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Western Americana Auction #19

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1541. California. Amador. Amador. Amador Weekly Ledger Billhead, 1858, printing job for $2,000. &#x201CThe Proprietor of the Weekly Ledger is prepared to do Job Printing Of very description in a style superior to any office in the Southern Mines.” T.A. Springer. Cash on Delivery, Jackson, December 21, 1858 Amador County, Cal. Printed on half sheet (7” x 8 1/2”) light blue paper. Est. $50-100

1542. California. Butte. Oroville. A presentation of the mining property six miles east from Oroville, California. 1905. A report in letter form to L.N. Ketchum and signed by the writer, dateline San Francisco, February 25th, 1905. The report covers the following: Banner Mine (part of the original Banner Mining Property dating back to 1851), Longs Bar Mine, Amosky Mine, and Clark & Coffey Mine. Typewritten, double spaced, 5pp., secured by brads in folding paper cover. Cover has tears along folds. Interior in good condition. Est. $50-100 (not illustrated)

1543. California. Butte. Oroville. Natomas Co. Cert #C9176. $100 Bond issued in 1915. Signed by Louis Sloss president and Knapp secretary. Vignette of spread winged eagle. Brown border and underprint. 28 of original 41 coupons cashed in. Printer - Republic Bank Note. 10 x 14”. Controlled 15,000 acres near Oroville and Folsom. Owned 14 dredges that in 1918, moved over 25 million cubic yards profiting nearly $1 million. (Mines Handbook, 1918, p.610). Very fine. Est. $50-150

1544. California. Calaveras. Angels Camp. Lightner Gold Mining Co. Cert #229. Incorporated in California. $500 Bond issued in 1910. Signed by R. C. Shaw president and A. M. Young secretary. Vignette of spread winged bald eagle. Ornate green border and underprint. 2 of the original 10 coupons cashed in. Printer not noted. 10 x 14”. Owned 4.5 acres in Angels Camp between the Utica and Angels quartz mines. The Lightner had a historic production of near $2 million. Idle by 1914, when all mined out. (Mines Hdbk, 1918, p.577). Very fine. Est. $50-150

1545. California. Amador. Jackson. Globe Hotel Advertising Cover, Postmarked Gwin Mine, 1897. Addressed to A.J. Cropley, King City, Monterey Co., Calif. And postmarked Gwinmine, June 10, 1897. The Gwin Mine was named for W.M. Gwin who had the mine in the 1850’s, and was located in Rich Gulch, 5 mi. east-northeast of Mokelumne Hill. The Post Office was established in 1870 at Gwin Mine, discontinued 1882. It was re-established in 1892, changed in 1895 to Gwin Mine, and discontinued 1910 [Ref: Durham, p. 870]. Torn on ends, edge missing. Est. $50-100

1546. California. El Dorado. Spanish Flat Hill. Tunneling & Quartz Mining Co Stock Sheet. Four attached certificates. Cert. #173-176. Incorporated in 1875. All unissued and unsigned. Vignette of mine and mill operations at left. Black border and print. No printer noted. 16” x 13”. Fine, edges quite damaged, tears. Est. $25-50

1547. California. Express. Express & Stage Coach Postcards. Lot of 3 pcs. Three chromo litho postcards: a) southern Pacific Train and Grounds at Santa Monica, Cal..” postmarked Playa Del Rey, 1909, to San Francisco, published by Newman Post Card Company, Los Angeles, slightly dinged corners, good condition; b) &#x201CBoulder Creek Stage, Redwood Park, Santa Cruz Co, Cal.” postmarked Ben Lomond, Cal., published by Richard Behrendt, San Francisco, Cal. #29157, dinged corners, lower left corner crease; c) “Railway Express Agency Century of Service Exhibit 1839-1939” top picture showing man with valise in foreground with train behind, and lower picture showing San Francisco skyline, Golden Gate Bridge, planes, car, train, ferry. Reverse side: “Railway Express Agency, An outstanding example of the use of fluorescent paint and black light in depicting a ‘Century of Service’ in vacationland at the Gold Gate International Exposition.” Published by Stanley A. Piltz Company, San Francisco, Calif. C.T. Art-Colortone. Est. $25-50

1548. California. Fresno. California Land Patents, 1891. Lot of 2. The first is dated 1891, for William Mitchell. The second one is dated 1891, for Thornton G. Porter. Both in fine condition, with worn spots and edges. 10” x 15”. Est. $50-100

1549. California. General. California Mining Related Publications. Lot of 6 books. (1) The Yosemite Story, a promotional piece with several full page illustrations and historical background of the park, about 40pps, soft covers. (2) Gold Cities, Grass Valley and Nevada City, by Jim Morley, A History and Guide, 1965, illustrations on every page with text, 95pps, soft color covers. (3) Geologic Story of Death Valley, by Thomas Clements, 1954, with illustrations and text, 52pps, soft covers. (4) Minerals for Industry Southern California, 1964, by the Southern Pacific Co, 209pps, indexed, maps in sleeve on inside back cover, original hard boards. (5) Mineral for Industry Northern California, by the Southern Pacific Co, 242pps, indexed, original hard boards, maps in sleeve attached on inside back cover. (6) Geologic Guidebook of the San Francisco Bay Counties, Bulletin 154, Division of Mines, California, 1951, 392pps, original hard boards. All are fine to very fine. Est. $50-75

1550. California. General. California Photo Postcards. Lot of 5. Yosemite Falls, Holtville, CA, Mission San Miguel, old mill near St. Helena, and Willows, CA., 1918. Est. $65-120

1551. California. General. California State Hunting Licenses, 1934. Lot of 2. One fishing license, #179132, with a picture of a fish at top, red, and one hunting license, #120488, with a picture of a bear at top, green. 43mm. Xf. Est. $40-60

1552. California. General. California, (of the North), pamphlet, c. 1890. Contains four full-size chromo-lithographs of Yosemite, Hotel del Monte, Capay Valley, etc. Published by Edw. E. Eitel, San Francisco. Litho. by Dickman-Jones Co., S.F. Printer: The Bancroft Company. 15pp. Very good condition. Rare. Est. $75-150

