. Incorporated in Wyoming. Issued to Henry L. Gosling for 5000 shares in 1906. Signatures obscured. Gold company name and seal. Cancelled by black pen and large tear of lower right corner. 8 X 11. Poor to fine. $35 (no illustration)

714. Nevada. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Goldfield Tonopah Keystone Mining Co. Cert #1215. Incorporated in the US. Issued to W. F. Wautland for 1000 shares in 1906. Signed by P. C. Kullman president and Benj. Shea secretary. Vignette showing to different underground mining scenes. Orange border and safety print. Uncancelled. Printer - New York Bank Note Co. 9 x 12". This company is not listed within our resources. We think that the company probably had its operation in the Goldfield or Tonopah area, based on the timing of the stock issuance. Minor foxing along edges. Vf. $60

715. Nevada. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Gotwaldt Combination Mining & Leasing Co. Cert #303. Incorporated in Nevada, 1908. Issued to W. Downing for 1000 shares in 1908. Signed by Gotwaldt president and T. D. Van Devort secretary. Vignette of a mill next to a stream in a valley with smaller vignettes of miners underground. Black border with bronze seal and safety print. Uncancelled. Printer - Goes. 7 x 11". Gotwaldt was a reporter for the Goldfield News, through which he was probably able to promote his unproductive mine and wrote "frontier fashion". Downing was one of Goldfield's more important assayers. $40

716. Nevada. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Ore Hauling in Goldfield Chromolitho Postcards, c.1907. Lot of 3 different cards. There is 1 b/w printed photo card by Larson, published by Denver Eng. Co. 2 cards by Newman Post Card Co., and one by Dennison News. Each one of the cards shows the classic 20 mule train hauling either ore or supplies. One of the cards is postmarked Reno, 1907. Very fine. $50

717. Nevada. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Prospectors in Goldfield Postcards, c.1907. Lot of 3 similar cards. All three cards are identical except for the color, one b/w, one green and one yellow. The scene shows a small prospectors in the field. All taken by Allen Photo. One card is postmarked Goldfield, 1909. Very fine. $30

718. Nevada. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Tonopah & Goldfield Railroad Real Photo Postcard, c.1910. Train enters the view at the right. Nice, clear image. 3" x 5". Unused. Vf, edges a bit soiled. A truly great photo card. $250

719. Nevada. Esmeralda. Goldfield. Wingfield and Nixon Autographed Goldfield Mohawk MC Checks. Lot of 2 pcs. Each signs a check as a General Manager, 1907, #'s 274 and 430. Both Vf, paid. 7 1/2" x 8 1/4". Extremely rare. $120

720. Nevada. Esmeralda. Oriental. Carbilisa Claims/ Oriental,/ Nevada/ 1972// 12 1/2/ Cents/ IT/ D.M. Feisel Palo Alto, Cal. Rd, al, 25mm, Bu. Fantasy, modern personal calling card for well known token collector Duane Feisel. $10

721. Nevada. Esmeralda. Weepah. Electric Mines Co. Photograph Reprint. "Hauling ore from Electric Mine *** 1925." "Became Electric Consolidated Mines Weepah Esmeralda Co." Image of an ore car traveling up an incline, and a team of horses waiting to haul the ore. B&W, white border, 5" x 7". Extremely fine. $50

722. Nevada. Eureka. Eureka. D. B. Immel & Co. Revenue Check, 1882. Rare RNG imprinted revenue. D. B. Immel & Co. is crossed out and Paxton & Co. is stamped over it. Datelined Eureka, Nev., 1882. Extremely rare. 2 3/4" x 7 1/4". Vf, fold. $60

723. Nevada. Eureka. Eureka. Eureka Hotel Key Tag. Room number covered by plaster material. 4 1/2" x 1 3/4". Oblong diamond shape. Very fine. $150

724. Nevada. Eureka. Eureka. Eureka Tunnel Cons Mining Co. Lot of 2. Cert.#752, 136. Incorporated in 1884. One is issued to R. Sadler for 17,420 shares in 1887. Red Cancelled at right. Signed by secretary John Pardy. Sadler was the president and bearer, but failed to sign as either president, or as the issuee. The other certificate is unissued. With beginnings in Virginia City, and after settling in Hamilton (part of the White Pine Rush), Sadler was elected Governor of Nevada in 1894 under the Silver Party. Both Xf, but both missing a piece out of the top right corner. 4" x 9 1/2". $120

725. Nevada. Eureka. Ruby Hill. J. W. Lambert Billhead, 1883. Datelined Ruby Hill, Nevada, 1883, for items bought by Wm. H. Joseph. 7" x 8 1/2". Fine, 3/4" hole in center and at top edge, folds. Rare. $30 (no illustration)

726. Nevada. General. Nevada Pamphlets, c.1960-75. Lot of 3 pieces. First brochure is on the state capitol and museum, the second is on Nevada mining towns including Mountain City, Ely, Gerlach, Mina, Golconda, Silver Peak, Goldfield, Bullfrog and more. The third piece is dedicated to Nevada ghost towns and historic sites. Each are tri-fold, black and white plus one color. XF. $35

727. Nevada. General. State of Nevada Department of Prisons Hat with Badge, c1925-1940. Original law enforcement green felt hat with silver Dept. of Prisons badge and trimmings. "3XXX Beaver Quality" on inside tag. Black leather chin strap with buckles. Excellent condition, VF. $150

728. Nevada. Humboldt. Battle Mountain. Battle Mountain Gold Co. Certificate #67426 issued to longtime stocks collector, dealer and our friend Lawrence Falater and his wife Delphine for one share on July 27, 2000. This stock is live as is the company, but sold as an antiquity, with no market value. BMG was acquired by Newmont in January 2001. BMG currently has two primary mines which it owns and operates: Golden Giant in Canada and Kori Kollo in Bolivia. Additionally, BMG owns and operates the Holloway mine in Canada and the Battle Mountain complex in Nevada. The company holds a 50 percent interest in the Vera-Nancy mine at the Pajingo complex in Queensland, Australia and has the right to earn a 54 percent interest in the Crown Jewel gold project in Washington state. There were 230 million shares issued as of 2001 according to information gleaned from the Denver Gold Group web site. Crème paper with multi colored polka dots throughout. Black underprint, borders and vignette which is of a very western style prospector panning for gold at top center. Folded, 12" x 8". XF. $50

729. Nevada. Humboldt. Battle Mountain. Copper Canyon Dev Co. Cert #6. Incorporated in Nevada, 1946. Unissued, unsigned. Vignette at either end of the masthead of allegorical woman. Brown border. Printer not noted. 8 x 12". This company was probably started to work in the Copper Canyon area just outside of Battle Mountain. Mint condition, no folds. $25

730. Nevada. Humboldt. National. National Manusript Postmark Cancel, c.1905-10. Manuscript cancel of "National, Nev, 10/19" written across red, upside down, 2 cent stamp. Rag left edge. No letter. Sent to J. C. Archer, Austin, Nev. Very fine. $95

731. Nevada. Humboldt. National. National Postmarked Cover, 1908. Bold strike cancel in black. Rag right edge. No letter. Mailed to Mr. Archer, Austin, Nev. Very fine. Est. $100

732. Nevada. Humboldt. Rebel Creek. Rebel Creek Postmarked Cover, 1908. Bold black strike of "Rebel Creek, Nevada" at top right. Return address is for Rev. Campbell, National, Nev. Sent to T. C. Archer, Austin, Nev. Rebel Creek is said to be named after a Confederate and Southern Soldier met on the creek and fought for who was to name it. The Southerner won. A post office was operated from 1902-47 when operation was transferred to Orovada. (Carlson, 1974, p199). Rag right edge. No letter. Very fine. $300

733. Nevada. Humboldt. Stonehouse. Stonehouse Advertising Covers, Postmarks and Correspondence, 1908. Lot of 3 covers and 6 different correspondence. The advertisement covers are from Thomas Nelson Co, Stonehouse, Humboldt Co, Nev. All three covers have bold strike of Stonehouse postmark. The correspondence is with Alfred Chartz, attorney in Carson City. The contents revolve around whether Nelson had a legal right to $400 left in a will for services. All very fine. $150

734. Nevada. Humboldt. Unionville. Humboldt Register, 1865. This issue of the Humboldt Register is for March 25, 1865. Several local stories and ads. One of the stories is "The Greatest Fear of the Age". The article tells of two women and a 6 year old boy crossing the Sierras on snowshoes. The back page has listings of persons who were outstanding in paying their assessments on shares owned in various mining companies. Unionville had several names. The town began as Buena Vista and then changed to Dixie. On July 4, 1861, the Union sympathizers outnumbered the Confederates and the name was changed to Unionville. The post office was established in 1862 and continued on until 1957. Mark Twain was the most famous, but unsuccessful, prospectors to roam the West Humboldt Range in the early days of the town. Twain wrote of his experiences commenting that there were only 11 cabins. Unionville was the county seat of Humboldt until Pershing County was formed. (Carlson, Nevada Place Names, p.237). Extremely fine. 4 pages. Extremely rare. $350

735. Nevada. Humboldt. Valmy. Valmy Auto Court Advertisement Card, c.1950. The card is 3 x 5.5". At top half is a printed photograph of the motel with a few gas pumps in front of the office. E. Di Grazia, proprietor. On the reverse is a mileage chart for locations from Valmy. Minor crease at both upper corners. Fine. $35

736. Nevada. Humboldt. Winnemucca. E. Reinhart & Co, Shipping Tags, c. 1890. Lot of 4 pieces. One is a shipment tag from Mock Hill, Placer County to Reinhart. The others are tags that Reinhart would attach to his product being shipped. The Wells, Fargo tag is a bit rough with a piece missing at the upper left and lower right. Fine to very fine. $50

