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Alabama, Alaska/Canada, Arizona
California, Alameda through El Dorado Counties
California, Fresno through Sacramento Counties
California, San Bernadino through Siskiyou Counties
California, Solano through Yuba Counties, California Bicentennial
Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indian Territory, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri
Montana, Nebraska
Nevada, Churchill through Clark Counties
Nevada, Elko through Lyon Counties
Nevada, Mineral through Ormsby Counties
Nevada, Pershing through White Pine Counties
New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Texas, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming
Mavericks, Miscellaneous
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CALIFORNIA - Fresno through Sacramento

171. Fresno. Fresno. Ambrose Bros/ 1021/ Broadway/ Fresno, Calif.// GF/ 25¢/ IT. Rd, al, 23mm. Fine, rough, dirt in letters. Est. $5-15

172. Fresno. Fresno. Central Section California Interscholastic Federation/ Fresno/ (Pic- Bear and sunset/ (Pic- man in discus throw). Hole for suspension. SC (12) (shallow), br, 30mm, AU. Est. $5-15

173. Fresno. Fresno. J. Isnardi/ 1447/ Tulare St./ Fresno,/ Calif.// GF/ 10¢/ IT. Oct, al, 25mm. Fine, weak strike on reverse, dirt in letters. Est. $5-15

174. Fresno. Mendota. Frenchy's/ Cocktail/ Lounge/ Mendota, Cal.// 50¢. Rd, red plastic with white print, 36mm, AU. Est. $5-15

175. Fresno. Reedley. Stewart & Gallaher/ Reedley, Cal.// GF/ 50¢/ IT. Dent through "5" on reverse. Oct, al, 26mm, f-vf. Est. $5-15

176. Glenn. Willows(?). Elks Club "Rain Check". BPOE/ 1786// (Pic-Elk's head). Rd, gilt print on green plastic, 40mm, xf/a bit dirty. Est. $5-15

177. Humboldt(?). Willow. White Brothers & Company/ (Pic- weeping willow)/ Willow Calif/ Boston. U.S.A.// (Pic- confetti and horseshoe). Hole at top. Rd, br, 26mm, xf. Unlisted in Kappan. Est. $5-50

178. Humboldt. Eureka. Del/ Grande's/ 818 Broadway/ Eureka/ Cal.// GF/ One/ Beer. Rd, Green plastic, 31mm, AU. Est. $5-15

179. Humboldt. Eureka. (star)/ Tom's/ 4th & Q Sts./ Eureka/ Cal.// GF/ (star) 1 (star)/ Drink/ (star). Rd, al, 28mm, AU. Est. $5-15

180. Humboldt. Eureka. Lot of 2 pieces. The Highlead/ 420/ 2nd/ Street/ Eureka, Calif.// GF/ ¢ 5 ¢ (&25¢)/ IT. Oct, al, 26mm/ 39mm, Unc. Est. $5-15

181. Humboldt. Eureka. Town/ Club/ 924 Broadway/ Eureka// (Blank). Rd, Blue plastic, 31mm. Fine, reverse dirty. Est. $5-15

182. Humboldt. Klamath(?). Trees of Mystery/ (Pic- Indian hunched over on horseback)/ Shrine Of The Redwoods// E. Pluribus Unum/ (Pic- Lady Liberty surrounded by stars)/ 1921. Rd, br, 38mm, Unc. Est. $5-15

183. Humboldt. Scotia. The Pacific Lumber Co. Merchandise Trade Token. Credit Guarantee For/1.00/ Merchandise Only. Orco Pat. Pend. Label on reverse. "P" cutout in lower middle. Rd, WM, 31mm, xf. Est. $5-15

184. Kern County. Color post card of Kern County Oil field. Originally bought from Taylor's Bargain Store, noted below image. Printed by Kern Valley Printing Works. 3 1/2" x 5 1/2". Vf, corners a bit soft. Est. $10-20.

185. Lassen Peak. Real photograph postcard of "The Great Eruption of Lassen Peak- May-22, 1915. The photo was taken from a 50 mile distance at Anderson, by Byers & Loomis. 3 1/2" x 5 1/2", xf. Est. $10-30.

186. Lassen. Susanville. H.S. Anderson, Westwood, California/ (Pic- Tree)// GF Trade only at H.W. Anderson Stores/ 10¢. Rd, WM, 23mm, xf. Est. $5-15.