1553. California. General. Coarse Gold Gulch Mining Co. Cert. #T144. Incorporated in Nevada in 1931. Unissued, but signed by president Gates and secretary V.R. Wyatt. Vignette of bald eagle. Green border and gilt seal. Printer not noted. 8” x 11”. Listed as dead in the 1936 Mines Register, not listed prior to that. Xf. Est. $20-40 2345 85

1554. California. General. Income Properties of California Co and Hopkins Oil Co. Lot of 2 certificates. Income Properties of California, issued in 1929, signed, uncancelled, printed by Carlisle & Co, great vignette of a skyscraper skyline, green border, 8 x 12. Hopkins Oil Co, issued in 1907, signed, uncancelled, vignette of an oil field, black border with red print accents, bronze seal and safety print, 8 x 11”. Fine. Est. $75-150

1555. California. Humboldt. Eureka. Eureka’s Pioneer Days Souvenir $50 Slug. Eight-sided gold-colored facsimile of the famous California fifty dollar gold slug used by the pioneers, 1850. Center vignette of woman with spear and bear beside her in front of ocean with sailing ship and mountains in background. Reverse has center vignette of American eagle. 1 1/2” across. Est. $50-100

1556. California. Humboldt. Samoa. Pedro Dairy Pint Milk Bottle. Embossed with One Pint / Pedro Dairy / Samoa. No apparent dings or chips. Clear and mint. One of the world’s most beautiful places where the redwood forests meet the sand dunes and Pacific Ocean. Provenance: Holabird Collection. Est. $25-50

1557. California. Inyo. Bishop. Bishop Postmarked Covers, 1903-1918. The 1903 postmark was mailed to Round Valley, California, and includes the original letter, postmark has bold strike. The 1917 postmark is blurred from double strike, but legible, original letter. The 1918 is an advertising cover from B. E. Johnson, Furniture Dealer in Bishop, bold strike, original invoice included. All rag right edge. Very fine. Est. $50-150

1558. California. Inyo. Bishop. National Geographic Society Certificate, W.A. Chalfant, 1933. Noting membership of W.A. Chalfant of Bishop, California to the society in 1933. Has the society seal and secretary’s signature. Chalfant was owner and editor of the Inyo Register Newspaper in Bishop, California. He was also author of several of Inyo’s great books, most notably “The Story of Inyo” first published in 1922. Very fine. Est. $50-100

1559. California. Inyo. Bishop. Rainbow Falls Original Photograph, c.1900-1910. Photograph is of Rainbow Falls, as captioned, and was taken by Forbes. Unfortunately, the photo has large spot damage, apparently from glue or some other source that has eradicated the photographic nature of the paper. Reverse indicates that this photo was mounted in an album. 8 x 10”. Poor. Provenance: Spargo Collection. Est. $25-50

1560. California. Inyo. Greenwater. Greenwater Copper Mines & Smelter Co. Lot of 6 certificates. All issued in 1907 and 1909. Signed by Miller president and treasurer. No vignette. Black border with green safety print. All uncancelled. 7 x 11”. Fine to very fine. Est. $50-100

1561. California. Inyo. Inyo County and Death Valley Promotional Ephemera. Lot of 5 very different pcs. (1) Wildrose Station Napkin located at Trona, C. K. Babcock, prop. (2) Mt Whitney Café Business Card with two sketches, one of Mt Whitney and the other of Death Valley. Located at Big Pine, R. W. Heady, prop. (3) El Casa Sierra, located at Mammoth, about 45 miles from Bishop. This is a unique promotional piece. The card is in the shape of a postcard, and can be used for that purpose. The item is tri-folded. In the middle is a concentric circle map showing the points of interest within a 12 mile diameter of the hotel. There is also printed photo of Shadow Falls. (4) Brochure titled “10 Wonderful Days in Inyo-Mono, c.1950, with several photographs of some the sites and attractions. (5) Panamint Springs Resort Promotional Brochure, tri-fold, located in Lone Pine. (6) Big Pine Camera Art Shop, Big Pine, Cal, promotional lead holder in the shape of a bullet. This store touts itself as a Sportsmen’s Headquarters. All pieces are very fine to extremely fine. Est. $75-100

1562. California. Inyo. Keeler. Keeler Postmarked Cover and Letter, 1917. Cover includes original letter, which was an invoice from Mathews Candy Co, Los Angeles. Rag right edge. Very fine. Est. $25-50

1563. California. Inyo. Mining. Prospecting Related Items. Lot of 6 pcs. (1) Book: Lets Go Prospecting by Edward Arthur, 1970, 70pps, with several maps at the end, signed by the author on inside cover. (2) Prospecting for Metalliferous Ores by the State Board of Vocational Education, Carson City, Nevada, c.1950-70, 25pps. (3) Kern County Mineral Deposits Map, date not offered, Plate 1 County Report, unfolds to 24 x 44”. (4) Preliminary Geologic Map of the Mohave Quadrangle, California, MF-219, 1959. No colored, 28 x 30”. (5) San Bernardino County Mines and Minerals Map, Plate 1 of Vol 49, no date offered. (6) Deed Notice for the Full Moon Claim located in the Needle Peaks district, Inyo County, 1920. All fine. Est. $50-100

1564. California. Kern. Kern Jewel Oil Co. Cert. #18. Incorporated in Arizona in 1901. Issued to A.D. Taylor for 21,423 shares in 1903. Signed by president D. Oliver and secretary George. W. Lunt. Uncancelled. Vignette of train passing through oil field. Black border and gilt seal. Printed by Goes. 8” x 11”. Xf, folds. Est. $25-50

1565. California. Kern. Pioneer. Rayo Mining & Developing Co., Ltd. Cert. #1220. Incorporated in California in 1900. Issued to Louis Elving for 600 shares in 1904. Stamped signature for president Mohr and signed by secretary Drinkwater. Datelined Los Angeles. We sold a prospectus from this company in our Auction #16, prior to which we were unable to identify the location of the company. No vignette, but fancy masthead. Green border, gilt seal. Printed by Los Angeles Litho Co. Uncancelled. Vf, folds, seal a bit damaged. 9” x 11”. Est. $50-150