737. Nevada. Lander. Austin. Wells, Fargo & Co Advertising Cover, 1863. Moderate cancellation strike with Austin, N.T. being very clear. Imprinted red 3 cent stamp. Sent to John Garber in San Francisco. Rag left edge, no letter. Fine. $75

738. Nevada. Lander. Hilltop. Hilltop Nevada Mining Co. Certificate #4080 issued to Carolyn Wright for 1000 shares in 1928. Company was incorporated in Nevada. Signed by president T. G. Link and treasurer B. A. Miller. Crème paper with black underprint, vignette and border. Vignette is of a bald eagle with a shield across its breast and the American flag and E Pluribus Unum banner in its talons. Printed by Security Bank Note Co. of Philadelphia. Hilltop-Nevada built a 100 ton flotation mill in 1923 and produced an unknown amount of bullion. The district had a total output of about $1.3 million (Ref: Weed, C & C). Uncancelled, 11 1/2" x 8 1/2". Folded, minor dirt, small nicks and tears affect edges, otherwise crisp and bold, VF. $30

739. Nevada. Lander/Eureka. U. S. G. S. Publications, 1961 & 1971. Lot of 2 different publications. Ground Water Potentialities in the Crescent Valley, Eureka & Lander Counties, Nevada, U. S. G. S. Water Supply Paper 1581, 50 pages, indexed. The paper was written in order to describe the hydrology of the Crescent Valley and the potential for a water source. The second publication is Geochemical Reconnaissance of the Cortez-Buckhorn Area, Southern Cortez Mountains, Nevada, U. S. G. S. Bulletin 1312-P. This book has a hard bound cover that contains 3 maps of point data and interpolated contours of the geochemical properties. Both very fine. $30 (no illustration)

740. Nevada. Lincoln. Groom. Groom Southend Mining Co. Cert#122. Incorporated in Nevada in 1910. Issued to Isabel Osborne for 20,000 shares in 1916. Uncancelled. Signed by president Wm. Armstrong and secretary Osborne. Vignette of three men working drill in underground mining scene. Green border. No printer noted. The Groom district was founded in the 1860's, acquired by Osborne, a Pioche attorney, in the 1870's. He worked the property for several years, but it eventually died out. But after 1900, the property was resurrected and eventually produced about $1 million in silver and other metals. Located within the Nevada Test Site, the land is still privately owned. (Ref: Holabird, Tschanz & Pampeyan). 8 1/2" x 10 3/4". Vf, 1 1/2" rip at bottom edge. $150

741. Nevada. Lincoln. Tem Piute. Wyandotte Silver MC stock certificate and accompanying picture book. Cert.#50. Incorporated in 1878. Issued to E.C. Knight for 6750 shares. The date was never filled in , presumably issued after incorporation date. Signed by vice-president Thomas Cochran and secretary F.A. Pullinger. Black border on yellow paper, no printer noted. Wyandotte is featured in Brushwork Diary: Watercolors of Early Nevada, text and compilation by Michael J. Brodhead and James C. McCormick, with artwork by Walter S. Long. Located in the Tem Piute Mining District of Lincoln County, the Wyandotte was a small producing mine, with a mere $720 in production recorded in Burchard in 1882. Perhaps, though, the charm is caught in Long's water color renderings. Highlighted in his collection of paintings is a map of the mine and works, windlass, various shafts and a blacksmith shop. All of these paintings capture the feel of "the mine" and "mining town" of the 19th century, recreating a landscape many artists of the 19th century would have loathed to attempt. Full Color dust jacket, featuring a sample of the artwork, "Rescue Hose House". 118 pp. Both xf. $225

742. Nevada. Lyon. Carson River. U-Nev-Ida Gold. Cert.#C2096. Incorporated in Delaware in 1917. Issued to Edward F. Cragin for 100 shares in 1917. Uncancelled. Signed by president A.B. Lewis and secretary W. Kalslow. Vignette of the "three states of gold". Green border. Printed by NY Bank Note Co. When former directors of the company formed the Comstock Lode Recovery Corp., U-Nev-Ida Gold went into litigation regarding the unethical attempts to sway land owners' loyalty from U-Nev-Ida Gold to their new corporation. One could see the potential problems that must have arose, as the company controlled much of the Carson River, where from gold recovery was proposed. 7 3/4" x 11". Very attractive. We have a few of these. $40/each

743. Nevada. Lyon. Palmyra. Como Mines Co. Certificate #10343 issued to C. Carroll Seward for 100 shares on Jan. 10, 1936. Incorporated in Nevada on June 17, 1929. White paper with green border and underprint, black lettering. No vignette. Uncancelled. Printed signatures of president and secretary. Printed by Republic Bank Note Co. of Pittsburgh. Como MC bought four claims from the Mount Lincoln Mines Co. Had control of claims including the Lucky Sunday, North Rapidian and others. The parent company, St. Joe Cons. Mines Corp., consisted in part of the Haywood Group of 9 patented claims which stretched into Storey County's Silver City District. Folded, pen notation at top otherwise VF. 11 1/4" x 7 3/4". $40

744. Nevada. Lyon. Sweetwater. Sweetwater Postmarked Cover, 1886. Bold, bright, blue "Sweetwater, Nev., 1886" cancel at top center. Maltese Cross cancel on imprinted, brown, 2 cent stamp. Opened along top edge. No letter. Mailed to Janey McCauley, Angels Camp, Calavaras County, Cal. Extremely fine. $175

745. Nevada. Lyon. Yerington. Yerington Drilling Campaign, Winter 1913-1914. Lot of 12 pcs. Six holes were drilled during November, 1913 and April, 1914. There is a sheet for each of the drill holes and the data which includes depths and assays. There are four sheets where several of the drill holes were plotted and a interpretive cross section of the geologic was superposed. There are two sheets that show the statistical cost and time required for the drilling campaign. The drilling cost statement shows that in 1914, churn drilling cost $50 per foot. That is hardly less than today's costs when we can drill 200+ feet easily in an eight hour shift. The other statistical sheet shows that in one shift (8-10 hours) only 13.90 feet was drilled. Those numbers are so foreign today the exploration geologists. One could almost hand dig that deep in one shift. The company for whom the drilling campaign is noted on the sheets. All are hand drawn on blue linen paper. The single drill hole sheets have tears and pieces missing at the top of 5 of the 6 sheets. Vf. $175

746. Nevada. Mineral. Belleville. Belleville Tailings Association Cover and Lettersheet, 1916. The cover has a bold strike cancel with Belleville, Nev., 1916. At upper left is the return address for the Belleville Tailings Association. The lettersheet has a typed correspondence to Alfred Chartz and regards tailings located in Dayton. Signed by F. C. Beedle. Belleville post office was reopened in 1916 and closed by 1918. Very fine. $30

747. Nevada. Mineral. Belleville. Carson & Colorado Railroad Key. Original. Found in Belleville, Nevada. 2" long by almost 1" at it's widest part. "C & C R R" stamped on one side. "C" stamped on reverse. Extremely fine. $1350

748. Nevada. Mineral. Belleville. Southern Pacific Engineer's Hat Plate. Found in Belleville, Nevada. 3 1/2" x 1". "S. P. Co. LOCOMOTIVE ENGINEER" stamped on front. VF. $150

749. Nevada. Mineral. Belleville. Southern Pacific Switch Lock. Found in Belleville, Nevada area. Switch stamped on hasp. So. Pac. Co stamped on key cover and on reverse. Key cover still has nice "snap" to it-great shape. VF. $300

750. Nevada. Mineral. Candelaria. Candelaria Postmarked Cover, 1883. Moderate strike "Candelaria, Nevada, 1883" cancel at right top center. Adhesive 2 cent stamp. Rag right edge. Mailed to J. H. B. Harris, Silver Peak, Nevada. Fine. $100

751. Nevada. Mineral. Candelaria. Wells, Fargo & Co Advertising Cover, Candelaria Cancel and Manuscript Correspondence, 1882. The cover has the classic Wells, Fargo & Co advertisement at top center. Weak strike cancel with Candelaria over green 3 cent imprinted stamp. Sent to H. B. Harris, Silver Peak. The enclosed manuscript letter regards availability of certain supplies. All very fine. $100

752. Nevada. Mineral. Hawthorne. Hawthorne Advertising Cover, Postmark and Typed Correspondence, 1905. Cover has bold Hawthorne cancel at upper right. At upper left is "T. A. A. Siedfriedt, Tonopah, Nevada". Rag right edge. Siegfriedt was an attorney working with the Nevada Title Guaranty & Trust Co, based out of Tonopah. An early advertising cover for Tonopah. The typed correspondence discusses hiring Alfred Chartz as an attorney in an upcoming case. Extremely fine. $30

753. Nevada. Mineral. Ludwig (Munds). Walker Lake Copper Mining & Smelting Co & Thorne Copper Mining & Reduction Co, c.1906. Prospectus, 16pp, non pictorial, by the Patrick Investment Co, Denver. Brown on white. 5 x 7.75". Relatively common. The Munds district is not listed in Lincoln, and the name is given in honor of the discoverer. It had been known as the Ludwig district. Munds didn't stick, and Ludwig has remained the name. Describes a new mining camp of Acme, Nevada. Very interesting promotional piece. Very fine. $25