187. Lassen. Susanville. W. H. Neuhaus/ Susanville,/ Calif.// GF/ 5¢/ In Merchandise. Rd, br, 18mm, vf/ minor rust on obverse. Est. $5-15

188. Lassen. Susanville. Pioneer Cigar Store/ Oroville/ Cal.// GF/ 25/ IT. Rd, al, 24mm, xf/ some dark tones on reverse. Est. $5-15

189. Lassen. Susanville. Lot of 2 pcs. Pioneer Mercantile Company (star)/ 1960// GF/ 5¢/ IT. Rd, al, 23mm, vf. Est. $5-15

190. Lassen. Susanville. Lot of 2 pcs. Pioneer/ Mercantile/ Company// GF/ 5¢/ IT. Rd, al, 19mm, AU Est. $5-15

191. Lassen. Susanville. The Pioneer/ (star)/ Susanville,/ (star)/ Calif.// GF 10¢/ In/ Merchandise. Rd, al, 23mm. Fine, weak strike on both sides. Est. $10-30

192. Lassen. Susanville. Pioneer Mercantile Company/ 1969/ (star)// GF/ 5¢/ IT. Rd, br, 23mm, AU. Est. $5-15

193. Lassen. Susanville. The Pioneer/ (star)/ Susanville,/ (star)/ Calif.// GF/ 12 1/2 ¢/ In Merchandise. Rd, al, 26mm, AU. Est. $5-15

194. Lassen. Susanville. The Pioneer/ (star)/ Susanville,/ (star)/ Calif.// GF/ 50¢/ In Merchandise. Rd, al, 31mm, xf. Est. $5-15

195. Lassen. Susanville. The Pioneer/ (star)/ Susanville,/ (star)/ Calif.// GF/ $1.00/ In Merchandise Only. Rd, al, 26mm, vf/ scratches on edge. Est. $5-15

196. Lassen. Susanville. Lot of 2 pcs. The Pioneer/ (star)/ Susanville,/ Calif./ 1960// GF/ 10¢/ In Merchandise. Rd, al, 25mm, xf. Est. $5-15

197. Lassen. Susanville. The Pioneer/ Susanville,/ Calif./ 1969// GF/ 10¢/ IT. Rd, br, 26mm, AU. Est. $5-15

198. Lassen. Susanville(?). Lot of 2 pcs/ THE HUB// 10¢. Oct, al, 18mm, AU. Est. $5-15

199. Lassen. Susanville. Swains Bar/ Susanville/ Calif.// GF/ 5¢/ In/ Merchandise/ At Retail. Rd, br, 21mm, vf/ light rusting on both sides. Est. $5-15

200. Los Angeles. Humboldt. Redondo/South Bay. American Savings Commemorative Medal. Founded 1920// (Pic- Business bldg). Loop at top. Rd, br (light gilt), 25mm, vf. Est. $5-15

201. Los Angeles. Inglewood. Inglewood City Lines/ (Pic- Bus (center))// GF/ I.C.L/ One Fare. Two pieces cutout of top and bottom of center circle. WM, rd, 16mm, vf. Est. $5-15

202. Los Angeles. Los Angeles(?). Nielsen's/ One/ Cent/ 4th At Vermont// GF/ One/ Cent/ IT. Rd, Br, 18mm, vf. Est. $5-15

203. Los Angeles. Los Angeles. Golden State Gum Co./ Los Angeles// Compliments Of The/ House. Six sided shape cut out of center. Rd, br, 21mm, vf/ discolored, some rust. These tokens were used in gumball machines. Est. $5-15

204. Los Angeles. Los Angeles. Los Angeles Canvas Bag from Crane Co., c. 1910. 17" x 10". Water damaged. Est. $20-40

205. Los Angeles. Los Angeles. Los Angeles Furniture Co./ (Pic- Company bldg.)/ 724 So. Broadway// GF/ $100/ At Time Of/ Purchase/ Of $25/ Or More. Reverse bordered by wreath. Br, rd, 26mm, AU. Est. $5-15

206. Los Angeles. Los Angeles. Los Angeles Furniture Co./ (Pic- Company bldg.)/ 724 So. Broadway// GF/1/ At Time Of/ Purchase/ Of $25/ Or More. Reverse bordered by wreath. Br, rd, 26mm, vf/ dark w/ dirt. Est. $5-15

207. Los Angeles. Ocean Park. Empire/ Amusement/ Co./ Ocean Park/ Pier// GF/ One/ Free Play. "C.B.S." on both sides, in center. Rd, br, 18mm, xf, dark toned. This was the famous "Pop" Pacific Ocean Park, the only amusement park in the LA basin before Disneyland and Knott's Berry Farm. Est. $5-15

208. Los Angeles. Pasadena. Four Tokens. The Flag Studio/ 26/ E. Colorado St/ Pasadena// Kodak Films/ 2¢/ Rebate ( two 3¢, one 5¢) . Al, rd, 23mm, Unc. Only Western Kodak token that we know about. Est. $5-15

209. Los Angeles. San Pedro. Ye Post Card/ Stationary/ Cigars/ 623 Beacon St/ San Pedro/ Shop// GF/ 5¢/ IT. Rd, al, 23mm, xf. Est. $5-15