1566. California. Lassen. Susanville. Brunswick / S. & M. / Susanville // GF / 5 / IT. Rd, br, 21mm. Vf, wear to high points. Est. $20-40

1567. California. Los Angeles. Long Beach. McAllister’s Liniment Medicine Bottle, c.1908. Original paper label on a 3 ounce medicine style bottle. Original cork with original contents, about half full. The paper label is nearly completely intact and very legible. No apparent dings or chips. Extremely fine. Provenance: Holabird Collection. Est. $25-75

1568. California. Los Angeles. Los Angeles. Juanita Oil Co. Cert. #1516. Incorporated in 1900. &#x201CPrinciple Place of Business: Los Angeles, California.” Issued to H.C. McNutt for 100 shares in 1901. Signed by president B.A. Stephens and secretary W.H. Mason. Uncancelled. Vignette of oil field in underprint. Black border, red and black print, and gilt seal. 5”x 8”. Xf. Est. $25-50

1569. California. Los Angeles. Los Angeles. Los Angeles Harbor Real Photo Postcard, c.1915. The photo postcard is hand colored. The shot is from the deck of a departing cruise ship leaving dock in the Los Angeles Harbor. Unused. No photographer noted. Very fine. Est. $25-50

1570. California. Los Angeles. Los Angeles. Los Angeles Mining Reunion, 1899. This was a paper published for the Mining Industry of Southern California, Arizona and other areas. This issue has a great story on Searchlight with a map. Est. $40-80

1571. California. Los Angeles. Pasadena. Renault #3 Torpedo Promotional Photograph, c.1920. Photo captioned “Eugene Lajunie, Owner, 541 South Fair Oaks Ave, Pasadena, Calif, Phone Fair Oaks, 1876.” Photographer - A. E. Arnold, Pasadena. Photo shows the Renault touring car with an attractive home as backdrop. 7.5 x 9.5”, glued to black scrap book paper. Extremely crisp and clear. Est. $25-50

1572. California. Los Angeles. Souvenir of Los Angeles and Vicinity, Cal. c.1912-14. Eight pages of colored lithographs showing scenes of Los Angeles, San Diego, orange groves, San Pedro, Long Beach, Venice and other sites. Paper cover. VF. Est. $50-75

1573. California. Mariposa. Yosemite. Yosemite maps, souvenir photos, color postcards, c. 1930’s. Lot of 8. Five maps: 1) High Sierra Vacations; 2)Yosemite National Park; 3) Guide Map Yosemite National Park; 4) Maps of Yosemite, Saddle Trips, Motor Trips, etc.; 5) AAA Yosemite National Park and part of San Joaquin Valley. One cover from Yosemite, dated June 10, 1933. One packet 2 x 4” Yosemite souvenir “real photographs.” One packet color postcards. Est. $50-100

1574. California. Mariposa. Yosemite. Yosemite Valley Railroad Co Pass, 1931. Issued to W. W. Smith, Freight Agent Minneapolis, St. Paul & Sault Ste Marie Ry. Company logo vignette at top center showing a waterfall. Blue print on crème paper. Very fine. Est. $50-150

1575. California. Mariposa. Yosemite. The Last Survivor by Mrs. H. J. Taylor, 1932. The story of the last surviving Yosemite Indian, “To-tu-ya,” also known as Maria Lebrado. Published by Johnck & Seeger, San Francisco, 1932. Originally printed by the University of California Chronicle, January, 1931, Vol. XXXIII, No. 1. 21 pp. Hard bound. VF. Est. $50-100

1576. California. Merced. Dos Palos. Flory’s General Store Trade Tokens. Lot of 5. One for $5, one for 50 cents, one for 10 cents and two for 5 cents. Est. $50-75 (not illustrated)

1577. California. Mono. Bodie. Bodie A.O.U.W. Receipt, 1898. A receipt of dues paid from the Bodie Lodge, No 143, to the Grand Lodge. Datelined San Francisco. Vignette from the logo of the Grand Lodge of California at left. Black border on yellow paper. 4 x 8”. Printed by Jephson & Co, SF. Very fine. Est. $25-50

1578. California. Mono. Bodie. Bodie Museum Photo Postcard. Scene is of the interior of the Bodie Museum, showing a fancy carriage and other ephemera. Provenance: W. Marks Photopostcard Album. Vf. Est. $25-50

1579. California. Mono. Bodie. Bodie Postmarked Postcards, 1907. Two postcards with pictures, dated Sept. and Oct. 1907, and postmarked Bodie, Cal. One is to Little Helen Cain in San Francisco, California and the second to Mrs. D.V. Cain, also San Francisco. A photocopy of Helen (Cain) Evans’ obituary is included, dated May 11, 2000. Both have water stains, the one with the boy has the stain at lower middle, the other has a stain at top edge. Fine. Est. $25-50

1580. California. Mono. Maps. Mt. Lyell Quadrangle Topographic Map, 1929. Scale 1:125,000. These scale topo sheets are becoming more scarce every year. This Mt. Lyell sheet shows from Tioga in the north to the middle of Madera County to the south. Based on original 1901 edition. Very fine. Est. $25-50

1581. California. Napa. Camp G. W. Annes Original Matted Photograph, 1902. Shows soldiers lined up before the flag, tents and camp housing in background. Size 5 x 8”, photo only. Inscribed on the back: “Camp ‘G.W. Annes’ Napa Cal June 4, 1902 In loving remembrance to Rev. Annes after whom our camp was named and to whom we owe a weeks pleasant outing.” (Signed) Frank R. McReynolds Captain ‘Vallejo Signal Corps’ Photo is faded but in good condition. Est. $75-150

1582. California. Nevada. Nevada City. Murchie Gold Mines, Cons. Certificate #1017 issued to G. E. Thayer for 500 shares on Feb. 27, 1904. Signed by president B. Goodwin and secretary W.H. Fraser. Incorporated in 1903 in Territory of Arizona with mines in Nevada City, CA. White paper with bronzish-brown border containing a tiny mining vignette to left and right. Print and main artwork is in black. Main vignette is of a miner pushing a fully loaded ore cart out of a mine next to a river across which appears to be the smelter workings—- not good placement for him if he’s headed there— it’s a long trip. 12 1/2” x 9 1/4”. Folded, faded, foxed with big tears at folds and minor tears elsewhere at edges. Fine. Est. $25-50