754. Nevada. Mineral. Luning. Portland Luning Copper Co. Cert.#18. Incorporated in Nevada in 1907. Issued to C. Gavin for 200 shares in 1907. Signed by president Gavin and secretary C.R. Renno. Vignette of underground mining scene. Pritned by Goes. Gilt border, underprint and seal. 8 1/2" x 11". Fine, tears at folds. By 1908, it was reported that although the company had been slightly developed, it was idle and apparently moribund. By 1910, it was considered dead. (Ref: Weed, 1908, 1910-11). $40

755. Nevada. Mineral. Mina. Hotel Mina / Mina // GF /One / Drink. Br, rd, 21mm. Heavy toning. VF. Extremely rare. $95

756. Nevada. Mineral. Omco. Omco Postmarked Cover and Manuscript Letter, 1920. The cover has bold strike, dated 1920 with red 2 cent adhesive stamp. Enclosed letter discusses a business transaction that was to take place in the near future. Signed by W. J. Depaoli. Depaoli had just finished construction of a new mill at Omco, and was unable to make it to Carson for awhile. Omco is named after Olympic Mines Co. The post office at Omco was in operation from 1917 to 1921 when mining operations were moved to Simon. (Carlson, 1994). Extremely fine. $35

757. Nevada. Mineral. Oneota. Louisiana Cons Mining Co. Lot of 2. Cert.#3497, 1690. Incorporated in Nevada. Green and light brown border. are issued to Wm. S. Dugan & Co., one for 100 shares in 1920 and the other for 60 shares in 1918. The green is signed by the president, but the light brown is signed by the vice-president. No vignette. The green shows the printer, W.N. Perrin & Co., Inc. 7 1/4" x 11 1/2". Vf. The company was said to have produced over $120,000, of which 75% was in gold and 25% in silver, all from above 120' levels. They also owned property in Kern County, the Pearl and Zenda silver-gold mines, with ore reserves averaging about 300,000 tons at about $3 per ton. But the old Tybo mine, despite the glowing press reports, had run into debt forcing suspension in operations until 1919. It was estimated that the Tybo had a 125 ton per day capacity, averaging at $15 per ton. (Ref: Weed, 1920, pp.1060-61). $40

758. Nevada. Mineral. Rawhide. Rawhide Bird's Eye Real Photo Postcard, c.1908. Washed-out image of town and mountain. Postmarked Rawhide, 1908 and cancelled Osceola Mills, PA, 1908. 3" x 5". Xf. $350

759. Nevada. Mineral. Rawhide. Rawhide Document, 1911-15. Lot of 5 different pieces. Includes letterhead from the Rawhide Queen Mines Co., Nevada New Mines Co., Rawhide cover, and two billheads. All are Vf-xf, some foxing. $100

760. Nevada. Mineral. Rawhide. Rawhide Postcards, post 1930. Lot of 5 postcards. Black and white, color, and chromo-litho cards of various Rawhide images, including the ghostown, a prospector and his pack mule, Mirage Desert and others. Unused, 3" x 5". Vf, some soiling. $120

761. Nevada. Mineral. Silver Dyke. Silver Dyke / Mines // GF /12 1/2 / IT. Br., rd, 20mm. Silver Dyke mines were discovered about 1916 in silver bearing quartz veins cutting the Excelsior formation in the Garfield Hills west of Sodaville. The area immediately became an important source of silver and tungsten, producing more than $1.2 million just after WW 1, even though Couch and Carpenter completely left them out of their report on the metal production of the state of Nevada in 1943. A camp sprang up there about 1915-16, but never had a post office. This token is extremely rare, with probably about 5 to 10 pieces known. Heavy toning. VF. $300

762. Nevada. Mining. Biennial Report of the State Mineralogist, 1873-1874. Contains reports on every Nevada county and each mining district within those counties as well as several pages on the silver mines of the world. Detailed. "The past two years has been a period of unexampled prosperity in the history of this state..." writes state mineralogist H.R. Whitehill in his conclusion. Also includes a supplement showing the proceeds of Nevada's mines during 1871, 1872,1873 and the first 3 quarters of 1874. Hardbound, 6" x 9", modern rebind, cover is worn along edges and spine with small nicks and tears, fading, 191 pages, VF. $250

763. Nevada. Mining. State of Nevada Mine Hoist Signal Code Sign, 1979. Dated at bottom with Oct 1, 1979. 12 x 25". Lists the bell sequences for the different mine levels and the command signals. Printed in black with black border. Linen style paper. Pin holes at corners. Folded. Very fine. $35

764. Nevada. Nye. Bullfrog. Bullfrog Central Mining Co. Cert #396. Incorporated in South Dakota in 1906. Issued to N.P. Reinhard for 1000 shares in 1907. Signed by president George Wingfield and secretary Fenwick(?). Vignette at top center of mill site at edge of river with mountains in background. At left, small circular vignette of three miners examining a rock and at right, four miners picking and shoveling in a stope. Bullfrog in green underprint, green seal, green border. Black and gilt print. Printer - B. Rotholtz. 8 1/4 x 11. Cancelled by small hole punches through signatures. Very fine. Wingfield was very busy in Goldfield, primarily running the Goldfield Consolidated. But he couldn't resist acquisition of properties in the very hot Bullfrog District. The company was active in 1907. Not much is known about the company. It is not mentioned in Wingfield's biography. This is the only Wingfield signed stock from Bullfrog that we are know about, as such is an exceptional autograph piece. Wingfield was an important mining financier in central western Nevada. He took over the mines in Goldfield, started Goldfield Consolidated which made millions. He continued in the Banking business, then re-emerged in mining with the Getchell mine. He made and lost several fortunes. $600

765. Nevada. Nye. Bullfrog. Bullfrog Mining District Map. "Compliments of the Forward Mining & Development Co." Printed by the Williamson-Haffner Co. Very nice map, with small illustration of a bullfrog beneath the masthead. Shows claims owned by the Patrick Investment Co. 20" x 17 1/2". Vf, folds, edges a bit rough. $150

766. Nevada. Nye. Bullfrog. Bullfrog North Star Mining Co. Cert.#384. Incorporated in Arizona in 1905. Issued to W.G. Phillips for 1000 shares in 1905. Signed by Richard Willis as president and B.D. Powers as secretary. Black print on white paper. Out West P'TG & Stay'y Co., printers. The Bullfrog North Star, located at the end of Ladd Mountain, was an active company in the 1905 period. It was probably named after the famous North Star mine in Grass Valley, California. Rare. 6 x 10". Extremely fine. $175

767. Nevada. Nye. Bullfrog. Bullfrog/Rhyolite Photo Postcards. Lot of 12 cards and 10 different scenes 2 white bordered real photo postcards; one of "Murphy's Graveyard of relics of the past", published by Los Angeles Photo Post Card Co.; the other of a team of 4 burros pulling a covered buckboard, publisher not identified. 2 chromolithographs of freight wagons and stage coaches, 5 color cards of 3 scenes of ruins, one card each of a prospector, trading post and plaque at the Bullfrog-Rhyolite Cemetery. $75

768. Nevada. Nye. Bullfrog. First National Bank, Rhyolite Checks, c.1908-12. Attractive vignette at left of a seated bullfrog printed in green. Datelined Rhyolite, Nevada. Printed entirely in green. All unused. We have several of these. $20/each

769. Nevada. Nye. Bullfrog. Gibralter Mines Syndicate. Cert.#2178. Incorporated in South Dakota in 1906. Issued to Otto Spaeth for 500 shares in 1906. Signed by vice president Shockly. Vignette of Indian at S.F. Harbor. Orange border on white paper. 8 x 11. Red/Orange seal. Four hole punches at left margin, folds, wear, some brown spots. The Gibralter is on the south slope of Bonanza Mountain facing Rhyolite from the west. Although the records from this district are poor, it is clear that this mine was a small producer. $90

770. Nevada. Nye. Bullfrog. Gold Center Mining & Development Co. Cert.#478. Incorporated in Arizona in 1904. Issued to Charles S. Hinchman for 1000 shares in 1905. Uncancelled. Signed by vice-president W. McDearmon and secretary Richard Tobin. Vignette of river running down valley with snow-capped mountain in the background. Gilt border, black print. Printed by Kistler. Vf, folds. 6 1/2" x 10 1/4". The Gold Center owned a large piece of the Bullion Syndicate (Polk, 1907). $120

771. Nevada. Nye. Bullfrog. Keystone Nevada Mining Co. Incorporated in Nevada in 1905. Certificate #462 issued to Martin Hutchison, Jr. for 100 shares in 190x (no definite date noted). Signed by president W.C. Magee and secretary W.M. Hall. Vanilla paper with light green underprint, black border, vignette and lettering. Vignette is of a bald eagle rising between what appears to be the east coast depicting the capitol and the west coast with industrial buildings along the Pacific ocean. In the center beneath the eagle there appears to be a mountainous area with gold glittering out from it. Printer - Goes. Uncancelled. There was a Keystone claim in nearly every district. The only specific reference we could find for a Keystone mine from this period was in Polk's directory which would place this mine in the Bullfrog District. Uncancelled, 11" x 8 1/4". Folded, faded, some dirt, tears at folds. Fine. $50

772. Nevada. Nye. Bullfrog. Montgomery Shoshone Cons Mining Co. Cert.#2975. Incorporated in South Dakota in 1906. Issued to C. M. Schwab for 550 shares in 1907. Cancelled by cancellation stamp at lower right. Signed by 2nd vice-president McDonald and secretary J. H. Ward. Vignette of two men working hydraulic drill in underground mining scene. Green border on crème paper. Printed by the American Bank Note Co. This certificate was issued at the beginning of Montgomery's large production period, turning out more than $10 million by 1920. Schwab kept his stock for a long time, thinking the mine would produce again, but it was not until the late 1980's to early 1990's that it again reached its previous peak performance. Signed by Schwab on reverse. 7 1/4" x 11 3/4". Extremely fine. $100