210. Los Angeles. Tarzana. Coctails/ Dancing/ Jack's Office/ 6025 Reseda Blvd./ Tarzana, Calif.// Bring Me/ And 25¢ To/ Jack's Office/ For/ Drink Of/ Your Choice. Hole Punched at top. Rd, WM, 38mm. ["Coctails" misspelled]. VF/ dirt on both sides. Est. $5-15

211. Los Angeles. Terminal. H.H. Wachtman/ 757/ North/ Seaside/ Ave./ Terminal, Calif.// GF/ 5¢/ IT. Rd, WM, 21mm, vf/ dirt. Est. $5-15

212. Los Angeles. Venice. Astronomical Token. Obverse features "The Ushers" printed on planet in center, encircled by astrological signs. Reverse features "Cancer" with crab symbol underneath. Lucky Numbers 8-9-3-2"/ Lucky Day Monday. Very detailed token. Rd, br, 26mm, xf/ dirt in letters. Est. $5-15

213. Marin. San Quentin. Henry Kile/ (star)/ San Quentin, Cal.// GF/ One/ Drink. Rd, br (light gilt). 26mm, AU. Est. $5-15

214. Mariposa. Yosemite Falls/ (Pic- Falls)/ Yosemite Natl Park Cal.// (Blank). Rd, br, 28mm, AU/ rust on reverse, circa 1935, was a breast badge. Est. $5-15

215. Mendocino. Fort Bragg. Ft. Bragg Bicentennial Medal, 1936. Picture of train, logging, and boats on obverse, with U.S. Liberty Bell, and flags on reverse. "Good For One Dollar In Trade…" RD, WM, 36mm, vf. Est. $5-15

216. Mono. Bodie. Bodie Bank Check, Bodie, Cal. June 11, 1879. Issued to Wm T. Hall. Small chip missing at left center. Bottom edge rough with several small tears. Water stain affecting third of check. Fine to very fine. Est. $20-40

217. Mono. Bodie. Consolidated Pacific Mining Company. Stock Certificate. Incorporated in California 1878. Issued to E. Cahill & Co. for 50 shares, cert #4858, in 1889. Signed by president John Henderson and secretary F. E. Lutz. Black border and print. Printer - Lith. Britton & Rey, S.F. 4 x 9. Est. $100-150

218. Mono. Bodie. Seven documents from Jones & Norwood and The Bullion & Ex. Bank. Five are Western Union Telegrams addressed to the Bullion & Ex. Bank, regarding bullion, and two are receipts from Jones and Norwood, having bought Bodie bullion from Bullion & Ex. Bank. The receipts (8 1/2" x 5 1/2") are dated 1890, and the telegraphs are dated 1884 (5" x 8"). All involve Bodie mining companies. Very fine. Est. $75-150.

219. Mono. Lundy. Homer Mill & Mining Co. Issued to F. E. Luty for 100 shares, cert # 337, in 1879. Signed by J. G. McClinton president and F. E. Luty secretary. Fancy masthead with company name. Black border and print on crème paper. Printer - Britton & Rey, S.F. 4 x 7. Very fine. Est. $75-150

220. Monterey. (Salinas?). Arnold & Lafferty/ Billiards/ &/ Pool/ United Cigars// GF/ 2 1/2¢/ IT. Rd, br, 21mm, vf/ dirt. Unknown attribution. Est. $5-50

221. No Lot

222. Monterey. Salinas. Gordon D. Rammer/ Rare Coins/ 566 Sutter St/ Salinas,/ Cal.// (star) 25¢ (star)/ IT. Rd, br, 26mm, AU/xf. Est. $5-15

223. Napa. (Calistoga). Armstong's/ Drug/ Store// GF/ 5¢/ IT. Rd, al, 26mm, vf/ dirt in lettering. Unlisted. Listed in 1896 and 1911 directories. Est. $10-30

224. Napa. St. Helena. Beringer Vineyards Commemorative Token. 100th Anniversary- 1876-1976/ Beringer Vineyards. Indian head on reverse. Rd, br, 21mm, Unc. Est. $5-15

225. Nevada. Grass Valley. Small Sterling spoon from Grass Valley. The bowl features an engraving of a "Mining Scene" (man sifting for gold). A miner holding an ore pan makes up the handle, circa 1920, sterling. 4 1/4", xf. Est. $25-50

226. Nevada. Tahoe. Wert Tong/Tahoe Inn//GF/10¢ /IT. Rd, br, 28mm, vf. Very rare. Est. $200-500

227. Nevada. Truckee. Lot of 3 pieces. Pieces of the original log foundation of the Murphy Cabin of the Donner Party, 1893. The wood chips are within a 1.5 inch square vials. Attached to the vials are two tags which state that 5000 of these will be sold to pay for the construction of a monument at the location of the Cabin at Donner Lake. The tags also indicate that C. F. McGlashan certifies that these are authentic. Excellent condition. Est. $150-300