1583. California. Nevada. Nevada City. Nevada City Documents. Lot of 8 pcs. (1) Citizen Bank Check Book. Personal book for J. Campbell. 43 checks present, the first 8 used. Small black cloth covered book, 2 3/4” x 8”. Xf. (2) Bullion & Exchange Bank Mining Document Collection.. Mostly dealing with Stiles MC, and its affiliations. Two Affidavits of Surety, two billheads for purchases made of Geol G. Allen, foundry, Tompkins & Tompkings, grocers, Citizens bank, and a few others. All Vf, some tears, punctures. Est. $50-75

1584. California. Nevada. Nevada City. North Banner Con. Tunnel Co. Cert. #36. Incorporated 1883, Nevada City, Cal. Issued to Peter Irvine, September 3d, 1883, 3125 shares. Location of mine: Nevada Mining District. Signed by Frank Power, Secretary and Wm. Turner, President. Vignette along left edge of outdoor mining site. Yellow paper with black “plaid” border. Cancelled. No printer shown. Measures 4 1/4” x 9 3/4” Est. $50-100

1585. California. Nevada. Nevada City. Old West portrait CDV’s, by Charles Ferrand, Photographer, Pine Street, Nevada, Cal. Lot of 3. CDV portraits of three different men, each measuring 2 3/8” x 4”, each with printing on reverse side “Charles Ferrand, Photographer, Pine Street, Nevada, Cal.” Very fine. The people were probably dignitaries from Nevada County. Est. $50-100

1586. California. Nevada. Truckee. California Lumber Company Billheads, 1877 & 1886. Lot of 2. Truckee Lumber Co., 1877, with fancy masthead; A.D. Sutton & Co., Wood and Mining Timbers, Nevada City, 1886. Both Very fine, the second with folds. 5” x 8” and 7” x 9”. Est. $25-50

1587. California. Nevada. Truckee. Capitol Grill / Truckee, / Calif. // GF / 12 1/2 / IT. Rd, br, 21mm. Wear to high points. Very toned, with shine on high points. VG-F. Est. $50-75

1588. California. Nevada. Willow Valley. Deadwood Gold Mining Co. Cert #309. Incorporated in California. Issued to Fred Jones for 200 shares in 1879. Signed by Geo E. Turner president and R. B. Symington secretary. No vignette. Uncancelled. Printer not noted. 5 x 10”. Datelined Nevada City, Cal. &#x201CLocation, Willow Valley Dist, Nev. Co., Cal.” printed on certificate. The only reference to Deadwood was in the State Mineralogists Report, 1888, p.452. The only operating mine in the Willow Valley district was the St. Luis. This mine was processing its ore at the Deadwood Mill. Possibly the Deadwood GMC constructed a mill in anticipation of working its own property, but in failing to do so, took to taking custom ore. Fine. Est. $50-100

1589. California. Nevada. Willow Valley. Penn California Mining Co of Delaware. Cert #121. $1000 Ten Percent Bond. Issued in 1921 to bearer. Signed by Chas Walther president and H. B. Mosser secretary. Unique vignette of several men standing outside of an adit at the base of a rocky slope. Green border. Uncancelled, 4 of the original 20 coupons cashed in. Printer - Republic Bank Note, Pittsburgh. 10 x 14”. Company owned 15 placer claims in the Willow Valley district, about 3 miles east of Nevada City. An additional 3 claims were owned in hard rock that had about 5000 feet of tunnels and drifts. By 1925, the placer gravels were not yielding profitable production and attention was to turn to the quartz-gold veins. (Mines Handbook, 1925, p.604). Very fine. Est. $50-100

1590. California. Oil. British-American Oil Co. Cert. #345. Incorporated in California in 1900. Issued to Henrietta F. Walton for 5 shares in 1900. Signed by president C.W. Stewart and secretary A. Beach. Vignette of oil field, with American and British flags waving behind central derrick. Orange border and seal, with 5 cent adhered rev. stamp tied to seal. Printed by Goes. 8” x 11”. Vf, tears at folds. Est. $50-100

1591. California. Oil. Railway Men’s Oil Co. Cert. #439. Incorporated in California in 1900. Issued to Henrietta F. Walton for 5 shares in 1900. Signed by president C.W. Stewart and secretary A.H. Beach. Uncancelled. Vignette of mountain scene with covered wagon near small camp. Gilt border, with small vignette in each corner. Image of oil field in underprint. Orange seal. No printer noted. 5 cent doc stamp to left of masthead. 8” x 11”. Vf, heavy creases. Est. $50-100

1592. California. Oil. Union Oil & Refining Co. Cert. #117. Incorporated in Wyoming in 1898. Issued to Harry A. Whiteside for 50 shares in 1898. Signed by president J. Watson Howe and secretary H. Weeks. Uncancelled. Vignette of oil refinery scene. Brown border and gilt seal. Printed by Pendergast, Lackey & Rushmore. 9” x 12”. Vf, tears at folds. Est. $50-100

1593. California. Placer. Gold Hill. Gold Hill Masonic Lodge, No. 32, F.& G. A. M. 50th Anniversary Program, 1903. A four-page program booklet commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of Gold Hill Lodge, No. 32., Lincoln, Placer county, California, May 28, 1903. Postcard size 4 1/8” x 6 1/4”, white cardstock cover, with gold print, American flag and lodge flag overlaid. Bound with red cord. Water stained. Est. $25-50

1594. California. Placer. Pioneer Lynn Mining Co. Cert #820. Incorporated in Colorado. Issued to William D. Swart for 40 shares in 1906. Signed by C. W. Grove president and Howard treasurer. Vignette of spread winged eagle with stars and stripes shield. Green border and underprint. Uncancelled. Printer - John A. Lowell & Co, Boston. 7 x 10”. &#x201CLocation of Mines, Placer County, California” printed on right side of certificate. Fold crease at the middle. Fine to very fine. Est. $50-100