773. Nevada. Nye. Bullfrog. Montgomery Shoshone Cons Mining Co. Checks, 1941. Lot of 7. These checks appear to be dividend payments printed on modern style check forms. Signed by W. A. Mitchell. Extremely fine. $50

774. Nevada. Nye. Bullfrog. Rhyolite Bottle House Postcards, 1940+. Lot of 7 cards, 6 different views Lot of 7 different cards of the famous bottle house in Rhyolite. One is a real photo postcard by Frashers, two other real photo postcards are not identified by photographer or publisher, the remaining 4 are color cards. Shows a nice progression of changes in the structure over time. The earlier photos show a chimney and cockscomb on the roof ridge which aren't present in the later pictures. $30

775. Nevada. Nye. Bullfrog. Rhyolite Postal Ephemera, 1907. Lot of 6 pcs. Two are Money Order receipts dated 1907. One is a blank registered mail receipt for Rhyolite. Three of the pieces are dividend checks from the Montgomery-Shoshone Consolidated Mining Co, 1941. All fine. $40

776. Nevada. Nye. Bullfrog. Stock Exchange/ Rhyolite/ Nev.// GF/ 2 1/2 cents/ At The Bar. Rd, br, 21mm. Fine, worn/toned. $400

777. Nevada. Nye. Bullfrog. Tramps Cons Extension Mining Co. Cert #291. Incorporated in Utah. Issued to R. M. Brin for 1000 shares in 1907. Signed by president and Herbert Cohen secretary. No vignette. No border. Black print. Uncancelled. No printer noted. 8 x 10. Location of Mines: Bullfrog District, Nye County, Nevada printed at top of certificate. We could find no reference regarding this company within our library. Small tear at bottom edge. Minor wear to fold creases on reverse. Two binder hold punches at left edge. Very fine. $175

778. Nevada. Nye. General. Mammon Mining Co. Cert #55. Incorporated in Utah. Issued to W. A. Sherman for 1000 shares in 1903. Signed by W. A. Sherman president and asst secretary. Vignette at upper left of allegorical woman holding up wreath. Orange border, seal and safety print. Uncancelled. Printer - Goes. 9 x 12". Datelined Salt Lake City. "Mines Situate in Nye County, Nevada" printed below company title. Very fine. $40

779. Nevada. Nye. General. Nevada Protective Mining & Investment Co. Cert.#201. Incorporated in Reno in 1919. Issued to Robert F. or Dorothy Cole for 500 shares in 1920. Signed by president E.R. Argensingood and secretary S. B. Peterson. Vignette of mill operations on hillside. Brown border and gilt seal. Printed by Goes. Uncancelled. 8 1/2" x 9 1/2". Xf. As described in the 1924 Weed, the company went bankrupt and the property sold by late 1922, two years after this certificate was issued. (Ref: Weed, 1924, p.1429). $40

780. Nevada. Nye. Hannapah. Nevada Central Mines Co. Cert.#6. Inc in Nevada in 1919. Signed by president Srustein and secretary Noel. Vignette of spread-winged bald eagle. Black border and gilt seal. Printed by Goes. 5 1/2" x 10". Xf. The Hannapah district is 15 miles northeast of Tonopah. Ore was shipped in 1908-9 and c1914-15. (Ref: Weed 1925, Carlson, Lincoln) $40

781. Nevada. Nye. Jackson. Gold Park Mining & Reduction Co Broadside, 1909. The broadside announced that the San Francisco, Star of the West, Arctic, Irene (Harry N. Mores Mines) mining claims located in the Jackson mining district, located in Gold Park, Nye and Lander Counties, were leased, for a two year term, by the Gold Park Mining & Reduction Co, April 1st, 1909. The main purpose of the broadside was to announce to the local workers that the new company was not responsible for work done on these properties with the statement: "Further notice is hereby given to all miners, mechanics, wood choppers, wood haulers, merchants, merchandise, storekeepers, and all other persons who may furnish any labor, goods, wares, merchandise, wood, hay, feed, or any material whatsoever for use of said above described mines...the undersigned...will be responsible for any work which may be done on said mines..." Printed at the bottom is : "Dated: Gold Park, Jackson Mining District, Counties of Nye and Lander, State of Nevada, April 2nd, 1909, Bank of Austin, Trustee." The broadside is printed on cloth. There are several dark stains affecting the cloth but they do not detract from the piece. Very fine. $400

782. Nevada. Nye. Manhattan. Capital Claims Map, c. 1930. Map shows location and bearings of claim boundaries and projections of underground workings. Silver was discovered in the Manhattan district in 1866, but it was not until the discovery of gold in 1905 that the district boomed. Within a period of two weeks after promoters and speculators announced the discovery, the population swelled to 4000. By 1947, the district had produced $10.3 million in gold and silver. The 1980's saw a revival of activity with several open pit operations and small placer operations still continue. 26" x 42". Very fine. $65

783. Nevada. Nye. Manhattan. Ralston Valley Gold & Copper Co. Incorporated in South Dakota, 1906. Issued to E. Maden for 5000 shares, cert #207, in 1907. Signed by J. B. Giffen president and C. Lawrence secretary. Vignette at top center of mill on stream bank in valley; vignettes at upper left and right of miners working underground. Black border with gold seal and safety print. Uncancelled. Printer - GOES. 6 x 10. Slight foxing along edges. Fold creases with minor wear. Very fine. $50

784. Nevada. Nye. Manhattan. White Caps Gold Mining Co. Cert.#N6729. Incorporated in Nevada in 1925. Issued to Harold Johnson for 25 shares in 1927. Signed by John Kirchen as president and H. Perry as secretary. Orange border. Uncancelled. No printer noted. 7" x 9 3/4". The White Caps extension was absorbed by the White Caps MC, which despite many problems grew to be the largest producer in the district, at over $2.5 million through 1943. (Ref: Weed 1920, Kleinhampfl, C&C). Extremely fine. $20

785. Nevada. Nye. Monitor. Butler Gold Mining Co. Lot of 2 different pcs. Cert #1574 & #117. Unissued. One is signed by W. E. Sirbeck, president. The other has no signatures. Cert #1574 has a vignette of several miners working underground with smaller vignettes of miners inspecting ore at upper corners. Black border, gilt seal (no corporate seal) and gold safety print. Cert #117 is an Interim Certificate, unissued. Orange border. The company was a reorganization of the Butler Divide MC. Owned the Woodbutcher mine in the Divide district, the Monitor group in the Monitor District and property on Quartz Mountain in Nye County. Leased the Aureola claims in the Silver Star district and property in the White Gulch district of Mariposa County, Cal. Reported inactive in 1927. (Mines Handbook, 1931, p1400). We have never had these certificates before. Both in mint condition and no folds. $40

786. Nevada. Nye. Round Mountain. Round Mountain Mining Co. Cert #5669. Issued to John E. Fryer for 1000 shares in 1915. signed by P. Davis president and G. Mayer secretary. Vignette at top center of young boy. Brown border. Cancelled by rubber stamp of same. Printer - East Bank Note Co, St. Louis. 6 x 11. Stub attached at left. Right edge slightly worn with foxing. See lot below for the story. Very fine. $50

787. Nevada. Nye. Round Mountain. Round Mountain Mining Co. Cert.#6658, 6647. Lot of 2 pcs.. Incorporated in Nevada in 1906. Issued to John E. Fryer for 500 shares in 1916; issued to E.A. Culbertson for 25 shares in 1916.. Signed by president Louis Gordon and secretary Moyer. Bust vignette of young boy. Brown border. Both cancelled. Printed by Gast Bank Note Co. A producer of beautiful gold, the Round Mountain MC was one among the many fantastic gold discoveries in Round Mountain, about 70 miles north of Goldfield. However, the development of the district was overshadowed by the existence of overlapping claims along with the impending apex law litigation which threatened to slow production. J.R. Davis, along with other Goldfield investors, stepped in to mend the problems, consolidating properties under the Round Mountain MC. The company is still in operation as a world class gold mine. (Ref: Tingley, Zanjani, Hallm Ferguson). #6658 has a chunk missing from lower right corner; the other has a repaired rip at left. 6" x 10 3/4". $75

788. Nevada. Nye. Round Mountain. Round Mountain Nugget Mining Co. Cert.#97. Incorporated in Nevada in 1907. Issued to J. Norman Ball for 1500 shares in 1907. Signed by president John Eugart. Vignette of a spread-winged bald eagle. Black border, green underprint and gilt seal. Printer may be listed under seal. 8" x 10 3/4". Vf, small tear at upper edge. Great name for a company with little production in one of the world's best gold producing districts. The company is reminiscent of the many placer operations here over the years. Nuggets were even mined by Round Mountain gold. Rare. $75

789. Nevada. Nye. Round Mountain. Round Mountain Real Photo Postcard, c.1910. The scene shows the early days of Round Mountain. A great shot showing how remote that town was in 1910. Postmarked but illegible for date and town. Datelined by writer, 1910. Card is creased at upper left corner. Fine. Rare. $200

790. Nevada. Nye. Tonopah. Barrel House Postcards, c.1908. Lot of 4 different cards. Three of the cards are of the same view, 2 are chromolithos and 1 is b/w. The 4th card is a chromolitho of the barrel house taken when in spring with small patches of snow on the ground. All the cards are numbered 814 and are by Edward Mitchell. Very fine. $35