228. Orange. Buena Park. Knott's Berry Farm/ (Pic- Bearded character)/ Buena Park, Calif.// Good Luck/ (Pic- Two guns crossed at barrels)/ K. Rd, br (light gilt), 28mm, Unc. Est. $5-15

229. Placer. Roseville. Arcade Pool Hall/ T.D. Karcalatos/ (3 stars)/ Roseville, Cal./ (3 stars)// GF/ 5¢/ IT. Rd, br, 21mm, vf-xf. Est. $10-25

230. Placer. Roseville. Austin & Herring/ Roseville/ Cal.// Buffalo Bar/ 5¢/ IT. Rd, br, 21mm, xf. Probably named after Sacramento's famed Buffalo beer. Est. $5-25

231. Placer. Truckee. W.H.M.S./ Truckee// (Blank). Large hole in center. Rd, br, 21mm, vf. Est. $5-15

232. Plumas. Quincy. Black and white photo of, "A midwinter day in Quincy where the snow-plays exhilarate the heart of man." Several people on skis, in horse drawn sleighs and on storefront porches. Mounted on unevenly cut matting sized with crop marks to reproduce as a postcard, c. 1920. No photographer shown. 7.5" x 9.25". Picture extremely fine. Est. $75-150

233. Riverside. Riverside. Lot of 2 pcs. Citizens National Bank Commemorative Medal. 50/ Years/ Of/ Community Service (reverse). Picture of family on obverse. Hole punched through at top. Rd, br, 28mm, 1953, Au. Est. $5-15

234. No Lot

235. Sacramento. Sacramento(?). / Charley/ Wong// GF/ 1/ Cigar. Oct, al, 25mm, xf/ minor rust on reverse. Est. $5-15

236. Sacramento. Sacramento. 108 K St/ Sacto. Same on reverse. "D" in center on obverse, and "H" on reverse. Rd, br, 21mm, f-vf (very dark tones). Est. $5-15

237. Sacramento. Sacramento. Bloomberg/ Bros/ Sacramento, Cal. Same on reverse. Rd, br, 21mm, xf. Est. $5-15

238. Sacramento. Sacramento. Cal. State Numismatic Assoc. Semi-Annual Convention Medal. (Pic- Sutter's Fort)/ Sutter's Fort/ 1846// CSNA/ (Pic- Map of Cal./ Cal. State Flag/ Ship). Rd, br (gilt), 39mm, xf. Est. $5-15

239. Sacramento. Sacramento. Empress Cigar/ Store/1019 K St./ Sacramento// GF/ 5¢/ IT. Rd, br, 21mm, xf. Est. $5-15

240. Sacramento. Sacramento. Fair View Tavern/ V/ 4th Ave. & Stockton/ Blvd./ Sacramento, Calif.// (Blank). Rd, br, 26mm, AU. Est. $5-15

241. Sacramento. Sacramento. Five Tokens (5¢, 10¢, 25¢, 50¢, $1.00) River Club/ 220 S St./ Sacramento// GF/ 5¢/ IT. Rd, al, 23mm/ 33mm/ 35mm, Unc. Est. $5-15

242. Sacramento. Sacramento. Lafayette/ Hall. Same on reverse. Four clover cutout in center. Rd, br, 26mm, f-vf. Est. $5-15

243. Sacramento. Sacramento. Peoples Savings Bank Promotional Token. Picture of Bldg. on obverse, and savings account incentive on reverse. "We Will Accept This On Deposit…". Rd, br, 31mm, AU. Est. $5-15

244. Sacramento. Sacramento. Shot/ 223 L. St./ Sacramento/ Gun// (same). Rd, br, 21mm, vf. Est. $5-50

245. Sacramento. Sacramento. Silver plated matchbox compliments of Buffalo Brewing Co. Detailed range engraving of cattleman roping cattle. Serrated divot at the bottom for striking. 2 3/4" x 1 1/2", xf. Est. $200-400

246. Sacramento. Sacramento. Snowflake Whiskey bottle top. "Snowflake" rolling across top in black. Rd, 39mm tall, vf with a few chips. This is probably a ceramic cap that fit on top of a cork for a backbar Snowflake whiskey or a fifth Snowflake. Est. $25-50

247. Sacramento. Sacramento/ (Pic- Miner & Pac mule)/ Heart Of California// Souvenir/ (Pc- miner)/ Days Of 0'49. Rd, WM, 36mm. Fine, hole through lettering at top; simple engraving. Est. $5-15