1595. California. Plumas. Englemine. Engels Copper Mining Co. Cert #6598. Incorporated in California. Issued to Mrs. W. D. Whittemore for 57 shares in 1920. Signed by Henry Engels president and E. E. Paxton treasurer. No vignette. Black border printed on orange paper. Cancelled by rubber stamps of same and hole punches in signature line. 6 x 10”. The Engels Copper MC was a wonderful success. By 1922, all debt was cleared, derived entirely from earnings of copper production. The company first organized in 1901. But the mid 1910’s saw a dramatic increase in production climbing to over 14 million pounds of copper and 123,000 ounces of silver by 1923. (Mines Handbook, 1925, p.554-555). Fine to very fine. Est. $25-75

1596. California. Plumas. Plumas Area Ranch Original Matted Photograph, c.1900. A view of a ranch probably located in the Plumas County area. The ranch sets in a valley that is partially treed. 4.5 x 6.75”, matte 5 x 7”. A nice shot. Very fine. Est. $75-150

1597. California. Railroad. California Railroad Photos, c.1905. Lot of 5. Two photos of the “Wreck of the Santa Clara” attached to black photo album paper on the back side is an unrelated photograph of a woman in a long white dress. Caption appears to read “Mary We…” the rest is illegible. Fourth photo is of a railroad trestle and last photo is of an engine with its crew and is professionally mounted. Est. $100-200

1598. California. Railroad. Ione & Eastern Railroad Co Pass, 1908. Unissued, unsigned. Dark blue print on blue paper, date in red print. Extremely fine. Est. $25-50

1599. California. Railroad. Key System Transit Co Pass, 1925. Issued to Mr. H. Spect, SF & S RR. Printed on orange paper. Company logo masthead with East Bay Cities within a circle, company name set in a Key. Minor wear. Very fine. Est. $25-50

1600. California. Railroad. Letters of Recommendation, Timetable and a Map, 1876-1915. Lot of 6 pieces. Four letters of recommendation for Robert A. Holmes dated 1876, 1881 and 1885 from railway and telegraph companies. They describe him variously as “a young man of good habits, honest and reliable”, “strictly honest, active and in every respect reliable” and as having “an excellent record for honesty faithfulness and efficiency”. The map and timetable in this lot are from the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe RR. The timetable is a fine reproduction of the schedule in effect from November 26, 1876. Map is 1915, color, folded, 37” x 18”, was once affixed inside the rear page of what must have been a related publication. Last page is still attached— publication is missing, dirt to reverse, slight wear at top edge, otherwise VF to XF. Est. $100-200

1601. California. Railroad. Petaluma & Santa Rosa Railroad Co Pass, 1930. Issued to F. E. Jones, Western Pacific RR. Dark blue print on reddish paper. Company logo vignette at upper left corner. Extremely fine. Est. $25-50

1602. California. Railroad. Sacramento Northern Railway Co Pass, 1939. Issued as a general pass for one employee from the Railway Express Co. Signed by Denny. Black print on pink paper. Very fine. Est. $50-75

1603. California. Railroad. Sierra Railroad Co, Forty Year Sinking Fund Income Bond. 1936. Cert #M369, dated 1 July, 1936, and registered Jul 8-1937 to D.J. Murphy, c/o Crocker First National Bank of San Francisco, for $1000. Signed by C. Coolidge Kreis, President and W. T. (illegible), Secretary. Vignette, top center, showing seated woman warrior with lance, shield, and snarling bear. Wide green border, embossed seal. Cancelled with hole punches (4). No printer showing. Measures 11” x 16 3/4.” Good condition. Est. $25-50

1604. No Lot.

1605. California. Railroad. Southern Pacific Co Passes, 1888-1957. Lot of 8 passes. 1888, issued to F. G. Buckley, of Colorado Midland RR, for travel from Ogden to Santa Barbara, one time ticket pass, red print on crème paper. 1892, issued to Mrs. W. C. Burnett, for travel from San Francisco to Colton, signed by S. N. Tonne, black print on crème paper with date in red. 1907, issued to B. Power & son, for travel from Los Angeles to San Francisco, one time pass, black print on pink safety print. 1912, issued for 2 Guards of Wells, Fargo & Co Express, for all stations on Southern Pacific, black print on crème paper. 1929, issued F. E. Jones, of T & G RR, black print on green paper. 1936, issued to W. W. Cahill, of Tonopah & Tidewater RR, small company logo vignette at top center, black print on lime green safety print. 1936, issued for one extra Messenger of REA Inc, for all stations north of Los Angeles, black print on drab green safety print, small company logo vignette. 1957, issued to Mrs. P. N. Myers, wife of president of Trona Railway Co, black print on white paper, date in red. All very fine. Est. $150-300

1606. California. Railroad. The Coast Line-Shasta Route of the Southern Pacific Company from Los Angeles through San Francisco, to Portland, a Journey of Over One Thousand Three Hundred Miles, 1907. Describes with photos and text the varied attractions of the region, climatic features, resorts and out-door recreation, Published by the Passenger Department, Southern Pacific Company, San Francisco, California, 1907. Printed and engraved by H.C. Tibbitts, San Francisco. 72 pp. Paper covered, torn edges. Inside is excellent. Cover drawing of a coastal mission, by W.H. Bull. 8” x 11”. Est. $50-100

1607. California. Sacramento. Sacramento. Farmer’s Accounts Ledger, 1900-1917. Fabric covered ledger book, approximately 8 1/2” x 12 1/2”, tan color, listing Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable, 1900-1917. Est. $75-150

1608. California. Sacramento. Sacramento. Grand Lodge I.O.O.F. Annual Session Ribbon, 1908. Metal pin with “Past Grand” across front, and red satin ribbon with metal “fringe”. Ribbon has metal disc at center with picture and name of Judge F.B. Ogden, G.M. below. Printed on ribbon, “Annual Session Grand Lodge I.O.O.F. of California May, 1908 Sacramento, Cal. 7 1/2” overall length. Good condition. Est. $50-100