791. Nevada. Nye. Tonopah. Butler Mine Repro Photo Postcard. The card is captioned "Looking West Jim Butler Mine." Postmarked Lone Pine, 1945. Very fine. $20

792. Nevada. Nye. Tonopah. Cabinet Saloon / 129 / Main St. / Shoemaker / & Smith / Tonopah Nev. // GF / 6 1/4 / (arrow star arrow) / Cents. Rd, br, 21mm. Dark spots prevalent on reverse. Obverse has a few black spots. Extremely fine. $140

793. Nevada. Nye. Tonopah. Can House Chromolito Postcards, c.1905. Lot of 4 similar cards. All the cards are by Edward Mitchell. The views are all the same but have slight variations in the coloration and layout. All are numbered 813. One of the cards is postmarked San Jose, 1906. The can house was built out of used coal oil fuel cans. Very fine. $30

794. Nevada. Nye. Tonopah. James Warren Nye Commemorative Medals. Lot of 9 medals, all unlisted in Andrews and King's book on Nevada Silver Rounds. Story provided by request, misplaced during cataloging. James Warren Nye/ All For Our Country (pic-Nye)/ 1864// State of Nevada/ Battle Born (in banner)/ Star (NEVADA at each point)/ (pic-sage). Rd, silver, 37mm. BU. $90

795. Nevada. Nye. Tonopah. Tonopah Overview Real Photo Postcard, c. 1910. A an overview shot looking west across town. The Mizpah Hotel is at the center. Postmarked Tonopah. Captioned on front with "General View - Tonopah, Nev." Extremely fine. $175

796. Nevada. Nye. Tonopah. Silver Glance Mining Co of Nevada. Cert.#170. Incorporated in South Dakota in 1906. Issued to Chas. Downing in 1906 for 1000 shares. Uncancelled. Signed by president W. Douglass and secretary H. Sheldon. Vignette of men in underground mining scene. Two smaller vignettes of men inspecting gold ore, and panner flanking central vignette. Black border and gild seal and underprint. Printed by Goes, with John Partridge as secondary printer. Silver glance is miners' lingo for argentite or silver sulfide, a rich silver mineral found in Tonopah. 5 1/2" x 10". Extremely fine. $50

797. Nevada. Nye. Tonopah. State Bank & Trust Building Real Photo Postcard, c.1907. "State Bank And Trust Co, Tonopah" written at top of card. There are several people milling about on the main street which is all dirt. This road is Hwy 95 today. The building still stands and this photo was shot from the Mizpah Hotel. Upper left corner has been bent. Postmarked Tonopah, 1907. Very fine. $150

798. Nevada. Nye. Tonopah. Tonopah Belmont Development Co. Cert.#62785. Incorporated in New Jersey in 1902. Issued to John Louis Haney for 100 shares in 1923. Uncancelled. Signed by president Clyde Heller and secretary J.K. Kitto. Vignette of three men working hydraulic drill in underground mining scene. Orange border. American Bank Note Co., printers. 8 1/4 x 11 3/4". Xf. The company owned 162 acres adjoining the Montana Tonopah and Tonopah Mining properties. The company also held leases on property in British Columbia, the Bull Moose and Biddlecome mines near Carrara. In 1916-17, the Exploration Department examined 53 properties and secured options on the Eagle Shawmut mine in Tuolumne, Cal, the Emma mine in San Juan, Colorado and several smaller properties east of Belmont. In 1918, the company had its ore processed at the 60 stamp mill of the Belmont Milling Co. The company owned the mill at Millers and was dismantling it for transport and erection at Tuolumne. Millers is located about 20 miles northwest of Tonopah where just a few buildings stand today. The 1918 Mines Handbook states, "Management is highly efficient and publishes results in great detail." This is a compliment to the officers and production staff for most of the mining companies offered as little as possible the writers of the Copper (Mines) Handbook Volumes. $30

799. Nevada. Nye. Tonopah. Tonopah Bird's Eye View Photo Postcards. Lot of 4 different cards. All of the cards offer a bird's eye view of Tonopah, one of which appears to have had a some damage to the original negative. Another of the cards has a very interesting cross pattern on the reverse side from tape or something similar. The card with the negative damage is postmarked Tonopah, 1943. Very fine. $50

800. Nevada. Nye. Tonopah. Tonopah Chromolitho Postcards. Lot of 4 different cards. Chromolithographs, #812, 816, 817, 819. Scenes are from around Tonopah, all published by Edward H. Mitchell, San Francisco. Scenes include a general view of the town looking north across down town at the mines in the background; the Mizpah Shaft operated by the Tonopah Mining Co.; the Tonopah Extension Mine; and the bottle house in town. $40

801. Nevada. Nye. Tonopah. Tonopah Club Trade Tokens. Lot of 3 different tokens. Two simply say "T.C." (Tonoph Club), the third "Historic Tonopah Club." Two rd, one sc(4), br, 21mm-39mm. Vf, toned, mottled. $50

802. Nevada. Nye. Tonopah. Tonopah Home Mining Co Prospectus, 1903. Property comprises the Jim Crow Nos. 1 & 2, Homestake, Umatilla and Umbria. Prospectus is one long piece of paper that folds up like a brochure, 3 "pages" printed front and back. Crème cover with red and dark green print and artwork, 3 1/2" x 6". A color fold-out map is glued to the last "page", 8 1/2" x 14", crisp, bright, some pencil scribbles on map. VF. $100

803. Nevada. Nye. Tonopah. Tonopah Oriental Mining Co. Lot of 2. Cert.#004, 5. Incorporated in Nevada in 1919. One issued to E.A. Keenan for 1 share in 1919, the other issued to J.L. Joseph and secretary H. Arnold. Uncancelled. Signed by president J. Joseph and secretary Arnold. Vignette of men in underground mining scene. Brown border. Printed by The Mysell Rollins Co. 9" x 11 3/4". Vf, one with small dark spot at upper left margin, and lower right corner missing. See above lot for the story. These two certificates are founder's shares, one issued to the president and the other issued to an investor or board member. $90

804. Nevada. Nye. Tonopah. Tonopah Overview Real Photo Postcard, c.1925. A great overview of Tonopah after the town had established itself. Tonopah looks very several to this card today. Model A(?) car is visible at right. Bend crease affects the upper left corner. Very fine. $75

805. Nevada. Nye. Tonopah. Tonopah Real Photo Postcard, c.1907. This is a white bordered card that shows a rare view of Tonopah. It took us a minute to make sure that this was Tonopah. The scene shows an overview of the town, but the Mizpah is not in the shot. Rare View. Postmarked Reno & Goldfield RPO, 1907. Pin hole at top of card. Minor dirt staining. Very fine. $225

806. Nevada. Nye. Tonopah. Tonopah Trade Tokens. Lot of 2 different tokens. A.H. Rounsevell/ 5/ Confect./ & Cigars// (same); Rotholtz/ Bros// GF/ 1/ Cigar. Rd, br, 21mm. Fine, toned, rough surface. $20

807. Nevada. Nye. Tonopah. Tonopah Trade Tokens. Lot of 5 different tokens. Various, including Monte Carlo Bar, H.G. Brown, Mgr; W.J. Drysdale, Hotel Casey & Cobweb Liquor Co. There is one California token in this lot for the Majestic out of Bakersfield. This piece, among many others of its kind, was found in Tonopah, suggesting the proprietor moving the business to Nevada. Rd, br, mostly toned, and worn. 21mm. $50

808. Nevada. Nye. Tonopah. West End Extension Mining Co. Cert.#1092. Incorporated in Delaware in 1913. Issued to L.E. Strauss for 1000 shares in 1925.. Signed by president F. M. Smith, better known as Borax Smith. No printer shown. Black border, gold seal and underground mining scene at top. The West End Extension was a promotion based on the proximity to Borax Smith's West End mine that produced about $15 million in bullion. Nimmis had worked for the West End for years, and was also president at the same time he was president of this company. The two companies were somehow interwoven in the twenties, with the Extension work done by the West End perhaps under lease. (Ref: Carpenter et al) 8 1/4" x 10 3/4". Vf, folds. $100

809. Nevada. Nye. Unknown. Mammon Mining Co. Cert.#154. Incorporated in Utah. Issued to W.H. Bancroft for 73 shares in 1905. Signed by president W.G. Furman. Vignette of Lady Liberty seated, holding a wreath. Orange border. Printed by Goes. Uncancelled. 8 1/4" x 11". The location of this company is unknown though Nye County is noted on the certificate. Unfortunately when we have an obscure mine from Northern Nye county, it becomes very difficult to research it. There are no indexes covering the more than 400 pages of text in the two key publications of this area and it is not listed in any of our references. We hope to index them someday. Extremely fine. Rare. $40

810. Nevada. Ormsby. Carson City. Atlantic & Pacific Telegraph Co. Telegrams, 1877. The telegrams are from the Carson City office dated 1877, 25 pieces. This telegraph company was headed by Leland Stanford, as stated on the telegraphs. All of the dispatches were sent from San Francisco to Carson City at the Carson City Savings Bank, who had a stock brokerage business. Each telegram is written in code, with some translated at the bottom or along the words. These papers were used to buy and sell mining stock, generally Comstock, Nevada, and eastern California mining companies. The telegraph forms are considered rare. $300

811. Nevada. Ormsby. Carson City. Bullion & Exchange Bank Checks Signed by Wm Stewart, 1898. Lot of 2 pcs. Wm. Stewart was the Senator of Nevada and the author of the 1872 Mining Laws. Each check has a 2 cent revenue stamp at left edge. Both signatures are bold and bright. One of the checks has a cancellation punch at center. Minor wrinkling. Very fine. $75

812. Nevada. Ormsby. Carson City. Bullion & Exchange Bank Estate Settlement Papers, 1898. Lot of 2 different pcs. From W. P. Merrill of Woodfords, Cal., 1898, regarding the deceased Charles Dudley's estate, and addressing a transfer of the deceased funds to Merrill's account. Three page "letters of administration", and cover letter. Includes American Express Co Billhead. Promotional Letter to Bullion & Exchange Bank. Datelined N.Y., 1898. Typed letter urging B&E Bank to use Traveler's checks. 11" x 8 1/2". All vf. $25

Nevada. Ormsby. Carson City. Carson & Colorado Railroad Key, please see Nevada. Mineral. Belleville

813. Nevada. Ormsby. Carson City. Carson City Druggist Prescriptions, 1898. Lot of 2 different pcs. A. Huffaker, M.D., Carson City, on form with F.J. Steinmetz Druggist, opposite Post Office One prescription is for Mrs. Wilson, and another for Eugene Pironi., 5 x 4, folded and masking tape, upper back. $40

814. Nevada. Ormsby. Carson City. Carson City Medicine Bottles. Lot of 4 bottles. Collection of four different clear, mint, embossed Carson City drugstore bottles. W. H. Chedic/ Druggist/ Carson City, Nev., 5 1/4"; B. F. Foster/ Carson City, Nev., 4"; J. M. Johnson/ Pharmacist/ Carson City, Nev.5"; F. J. Steinmetz/ Druggist/ Carson City, Nev./ Opp./Post Office, 4 3/8". All have generally minor stain. These date from about 1875 (foster) through 1905 (Johnson). Provenance: Dunn collection. $60

815. Nevada. Ormsby. Carson City. Carson City Mint Bullion Receipt, 1889. 1666.70 ounces of silver and gold bars were deposited in 1889. The total value was $3308.25. Signed by L. L. Enrod. The receipt is printed in purple. Extremely fine. $100

816. Nevada. Ormsby. Carson City. Carson City Newspaper Billhead Archive, 1877-1905. Wonderful archive of 63 billheads from six different Carson City newspapers, dated 1877-1905. Nevada Tribune 1877-1882. 8 pcs, 4 different formats. Carson Weekly, 1900-3, 2 pieces, 2 formats. Daily Nevada Evening Tribune, 12 pcs, 3 different formats 1889-1894. The News, 19pcs, 5 different formats, 1897-1903. Morning News, 1 pc, 1895. Morning Appeal, 21 pcs, 1878-1904, 7 different formats. These papers were often the voices of the political factions of Nevada speaking from the Capitol. The invoices are generally for subscriptions from various CC banks. $200

817. Nevada. Ormsby. Carson City. Carson City Postcard Images. Lot of 14 cards of 13 different scenes. 2 white bordered B&W real photo postcards by Frashers of the Carson River and the Capitol building in down town Carson. Also a real photo postcard of the Governor's residence; no hotographer or publisher noted, and a chromolithograph of the state capitol. The remainder are color cards of other buildings and scenes around town, including the old Carson City Mint building, now the site of the state museum. $45

818. Nevada. Ormsby. Carson City. Carson City Savings Bank Check Sheet. Previously unknown checks, with RNG imprinted rev. 5 connected checks, No.'s11880-11884. Unused. Extremely fine. $100

819. Nevada. Ormsby. Carson City. Controller's Office Warrant, 1872. Issued to M. Hobart for $900 in 1872. Vignette of miner holding American Flag, overlooking mining operations; vignette of spread-winged bald eagle at right. Black border and print. Printed by Britton & Rey. 5" x 9 3/4". vf, hole in center. From the Nevada Treasurer's office to W. W. Hobart, signed by him as controller and endorsed on the back. These warrants are now very rare. There was never a great quantity of them sold like there were of the later loess fancy warrants. Hobart was in politics most of his life. He was at Hamilton in 1871 when he was elevated state controller, a job he held until 1879. [ref: angel]. Rare. $100

820. Nevada. Ormsby. Carson City. Memorandum of Silver Bullion Deposit Receipt at the Carson City Mint, 1890. The silver and gold was from the Rocky Point Mill of the Savage MC. The receipt reflects a deposit of over 5000 ounces of silver worth a total and $6647.23 and a gold value of $2491.91. Tears along fold creases. Fine. $100

821. Nevada. Ormsby. Carson City. Virginia & Truckee Railroad Time Checks, 1887. Lot of 5 pcs. Datelined. Carson, 1887. All paid, showed by blue mark through center. 3 1/4" x 8". Vf, some soiling. $75

822. Nevada. Ormsby. Medals. Nevada Centennial Medal. All For Our Country/ (pic-miner and mule, with settlers in background)/ 100 Years/ Centennial/ of the State of/ Nevada (state seal)/ 1864-1964// Nevada/ Battle/ 36/ Born. Reverse is bordered with stars. Rd, br (gilt), wm, 37mm. BU. $10

823. Nevada. Ormsby. Medals. Nevada Centennial Medals. Lot of 2 different pcs. All For Our Country/ (pic-miner and mule, with settlers in background)/ 100 Years/ Centennial/ of the State of/ Nevada (state seal)/ 1864-1964// Nevada/ Clark County. Reverse is bordered with stars. Rd, br (gilt), wm, 37mm. Both BU. $20

824. Nevada. Pershing. Lovelock. Nevada General Metals Mining & Development Co. Cert.#127. Incorporated in Nevada in 1919. Issued to J.G. Lind for 5000 shares in 1920. Signed by president L.H. Friedman and secretary Menzel. Vignette of a capped woman at left. Black border and gild seal. Printed by Goes. 8 1/4" x 11". Vf, small tear at bottom fold. Perhaps a seven troughs related company. No info available. $25

825. Nevada. Pershing. Mill City. Wells, Fargo & Co Advertising Cover, c.1865-80. Bold blue strike "Mill City" cancel at upper left. 2 other cancels, one illegible, other from Defiance, Ohio. Imprinted green 3 cent. Opened at right edge. No letter. Very fine. Extremely rare. $400

826. Nvada. Storey. Gold Hill. Alta Silver Mining Co.. Cert. #40943. Issued to Jas. Gartland for 100 shares in 1914. Cancelled. Signatures are largely cut out. Black border, no vignette. Printed by Orozco. The Alta is immediately east of the Lady Washington shaft in Gold Canyon, downstream from Gold Hill. It was active from 1879-1890, with an output of less than $500,000. Strangely, it is listed in the Virginia District, yet it is clearly south of Gold Hill. (Ref: Becker, C&C). 4" x 9 3/4". $30

827. Nevada. Storey. Virginia City. A. M. Cole Medicine Bottle. A. M. Cole Apothecary/ Virginia City, Nev. Rectangular, clear drug store bottle with beveled edges and a sunken front panel, with the embossing in script. 4 7/8" tall. Stained, nearly mint with 2 small lip dings pinhead size. Circa 1890-1900. Very Rare. This bottle is typical of those that held women's scented or perfumed skin crèmes. Provenance: Dunn collection. $150

828. Nevada. Storey. Virginia City. Adolph Sutro Lecture Transcript, 1874 given at Piper's Opera House. Printed in the Daily Independent Supplement, and was regarding mines and mining. The 6 page article is crudely held in tape bound book board, approx. 12" x 9", and featuring illustrations of mine operations at the Comstock. Paper is quite fragile, with several holes, and repairs. $75 (no illustration)

829. Nevada. Storey. Virginia City. C. C. Batterman Signed Imprinted Revenue RNC-21c Check. Number 647 from Gould & Curry Silver Mining Co., drawn on the Bank of California check. Datelined Virginia (City), dated 1871. C. C. Batterman was superintendent of the Gould & Curry. Imprinted with 2 cent U. S. Internal Revenue Stamp. This check is scarce. $65

Nevada. Storey. Virginia City. Carson & Colorado Railroad Key, please see Nevada. Mineral. Belleville

830. Nevada. Storey. (Virginia City). City Bakery Token. GF/ 1/ Large Loaf/ at the/ City Bakery// S.J. Grondono. Oct, al, fine, corroded. 27mm. $100

831. Nevada. Storey. Virginia City. Consolidated Mill Imprinted Revenue Autograph Checks, 1874-75. Lot of 2 different checks. Both checks have RN-D7 imprinted revenue in orange. Consolidated Mill at left and Bank of California at center both in blue ink. One check signed by James G. Fair, 1874. The other check is signed by J. W. Mackay in 1875. The Mackay check has a water stain that extends from center to upper left corner. Fair check is Xf. $100

832. Nevada. Storey. Virginia City. E Clampus Vitus Pinbacks. Lot of 4 different items. Union Brewery Saloon/(pic of beer mug)/Plaque/June 28, 1988/Dedication/E.C.V./J.C.B. #1864. Red and white. American City JCB #1864-ECV Nevada Territory/(pic of pioneer)/June 18, 5988 (sic)/Virginia City. Pink and black. Julia C. Bulette Chap. E Clampus Vitus/Virginia, Nevada/June 25, 1977/1864. Black and white. Odeon Hall Dedication/(pic of saloon)/Dayton, Nevada/June 29-30, 1974/ECV/Julia C. Bulette Clampout. Black and red. E Clampus Vitus is a social group that promotes history of Nevada and beer drinking. The chapter is named after one of the most famous Madames in Virginia City's history. The group was formed in fun but still promotes serious issues. Extremely fine. $50