1609. California. Sacramento. Sacramento. H. L. Dean & Company Price List, 1920. Price list is 8 pp. in newspaper format, a “catalog” for this mail order house with provisions of food stuffs, seeds, paper, oils brushes, pipe, glassware hardware, cook stoves, boots, window glass and drugs, among other items. They advertise themselves successors to Feldhusen & Co. Torn at center crease, edges disintegrating. Fragile. Est. $50-100

1610. California. Sacramento. Sacramento. Hugh Casey, Eagle Soda Works Soda Hutch. Hugh Casey/ Eagle/ Soda Works/ 50 K St/ Sacramento/ Cal. Dug in V.C., NV. Generally clean and mint. Est. $25-50

1611. California. Sacramento. Sutter. Wilson Dredging & Mining Co. Lot of 3 pieces. Cert #79, #80 and #81. Unissued. Minor fading at edges, XF. All have stubs attached at left. Incorporated in California on Dec. 21, 1912. White paper with brown border. Print and artwork in black and seal in gilt gold. 10” x 5 1/2”. Vignette of hydraulic mining with four miners. Est. $15-25

1612. California. San Bernardino. Hart. Oro Belle Cons Mines Co. Cert #828, incorporated in Nevada, dated 17th May, 1917, to Ed C. Des Rochers, 100 shares. Signed by Worth B. Andrews, President. Three vignettes across the top, L to R: miners holding large nugget; mine site and flume; miner panning. Gold seal, gold safety print. Printer Goes, Stassforth Stationery Co. 22381. Measures 5 5/8” x 10 1/4”. Owned the Oro Belle mine located about 14 miles from Searchlight. (Mines Handbook, 1920, p.470). Fine. Est. $50-100

1613. California. San Bernardino. San Bernardino. Loma Vista Petro Co. Cert. #8. Incorporated in California in 1900. Issued to Frank P. Hall for 400 shares in 1900. Signed by president F.H Ensign and secretary S.A. Barret. Uncancelled. Four 5 cent doc stamps at upper right. Vignette of woman bearing American flag, with bald eagle at feet. Black border, with lime green underprint and seal. Printed by Goes. 8” x 11”. Xf, folds. Est. $25-50

1614. California. San Bernardino. Vanderbilt. Vanderbilt Mines Corp. Cert #530. Incorporated in Nevada, 1929. Issued to F. Hayward for 200 shares in 1933. Signed by John R. Willadsen secretary and Haines president. Vignette of a mill next to a stream in a valley. Green border and seal. Uncancelled. Printer - Goes. 8 x 11”. &#x201CMines located in Vanderbilt Mining District, San Bernardino County, California” printed at top of certificate. Not listed in the Mines Handbooks. Very fine. Est. $50-100

1615. California. San Diego. Carriso Gorge. San Diego & Arizona Railway Chromo Postcards. Lot of 2 postcards. Both show views of a steam train chugging through Carriso (also spelled Carrizo) which is located just outside Imperial Valley. One card has small tear on top edge. Vf. Est. $20-40

1616. California. San Francisco. (San Francisco). Ike / Deutch / 1800 / Market St. // GF / 10 c / Drink. Rd, br, 21mm. VF, corrosion on both sides on copper plate. We think this may be San Francisco. Est. $10-20

1617. California. San Francisco. (San Francisco). Laib’s Trade Token. S.E. Cor. Sac. & Fillmore / Laib’s / & / 1855 Fillmore St. // Good For / 2 1/2 c / At Laib’s. Rd, al, 24mm. XF, rim dings. Est. $25-50

1618. California. San Francisco. San Francisco. Banking House of Page & Bacon Certificate of Deposit. # 6725. Issued to Wm. Pix for $300 in 1854. Signed by Page & Bacon and Teller Isaac Wymeer. Handsome vignettes throughout, including a seated allegorical figure in the upper right, standing in top center, and draped male at left. Black border, printed by Rawdon, Wright, Hatch & Edson. In poor condition, with large ink blotches at top and left. Quite fragile, folds and tears. 4” x 8”. Est. $20-40

1619. California. San Francisco. San Francisco. Belfast Hutch. Belfast/ Trade (pic-”B” in triangle) Mark/ Ginger Ale Co./ S.F. Needs cleaning due to interior dirt, no apparent chips. Est. $25-50

1620. California. San Francisco. San Francisco. Carnival Record Newspaper, 1880. The first page has ads surrounding a box with a Programme for a Carnival held on October 1, 1880. A rare SF newspaper. Est. $50-100 (not illustrated)

1621. California. San Francisco. San Francisco. Cliff House Photographic Souvenir Paperweight, c.1905-1910. An attractive glass paperweight with a photograph of the Cliff House in San Francisco. About 3 inch diameter. Provenance: Vaughan Collection. Est. $25-75

1622. California. San Francisco. San Francisco. Elite Photo Studio Cabinet Card, 1890. Subject is boy standing by a tricycle with dog partly visible. Studio notes “Traveling, 1890,” and “Permanent Address 107 Grove Street, San Francisco.” reverse has, “Mrs. Grant Lodi.” 5x7” size. VF. Est. $50-100

1623. California. San Francisco. San Francisco. Ella Sterling Mighels (a.k.a. Aurora Esmeralda) letter, 1928. Dateline San Francisco, California (1605 Baker Street), May First, 1928. Vignette of woman seated on rocks by the ocean at top of letterhead. Written on both sides. 81/2 x 11” size. Est. $25-50 (not illustrated)

1624. California. San Francisco. San Francisco. F. Chevalier Co Whiskey Bottle. Embossed with The F. Chevalier Co / pic of a castle / Castle Whiskey / San Francisco, Cal. Original screw top cap. No apparent chips or dings. 12” tall, brown color. Extremely fine. Provenance: Holabird Collection. Est. $35-75

1625. California. San Francisco. San Francisco. Justinian Caire Billhead for Bullion & Exchange Bank. Datelined San Francisco, 1885. For purchases made by the B. & E. Bank. Nice masthead, with list of specific articles sold at the store. 13 1/2” x 8 1/2”. Nice piece, folds, tears. Est. $50-100