833. Nevada. Storey. Virginia City. Gem/ Saloon/ Virginia City, Nev.// GF/ 5 cents/ IT. Rd, br, 21mm. Vf, dark toned. Rare. $200

834. Nevada. Storey. Virginia City. Gould & Curry Mining Co. Lot of 3 certificates. Cert.#6094, 5753, 149. Incorporated in California in 1904. One issued to F. Hayward for 100 shares in 1932; the second is issued to President H.L Slosson for 1000 shares in 1930; and the third is issued to secretary J.B. Shaw for 100 shares in 1911.0 All are cancelled by hold punches at sides and through signatures. Signed by Slosson and Shaw. One with green border, and the other two with black, in three different styles. 4 1/4" x 9 3/4"-4 1/2" x 10". The company is a conglomeration of the Bullion G&S MC and the Savage G&S MC. It had a production record of $15,525,000 in gold and silver in 1931. Was inactive ever since. (Ref: Rand Sturgis, 1931, pp.1471-1472). $75

835. Nevada. Storey. Virginia City. Gould & Curry Receipts, 1864 & 1866. Lot of 2 pcs. One for Savage MC Mill in 1866, and the other from Chas. Bower of the Gould & Curry in 1864, the latter of which has a 2 cent bank check stamp in the lower left. 3 3/4" x 7 3/4" - 3" x 8". Very fine. $60

836. Nevada. Storey. Virginia City. Gould & Curry Silver Mining Co RN-C21c Check, 1871. Check printed in green ink. Signed by C. C. Batterman, 1871. Nevada state revenue is part of the imprinted revenue. Extremely fine. $75

837. Nevada. Storey. Virginia City. Gould & Curry SMC RN-B17c Checks, 1870. Lot of 2 similar checks. Gould & Curry Silver Mining Co, Bank of California in dark green print at top of checks. Datelined Virginia, 1870. Orange imprinted revenue at center. Green Nevada imprinted revenue at left. Both checks signed by Isaac S. Requa Supt of Gould & Curry. Both Xf. $60

838. Nevada. Storey. Virginia City. H. M. Yerington Signatures on V & T RR documents, 1880 & 1882. Lot of 5 pcs. There are two V & T documents with Yerington signatures. Included are three other V & T documents without his signature. Extremely fine. $75

839. Nevada. Storey. Virginia City. Kellogg's Tool Top Whiskey Bottle, c.1890-1905. This bottle was found behind the Sawdust Corner Saloon in Virginia City in the 1960's by Rod Stock, an avid Nevada collector. 12" tall. Near mint. $60

840. Nevada. Storey. Virginia City. Mariposa Mill Co Imprinted Revenue Autograph Checks, 1871. Lot of 2 similar checks. Both checks have a RN-C21 imprinted revenue stamps at center with Mariposa Mill Company at left in purple ink and Bank of California in brown ink. One of the checks is signed by J. W. Mackay, check #20, Feb 3, 1871. The other check is signed by James G. Fair, 1871. The Mackay check has a water stain just left of center. The Fair check has small stain near date. Very fine. $100

841. Nevada. Storey. Virginia City. Northern/ Virginia City, Nev.// GF/ 12 1/2/ CTS/ IT. Rd, br, AU, dark toned. 21mm. $75

842. Nevada. Storey. Virginia City. Reception Saloon Letterhead, 1910. Thomas F. Short, Proprietor, addressed to Auditor. 5 1/2"(of 11" paper) x 8 1/2". Vf, folds. This letterhead goes along with the T. Short token. $75

843. Nevada. Storey. Virginia City. S. Mariani/ Virginia City // GF/ 5 cents/ IT. Rd, br, 21mm. Vf, dark toned. Very rare. $100

844. Nevada. Storey. Virginia City. Savage Mining Co Amalgam Receipt, 1864. Nevada Territorial handwritten receipt for amalgam deposited by the to the Franklin Mill, San Francisco from G. W. Bell, Assay Office, San Francisco, dated July 15, 1864, signed by G. W. Bell, and labeled "Duplicate" in handwriting. On letterhead form of the G. W. Bell Assay Office, 10 x 8, very fine condition with 1 x 1/2 inch bite from lower left. Assay certificate reports that 2 sacks of amalgam weighing 1,333.00 oz. were received, and that a bar resulted, weighing 1261.30 oz. with a fineness of silver: 953, gold: 032. $75

845. Nevada. Storey. Virginia City. Screw Top Wood Bottle, c.1900. This wooden bottle was specially designed for shipping liquids or other such materials through the US Mail. The screw top has the original rubber gasket. There are three 2 cent stamps and one 5 cent stamps. 2.5" wide and 5.5" tall. The bottle was sent to J. J. Williams, Virginia City, Nevada. A novelty piece. $20

846. Nevada. Storey. Virginia City. Six deeds dated 1876-1905, all but one pre-1890, for various properties in Virginia City. Some of the names involved are A. Williams, H. Baglin, Dennis Nevin, M. Welch, Chatteston, J. Wheeler. All vf. $100

847. Nevada. Storey. Virginia City. Stateler & Arrington Territorial Checks, 1863 & 1864. Lot of 3 similar checks. One of the checks was issued in 1863 and does not have an adhesive revenue stamp. The other 2 checks datelined Virginia, N.T., April & May, 1864. Each check has a 2 cent blue adhesive stamp at upper left corner. Design at the left of each check is slightly different. All three checks are Xf. $75

848. Nevada. Storey. Virginia City. Sutro Tunnel Closing Argument for Company Aid, 1872. April 22, 1872 closing argument by Adolph Sutro delivered before the Congressional Committee on Mines and Mining regarding aid for the Sutro Tunnel. "... as obstacles after obstacles presented themselves, they only nerved me on to overcome them, and I fully concluded to devote, if necessary, the whole balance of my life to the execution of this one work, believing as I do, that it is one of the most important, if not the most important one now in progress on this continent." 96 pages, soft bound, light green cover with black print, 5 3/4" x 9". Folded, faded, worn, big stain at upper right corner of cover which affects frist 8 pages. Fine. Paher, 1923. $150

849. Nevada. Storey. Virginia City. Sutro Tunnel Co. Cert #C2984. Incorporated in California 1866. Issued to Wm. Glading for 100 shares in 1879, datelined San Francisco. Signed by Elliott Fellowe, president and P.W. Ames, secretary. Green border on light green paper, vignette top center of Indian seated overlooking mining scenes. Vignette at bottom center of underground scene with miners and surveyor with transit. Printer - National Bank Note Co., NY. Uncancelled, 8 x 12 1/2. Extremely fine condition. The Sutro tunnel began construction prior to 1870, its completion in 1877 came after the big Crown Point and Con Virginia bonanzas, at which time the mine interests no longer wanted to share their profits with anyone. $175

850. Nevada. Storey. Virginia City. Sutro Tunnel Co. Broadside, 1869. The broadside is an attempt by Sutro to tell the public what was going on with the tunnel project. 7 x 16". Three columns, datelined Virginia City, October, 4th. Listed in Armstrong's Nevada Printing History, p. 189. Scarce, but not rare. Often seen listed by book dealers as very rare at $500 and up. This was a very informative piece published by Sutro that probably was included in an edition of the Territorial Enterprise. Very fine. $100

851. Nevada. Storey. Virginia City. Sutro Tunnel Complaint of Divers Companies Working Mines on the Comstock Lode, 1876. The "answer" to Diver Company complaints from the counsel for the Sutro Tunnel documents "breach of agreement by plaintiffs", "defendants claims under act of Congress", "present suits brought to harass defendants" and much, much more. 68 pages plus appendix. Paher discusses legal complaints and origin of the Sutro Tunnel Co. The appendix has 20 pps of illustrations. These include wood block views of Virginia City, the mines, various Sutro tunnel air shafts and hoists, cross sections and maps. Soft bound cover in light gray with black print, 5 3/4" x 9", worn, faded, dirty. Cover is only about 1/4 attached to inner pages and has a couple of small tape "repairs" which haven't held. McGill & Witherow, Printers and Stereotypers, Washington, D.C. Fine. $150

852. Nevada. Storey. (Virginia City). T. L. James// GF/ 5 cents/ IT. Rd, br, 21mm. Rust. $100

853. Nevada. Storey. Virginia City. Trench Mill Imprinted Revenue Autograph Check, 1874. RN-D imprinted revenue stamp in orange. Trench Mill at left edge in purple ink. Bank of California in black ink. Signed by J. W. Mackay in 1874. Please see the biography of Mackay and other similar signed lots above. Large water stain affecting left half of check. Very fine. $60

854. Nevada. Storey. Virginia City. Trench Mill Imprinted Revenues, 1871 & 1874. Lot of 2 different checks. Trench Mill printed in purple ink. Bank of California in black ink. The 1871 check has a RN-C21 imprinted revenue. The 1874 check is an RN-E7 imprinted revenue. Both checks are signed by James G. Fair. Both checks have stains. Vf. $65

855. Nevada. Storey. Virginia City. Virginia & Truckee Railroad Lock. 5" long by 2 1/2" at its widest point. "V & T R R" stamped on hasp with "S" stamped on reverse of hasp. "Nion Brass Mfg. Co Chicago" stamped on key cover. Clean. VF. Rare. $650

856. Nevada. Storey. Virginia City. Virginia City Snow Scenes Real Photopostcards, 1952. Lot of 3 pcs. One shows the Post Office with about 10 feet snow with a tunnel dug out to get into the building. The second card is of the "Sazarac with the front door is hidden by snow. The third is of C Street and another view of the Sazarac with a lot of snow around. All unused. Extremely fine. $25