1626. California. San Francisco. San Francisco. Natural Color Studies of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition San Francisco, 1915. Souvenir booklet. Thirty-one color photograph prints of various attractions in San Francisco from the 1915 Exposition, in paper cover, tied with cord. Publisher: Robert A. Reid, Official View Books, San Francisco. Designed and engraved by The Commercial Art Company, Printed by The Independent Pressroom. Cover is tattered, interior pictures are very good. Est. $50-75

1627. California. San Francisco. San Francisco. New Liberty Soda Hutch. New Liberty/ Soda W. Co./ Trade (pic-soldier) Mark/ S.F. Aqua. Some case wear, clean, tiny lip chip. Est. $25-75

1628. California. San Francisco. San Francisco. Real Property Investment Corp. Cert. #63. Incorporated in CA in 1904. Issued to W.G. Seibel for 1 share in 1931. Signed by president ?? and secretary A. Mohr. Green border, with vignette of corporate building and street scene. No printer noted. 8” x 10”. Xf. Est. $25-50

1629. California. San Francisco. San Francisco. S.F. Mint bags, c.1940-1941. Lot of 2 bags. Est. $50-100

1630. California. San Francisco. San Francisco. San Francisco Advertising Covers, 1865 & 1870. Addressed to A. A. Pond & Co. Both envelopes marked paid by Wells, Fargo & Co., 3 cents postage, sent to Todds Valley, California. One is stamped from Levis Strauss & Co., San Francisco, March 25, 1870, and the other from R. & W., Sac., June 27, 1865 3 x 5” size. Fine. Est. $50-100

1631. California. San Francisco. San Francisco. San Francisco Aerial Photograph. Image taken from a biplane showing San Francisco waterfront. Dated Sept. 1919 on the back, with the stamp of photographer Gabriel Moulin. Approx. 6 3/8” x 4 1/8”. Three ink marks in upper right of photo. Very Fine. Est. $25-50

1632. California. San Francisco. San Francisco. San Francisco Oakland Terminal Railways. Cert. #76. Incorporated in California in 1912. Unissued, but signed by vice president W. R. Alberger. Uncancelled. No vignette. Blue border. Printed by Goes. Attached receipt at left. Xf. 9” x 12”. Est. $25-50

1633. California. San Francisco. San Francisco. San Francisco Souvenir Booklet Showing Before and After 1906 Earthquake. Scenes date from 1875 to 1906, showing before and after earthquake damage. &#x201CSan Francisco 1875—Early Days. January, 1906—Pre-eminence The Great Earthquake, April 18, 1906.” Published by Balloon Route Publishing Co., 314 West Fourth Street Los Angeles, Calififornia 1906. 12 pp. With a message from the Governor of the State of California. Paper covered, some stains. Est. $50-100

1634. California. San Francisco. San Francisco. Single newsprint page of The San Francisco Stock and Bond Exchange, Official Report, May, 1913. Lists Officers and Members, Stock companies and Bond companies and their status. Stamped across front of paper in red, “E.H. Rollins & Sons First National Bank Building San Francisco, Cal.” good condition. Est. $50-100

1635. California. San Francisco. San Francisco. William S. Hew Ferrotype in Original Case, c.1849-50. The photographer’s mark in left hand corner reads, “Wm Shew 113 Montgy St. San Francisco.” Measures 2 3/8” x 2 7/8.” The photographer was in Boston from 1841 through 1850. Hew relocated to San Francisco in 1850 and remained until 1901. There is a lengthy story on pages 496-98 in Pioneer Photographers of the West, Palinquist & Kailbourn, 2000. The case has 3-D floral pressings. Fine. Est. $50-100

1636. California. San Luis Obispo. El Paso de Robles. El Paso de Robles Hot and Cold Sulphur Springs Letterhead and Cover, 1881. Letter is addressed to Mr. Asher Marks, Rosebug, Oregon. Blackburn Bros. & James are listed as proprietors. Fine. Est. $75-150

1637. California. San Luis Obispo. San Luis Obispo. Bank of San Luis Obispo RN-G Imprinted Revenue Check, 1879. RN-G revenue in gold at center. Datelined San Luis Obispo, 1879. Made out to Jae Grummu for $40 payable in Silver. Printer - Cunningham, Curtiss & Welch, SF. A unique San Luis check. Very fine. Est. $30-60

1638. California. San Luis Obispo. Weber’s Map of San Luis Obispo County, California. C. 1913. Folded into booklet. Shows towns, steam and electric railroads, wagon and automobile roads, township and section lines, rivers, creeks, reclamation and irrigation districts. Published by C.F. Weber & Co., S.F. and Los Angeles. Numerous tears along fold lines. 17 1/2” x 26 3/4.” Est. $75-150

1639. California. Santa Cruz. Monterey. Pacific Grove Monterey Bay, California: A Model Family Resort, Summer and Winter Pamphlet. Includes photos of various locales and points of interest in the area, including Seventeen Mile Drive, Hotel del Monte and El Carmelo resort. Issued by Southern Pacific, published by Sunset Magazine, San Francisco. Good condition. Est. $25-50

1640. California. Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz. Andy Balich Whiskey Flask. Embossed with Andy Balich / 170 Pacific Ave. / Santa Cruz,

1640. California. Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz. Andy Balich Whiskey Flask. Embossed with Andy Balich / 170 Pacific Ave. / Santa Cruz, Cal. Cracked on back side, but intact. 5.5” tall. Fine. Provenance: Holabird Collection. Est. $50-100

1641. California. Santa Cruz. Watsonville. S. Martinelli Soda Bottle. S. Martinelli/ Watsonville, Cal. Crown top soda with SM monogram on base. Dead mint. Est. $25-50

1642. California. Sierra. Cleveland & Sierra Hydraulic Mining Co. Cert #16. Incorporated in Ohio. Issued to A. F. Williams for 250 shares in 1871. Signed by Geo Washington president and Fayette Buren secretary. No vignette. Black border and print. Cancelled by hole punches in signature lines. Printer - Sanford & Hayward, Cleveland. 6 x 9”. Datelined Cleveland. 25 cent revenue stamp affixed at left edge. The company worked underground Tertiary gravels within Sierra County. (Raymond, 1873, p.85). Stain along left edge from glue due to stub attachment; stub now missing. Foxing along right and lower edges, with minor tears. Fine to very fine. Est. $100-200

1643. California. Sierra(?). St. Louis, Downieville Area(?). California Gold Rush Cash ledger dated October 1859-October 1862. PP1-200, 461-480 are present and readable. PP201-460 are present but burned at the edges, with some information retainable. No binding. Legal size. The ledger shows entries for a store or agency (bank?) for each day, starting with a cash on hand designation, then listing the receipts individually, usually amounting to $400 to $1000 per day depending upon the time of year. Many of the receipts were paid in gold dust, which appears to be the preferred form of payment when noted. The ledger noted hundreds of merchants by name, but there is no notation of location of this store or bank. The entries are for fairly substantial sums, from $4-6 to hundreds of dollars per merchant per day. Based on a few of the names in the ledger, I suspect it is for a company operating near St. Louis and Downieville. P. Lamping & Co. is a regular entry. The St. Louis Company is another, probably referring to a group of miners from or operating in St. Louis, Sierra County, California. Another name familiar to Sierra County is Wheeler, president of a bank at La Porte circa 1870's. Lamping's express ran from Marysville to Downieville, catching all the gold camps in between. In a test run of checking 20 names in Bancroft's History of California Index, none were present. Some of these names are: Jacob Flack, H. F. Nickols, Adam Roth, John Sunderhaus, James Wilson, and numerous Chinese names. Est $500-1000 (not illustrated)

1644. California. Sierra. Sierra County Documents, 1870’s-1900. Lot of 9 pcs. Several towns are represented in this collection. Est.$50-100

1645. California. Siskiyou. Siskiyou County Town Rare Postmarks, 1894-1910. Lot of 3. Postmarks from: Vallevista, Cal., 1894; Brownell, Cal., 1905; and Defender, Cal. 1910. Est. $100-150

1646. California. Siskiyou. Trinity. Union Gold & Silver Mines Corp. Cert #B751. Incorporated in Delaware. Issued to Ethel S. Guptil for 100 shares in 1926. Signed by L. E. Bower president and W. S. Silver secretary. No vignette. Green border and green underprint. Uncancelled. Printer - John A Lowell, Boston. 8 x 11”. Company was a holding corporation for Santa Fe G&SMC, Cedar G&SMC and Beaudry Placer Mines Co all of which owned property in Mohave County, Arizona and Siskiyou County, California. &#x201CThis was still another one of the W. L. Jarvis & Co promotions on the Boston Curb, and as such was accompanied by the usual exaggerated literature and high-pressure stock-selling campaign. Fortunately, it was short lived. Company is presumably out of business and at least it is definitely known that it does not now in any way control the Beaudry Placer Mines Co.” (Mines Handbook, 1931, p.442). Very fine. Est. $25-75

1647. California. Siskiyou. Yreka. Yreka Western Railroad Co Pass, 1943. Issued to “One Employee”. Signed by the supt. Black print on crème paper. Very fine. Est. $50-75

1648. California. Solano. Suisun. Suisun City Warehouses & Wharf Receipt, 1860. Jackson & McComb, Proprietors. Datelined Suisun City. Receipt for storage of “five hundred sacks W + M wheat”. Signed by Taylor. Suisun served river traffic on the Sacramento River. Printer - Towne & Bacon, SF. 4.5 x 8”. Very fine. Est. $50-150

1649. California. Sonoma. Bathurst, New South Wales Postmarked Cover, 1885. Addressed to Sonoma Co., California. 1885. Postmarked New South Wales, Aug. 1885 and addressed to Miss Irene Fowler, Sonoma Co., California and postmarked Markham, California, Sept. 1885. Good condition. Est. $50-75

1650. California. Sonoma. Duncans Mills. Family Group Photograph, Matted, c.1890. Family photograph with 3 elder men, 5 women and 5 children. The group is seated on a rock wall in woodlands. At the bottom of the matte, on front, is printed “The Guarantee Photo Co, Napa, Cal.” On reverse, marked in pencil, is “At Duncans Springs.” There is not a Duncans Springs listed in California Place Names, but there is a Duncans Mills located in Sonoma County, which is probably the same location (Gudde, p.100). Photo 5 x 7.5”, matte 8 x 10”. Each corner has damage and dings. A 2 inch tear extends into the matte from the top edge, but does not affect photo. Photo is clear and crisp. Provenance: Spargo Collection. Fine. Est. $75-120

1651. California. Trinity. Trinity Dredging Co. Cert #87, incorporated in California, dated 28th Nov 1911, to Leonora Hook, 3500 shares. Signed by E.J. Baker, Vice President and H.D. Chiseb…. Vignette of dredger, top center. Orange embossed seal with orange border. Cancelled 11/18 handwritten across front of certificate and names of heirs of Leonora Hook and number of shares each received. Printer: A. Carlisle & Co., S.F. 8” x 11” size. Fine. Est. $25-50

1652. California. Tuolumne. Sonora. Thomas Leonard Soda Hutch. Thomas Leonard/ Sonora/ Soda Works/ Sonora Cal. Aqua, cloudy with some case wear, small lip ding, scarce. Est. $35-65

1653. California. Tuolumne. Tuolumne Lumber Co Original Photograph, c.1900. D & RG railroad car at side of building. Photographer and date unknown. Approx. 3.5” x 2.5”, no border, removed from album with black page still adhering to reverse of photo. Very Fine. Est. $25-75

1654. California. Tuolumne. Tuolumne. Louisiana California Mining Co. Cert #588 issued to Horace Gumbel, Jr. for 15 shares on June 21, 1912. Signed by president Bauk L. Naieus and secretary C.P. Camody. Incorporated in Louisiana on March 23, 1912. 11” x 8 1/4”. White paper Orange safety print, seal and border with black vignette and lettering. Vignette at upper left is of a seated allegorical female figure with a wreath of flowers in her left hand and a shield bearing a modified U.S. Flag theme in her right. Folded with small tears at fold, otherwise VF. This company may have had operations in Tuolumne where the Louisiana quartz lode is located. We have never had this certificate. Est. $50-100