857. Nevada. Storey. Virginia City. Virginia Ice Co Billhead, 1871. Receipt to Savage Co. for $25.00 for two months ice, dated December 1, 1871, signature illegible. Letterhead, upper 5" portion of 11 x 81/2 column sheet. Excellent condition. Very rare, printed in purple ink. $40

858. Nevada. Storey. (Virginia City). Virginia/ Saloon// GF/ 10/ IT. Rd, br, 21mm. Fine, very dark toned. Very rare. $150

859. Nevada. Storey. (Virginia City). Virginia Winery Token. GF/ 25/ Virginia/ Winery/ IT// 25. Rd, br, toned, corroded, but strong strike. Girando & Gremes proprietors, 42 South C Street, Wholesale wines, liquors, cigars (Polk, 1914). $100

860. Nevada. Washoe. Reno. English Mill Ditch Co., two certificates, one is signed by Yori. Inc. in Nevada, 1931 - A Non-Profit Incorp. Both issued to Fred Souza for 18 shares c1931. No vignette, green border and safety print. Printer - Goes. 11 x 8. Very fine. This is probably the Yori ditch that goes through central west Reno today. $50

861. Nevada. Washoe. Reno. Cann Drug Co Medicine Bottle, c.1905. Orange Flower Cream / The Cann Drug Co. / Reno, Nev. About 6 oz. 6" tall. Lip chip, stains. Rare. $35

862. Nevada. Washoe. Reno. Christmas Tree Casino $1 Gaming Chip. Black and red print with a green pine tree logo. The Christmas Tree, still located in its original location since 1946 on the Mt. Rose Highway, originated as a bar and gambling hall. It wasn't until 1947 that the restaurant was added, familiar to today's Reno locals. Its proprietary reputation seemed to correspond with accusations of crookery, a fate which original owners John and Alice Ross never dreamed for their trendy club on the hill. "The Tree" was sold to third owners Guy Michael and Art Fisher in 1952, under whose ownership the restaurant and gambling hall were closed due to alleged acts of corrupt dealing. In 1960, the Christmas Tree was required to surrender its gaming license. Eventually the gaming was leased to prominent gaming figure Bob Peccole. But the Michael and Peccole partnership didn't last. By 1966 the Christmas Tree was again closed for "loaded dice" on the craps table. Gaming appeared to be the monster that plagued its success. In 1967, the Christmas Tree was destroyed by fire. Its continuous misfortune with finicky legal binds and financial woes seemed to ebb and flow, its serial proprietorship trapping it under a virtual cloud of bad luck. It would not be until the business ridded itself of the "evil gaming demon", or perhaps just bad ownership, that it would operate soundly. In 1976 the Christmas Tree reopened under new ownership, operating without gaming. Campaglia's chip book rates this chip as an R-10, at $600-1800. Calls to advanced collectors only revealed a general "knowledge of 3 or 4." It is not one of the boxes of hot stamped chips found two years ago. $350

863. Nevada. Washoe. Reno. Color Reno Postmarked Cover with Manuscript Letter, 1913. The cover is printed in red, white and blue with "Come to Reno, Week of June 9th, G.A.R. Encampment, Overland Hotel, Opposite Union Depot, Reno, Nev." Postmark is visible at top center. Enclosed is a resignation letter written to the Knights of Palacer in Carson City. Written by F. J. Raycroft. Rag right edge. Fine. $25

864. Nevada. Washoe. Reno. Dice Pair and Original Dice Boxes. Lot of 6 pieces. Two boxes labeled "Club Cal Neva," one with original pair of dice, also labeled Cal-Neva. Three now empty boxes originally held "Certified Perfects" from the Palace Club, 1966. The remaining empty box originally held dice from the "Nevada Dice Co." of Las Vegas. Three of the empty boxes are lined with foam dividers, great for the collector! Very fine. $50

865. Nevada. Washoe. Reno. Early Nevada Club Playing Card Decks. Two Decks. Brown box and cards. Fine. $40

866. Nevada. Washoe. Reno. Harold's Club Playing Cards Decks, lot of 4. Three are in red boxes and the other is in a blue box. Very fine. $40

867. Nevada. Washoe. Reno. Mapes Hotel $5.00 Gaming Chips. Lot of 10 pcs. Reddish-brown with four dark green segments, 40mm diameter, 3mm thick. Labeled on each side in dark green letters, "Mapes/ Hotel/ $5.00/ Casino". Represented as from the 1950's. $50

868. Nevada. Washoe. Reno. Mapes Hotel $5.00 Gaming Chips. Lot of 10 pcs. Purple, 40mm diameter, 3mm thick. Labeled on each side in yellow letters, "Mapes/ Hotel/ $5.00/ Casino". Represented as from the 1950's. $50

869. Nevada. Washoe. Reno. Mapes Money Tree $25 Gaming Chips. Lot of 13 pcs. Chips lime green, 40mm diameter, 3mm thick. Labeled on each side with gold letters "Mapes Money Tree/ $25 / Pit / Non Negotiable". Extremely fine. $100

870. Nevada. Washoe. Reno. Nevada California Oregon Railway Pass, 1899. This pass was issued to F. E. Jones, Asst. General Manager of the Nevada Central Railroad. The pass was issued in 1899 and is signed by E. Gesl manager. Pass #28. Nevada California Oregon Railway was incorporated in 1888 and was owned by the Moran Bros of New York, who remained in control once the company was public. Track ran from Reno to Amedee, Cal to Termo, Cal to Madeline, Oregon. (Poor's Manual of Railroads, 1907, p.651). Minor staining. Very fine. $200

871. Nevada. Washoe. Reno. Virginian Hotel/Casino & High Sierra Playing Card Decks. Lot of 2 decks. Red cards and boxes. Fine to very fine. $50

872. Nevada. Washoe. Reno. Wine House Pumpkin Seed Whiskey Flask. From / The / Wine House / Liquors & Cigars / Reno, Nev. Crack in top, air bubble burst at left. Clean. Displays Beautifully. Rare. 5.5" tall. $400

873. Nevada. Washoe. Sparks. Brotherhood Time Book & Seniority Guide for the Salt Lake Division of the Southern Pacific Lines, 1930. List of the employees for the Southern Pacific Lines starting with the most senior employees and starting dates with the company. Within are notes on repairs to certain train engines with entries as late as 1935. Printer - Green Printing Co. 64 pps. Binding worn, corners frayed. Left lower rear cover has fold with crease mark. Minor staining on cover probably from the employee who owned the book. Appears to be a pocket piece. 4 x 6. Fine. $100

874. Nevada. Washoe. Steamboat. Steamboat Postmarked Cover and Manuscript Letter, 1931. The cover has a partial strike of postmark with Steamboat, Nev over red 2 cent adhesive stamp. Includes a 4 page manuscript letter that discusses working on the new highway from Reno to Carson. The writer was camped at Steamboat while they were working on guard rail installation about 2 miles above Steamboat. The letter was sent to Virginia, Nev. Extremely fine. $30

875. Nevada. Washoe. Wadsworth. Wells, Fargo & Co Advertising Cover, Wadsworth Cancel and Lettersheet, 1869. Lot of 3 pcs. Bold strike with Wadsworth cancel. Imprinted red 3 cent stamp. Rag right edge. Enclosed is a receipt for fencing on Whitney & Co, of Wadsworth and a manuscript letter on Whitney & Co letterhead informing the purchaser of the fencing that the damage was prior to shipment on the railroad. Very fine. $120

876. Nevada. White Pine. Aurum. Aurum Postmarked Cover with Manuscript Letter, 1912. Cover has bold strike cancel with Aurum, Nev. Manuscript letter is written to a friend (maybe even an ex-boyfriend) named John Chartz in San Francisco. The writer's name is Minnie, who is a school teacher living on a ranch about 8 miles from Aurum. Aurum is located 32 miles northeast of Ely, very near the Nevada-Utah border. The town was a mail stop servicing the boom/bust mining district of Aurum. The letter is entertaining. The school teacher talks of dances that last until dawn and flirting with the older boys. Extremely fine. $75

877. Nevada. White Pine. Ely. Lewis Drug Co Medicine Bottle, c.1905-10. Lewis Drug Co / Ely, Nevada. 3 cc graduated bottle, about 2 oz. Slight inside stain. No chips. 4.5" tall. $50

878. Nevada. White Pine. Ely. Sol Hilp, General Merchandiser, Letterhead. Datelined Ely, Nev., 1893. 8" x 10 1/2". Hilp was also a Wells, Fargo & Co agent, noted on the letterhead. Very fine. $30 (no illustration)

879. Nevada. White Pine. Hamilton. Wells, Fargo & Co Advertising Cover, c.1865-80. Bold blue strike cancel "Hamilton, Nev" at top center. Imprinted red 3 cent stamp. Rag right edge. No letter. Mailed to C. G. Dinsmore, Austin, Nev. Overall in poor condition. $50

880. Nevada. White Pine. Ruth. Ruth Copper Pit Real Photo Postcard, c.1945. Lot of 2 different cards. Clear and crisp shots of the Ruth Copper Pit located just outside Ely, Nevada. The pit went on to obtain the status of the largest open pit in the world for sometime until other deposits surpassed it. Both postmarked Ruth, Nevada, 1949. Kodak Paper stamp box. White borders. No photographer noted. Very fine. $35

881. Nevada. White Pine. Treasure City. Wells, Fargo & Co Advertising Cover, c.1868-69. Bold, blue strike cancel at top right over imprinted red 3 cent stamp. Rag right edge. No letter. Mailed to E. S. Davis, Surveyor General, Virginia, Nev. Extremely fine. $85